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Totally Waisted

I wanted to celebrate my 200 posts with a special article, but since I wasn't able to find in time a werewolf.. I mean, come on! Where did all vampires and werewolves go! It used to be full of them back in the days. Probably everyone decided to be human beings in SL... So, anyways, I will do it soon and make it festive, but until then I figured to post something funny. We all like to go to Midnight Mania boards.. but some of us, well, abuse it a bit too much... It's the case of the drunk girl, über tired and totally waisted. Sadly, it's just a prank, but I'm sure we will see in-world full of them pretty soon. 

Drunk Girl 3 - %100 MESH (13 prim) - here

Merry Meet! Miraje ♦

Skyler & Ella

Hey birdies! I want to present you some new items I've got from .::Killa DesignZ::.. The variety of clothes that include Tango appliers is not yet so vast, most are basically tops or mini skirts. So, for those that don't want to go around in a mini dress all day, here is the alternative. Skyler and Ella jumpsuits which come in many colors to choose from, including Lolas Tango appliers, no extra cost required and you get them for a price of L$99/each. Make sure to also check the Market Place store >>> here

.::Killa DesignZ::. Skyler  .::Killa DesignZ::. Ella  ↓ here

Merry Part!
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Energy Bunny Needs Duracell

This is what happens when I get very bored. I start wondering around searching for some new images to clear my view. So, I went to Energy Club. Now it looks very different from the past, but quite appealing for one's taste in good mesh building and color tones. Plus if you're going to have a look there, you might want to join their group and get the free gifts around, very nicely displayed in a pretty grand shop. This is probably old news.. but I wanted to feature it on the blog for other daydreaming heads-in-the-clouds fellows like me, that tend to spend too much time in one place and forget to explore others. I need me some Duracell batteries!! :P

Lov.Le Hair - here .::Pink Sugah::. Bewbapalooza gift - here DeeTaleZ Dresses wild animals mint (Energy Club) ..::Energie::..  Energy Opening Gift Female MG - Necklace - Pearls - Single Strand - PINK (Energy Club) - here Watch Tinker 3 - here

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Taylor" Black and White - here [monso] My Bunny Band Gift Pack

Privy Girl (Episode 6) - Special Set

I'll start this post by mentioning it is a Special Edition, totally different than the rest of the previous posts. I have spent a couple of hours doing my privy girl round, hunting for cool looking avatars. Well the result was obvious.. There were too many to immortalize. It's the reason I'm featuring more than one today + my avatar.  It looks like we've got the fever. And that fever is called [Monso] My Fur Hoody. I haven't seen something similar to this in SL. In a tiny little shop we were so many wearing them, it looked like we were all together going to a thematic event. But, we didn't even know each other. It sure was an awesome feeling and I kept my camera on hit and hit. Sadly, that made me forget to save their names' initials. Someone was called Eden.. I won't say who, but I decided to be all 'Eden' for one night as much as we were Monso! ☺☺☺ 
Go [Monso], Go [Monso], Go!!!

BUY: >>> [Monso] My Fur Hoody <<< - here

Oh! Yeah.. …

A Day With Ally

As promised I'm uploading more images of the 'photo shoot' I had with Ally. We certainly had a good time in spite of the little problems caused by lag, crashing bla, bla... SL being a biatch at the time.. what efff's... LOL. Thing is, we managed to do them pics, some I've took, some she did. I really do like how they turned out. ♥

Location >> +Half-Deer+ >> here

Merry Meet!
Miraje ♦

Out And About

I've had a pretty busy day. But, I cannot complaint as it was 100% genuine fun and entertain. I promised my friend Ally long ago i'll put her on the spot for having such an amazing looking avatar. So, today was the day. We were pretty much out and about goofing around. Just stay tuned to see more pictures of us in the next post that will follow.  The ones presented here are done completely separate as in different time, different places and we were not together at that point. This is a result of having too much material to compress, lots of pictures to edit and well I do hope all the work will make a good impression on you, my birdies!

>>>Clothes description coming soon! Check this post later for the update!

>> ON Miraje:

**SHINE** SKIN Slawa Magenta/Group Gift (Free Join) - here (Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - B&Ws - here [monso] My Fur Hoody - Black (girls) - here *Rs* Hightwaist Pant -Leopard- Grop Gift (Free Join) - here ::LC:: Chain Legging & Suspender ::LC:: AME…

Cash-in $$$

Ohh! Man.. it was a hot start for the party at Tiffany's the other day. My dear friends jumped into taking compromising pictures, which I've decide to share myself in here, before they start raising price to sell them on e-Bay. Just sayin'... Ally and I were cashing in and out dollars as the others around us (points to men) were having 'hard' time to keep their pants at the original shape.. looks like some belts did eventually snap up...

@Tiffany's Night Club
taxi>> here

Merry Meet!
Miraje ♦

♪Whatever You Like♪ Mmm..

I want your body. I need your body. As long as you got me, you won't need nobody You want it, I got it. Go get it, I'll buy it Tell them other broke niggas be quiet♪ 
>>>Watch here

Ohhh man... sounds so good as it sounds so equally wrong.. but me want. Me want whatever I like.. if only that was possible. Well, who knows? Maybe it is. T.I. I need yaa!!!! {joking} ... Today was a play day for me.. done lots of pics and browsed through lots of environmental settings. Of course, I would have prefer other kind of playing, if you know what I mean. Until then I'll let this lovely BoobieLicious dress caress my body.  Dayum.. where's my nigga'?!?! 

{ BoobieLicious } Group Gift January - here

Merry Part! Miraje ♦

Love To The World

Even though I've quit my job in RL, in the end I had a wonderful evening all thanks to my adorable and lovable friends in SL. They had prepared for me (Sumi and Bif) a surprise belated rezzday. Not for one second was I aware of this and it boosted my mood up instantly knowing what great people are out there in the world, people I've never seen or met face to face in my life, but people that love and respect me more than those who got the change to experience the real life me. Without lacking modesty or sound to be bragging I am a loving, caring and good responsible person and what happened to me in RL, I surely didn't deserve. Regardless, I won't hate, I won't curse and will refuse to transform myself into a monster... (only a little monster hehe) I choose to be happy and send Love to the world. My SL love told me last time we talked and eventually went separate ways: mevikoo: oh okay miraje every bad you have done
mevikoo: i forgive you
mevikoo: again god bless you mi…

A Little Romantic

I always say what a romantic person I am and how I strongly believe that I was born in the wrong century. Surely, you won't see me acting and wearing very romantic like, day by day. And I think we all know why we have to raise up a wall between the appearances and what's behind them. But, seeing my best friend Naughty wearing lovely gowns gave me a nice romantic vibe and I felt like presenting this dress from Swanky, which comes almost free, and as described, it has 100% manually drawn textures and design. I'm really congratulating the creator for a great piece of work.

A&A Yuki Hair Darkbrown - hereFREE Swanky - "Elegance" white gown - *almost free* - here

Merry Part! Miraje ♦

Loosen Up My Buttons Baby

Gotta love discounted items! Here is a promo from *Holli Pocket*, the Loosen Up my buttons cherry-pie dress @ G.O.T.H. This is not an exclusive dress for Lolas Tango's implants, so it can be wear with or without. The special price is L$100. Plus, you'll find a nice gift in the store, too.

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Milla" Blacks and White - here
*Holli Pocket* Loosen Up My Buttons-Cherry Pie-Exclusive - here

Merry Part! Miraje ♦

4 Minutes On Lolas Tango

Sometimes I think people's reactions and comments can be very relevant about a product. Thanks to Naughty, I have finally purchased the most wanted Lolas Tango breasts implants and again thanks to her I've got a live review on them.. right in the middle of the party. I've highlighted the best ones. All happened in 4 minutes... Enjoy!

[13:52] Mrs McDonnell: has any of u boys spotted miras boobies?
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron: uh
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron zooms
[13:52] яσѕє мσσηωαℓℓ-: oh i was afk
[13:52] Mirela: o.o
[13:52] Mirela: O.o
[13:52] Mirela: o.O
[13:52] яσѕє мσσηωαℓℓ-: hehe
[13:52] Francine Mint: can't bloody miss um..they are huuuuugggggeeeeee
[13:52] ƁiƑ: i did but she told me last night
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron: O
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron: M
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron: F
[13:52] Autumn Xomotron: G
[13:53] ƁiƑ: so i already knew
[13:53] Autumn Xomotron: holy shyte woman
[13:53] Mrs McDonnell: lol
[13:53] Autumn Xomotron: YOU HAVE PRIM BOOBIES?
[13:53] .: Autumn spanks Mirela's ass

Comfy Cherry

Regardless the fact that I had to run a pregnancy test in RL, I could breathe in relief that I'm not with baby in either of the worlds (for various reasons). Someone told me it's a little off and probably a little bit crazy to have a pregnancy in SL. It did happened to me once, but I could not fulfill the term, because of the mean comments people kept making around, that eventually got me mad and had to give up. But, if I think better now, is everyone's choice to do as they please and should never let others intimidate you with their nasty words.  One day I will consider trying it again, even if will be just for fun or as an exercise, as a thing to fill my time or doing it out of love if it'll be with the right person.  But for now, I only present you some nice comfy sweaters + leggings combination that kinda inspired me the image of a pregnant woman, but can also be just something really snuggling to wear around when you're home and want to relax.

Magika [DEMO] Habit…

Closure (Part 2)

As I said in my previous post of Closure (Part 1), I'm moving on fast forward towards trashing or boxing all my non-mesh items, but basically the hairs and clothes, not necessary the shoes, as some are pretty good as sculpts even today. The next selected pictures are from my most intimate collection, but being all far behind in the past, I have no reason whatsoever to keep them locked anymore.  You can see me in the first two, wearing non-mesh hair and a sculpt jacket, plus the shoes (Diktator-Posh). In the second one could be.. if I'm not wrong, my first encounter with the mesh world, but not seen through my eyes though, as at that time for me was all weird shapes and bla bla scary things around. So, sure the pictures were not taken by me.  The last snapshot is like whoo hoo!! way old, but I still remember I was wearing a sweater from Emery, tight jeans from {Mon Tissu}, hair from Truth and shoes from Mstyle (*I'm the one leaning on the wall). What I like the most is what a…

CC, Gold and Stuff

I did say I would never want to take my new camouflage coat off, but since I cannot be at war all time, I needed a peace break outfit too. This one goes a bit extravagant and more hot couture à la Coco Chanel. Since I'm a declared fan of black and gold, I did play again with them contrasts. Only the gray coat brakes a bit the lines, but I think it is very fashionable worn like this. The bodysuit from Lust is made especially for Lola Tango's breasts implants, which I clearly don't have, but I needed to mention that so you guys know what to expect from the product. Last but not least, I've gone blond for this ensemble, although I've been constantly told (by men, mostly) that black suits me better.. I don't know about that, but I prefer both ways. 

[e] Sound - Essentials Collection - here Q - leather sleeved coat - light - here Lust - Body Suits Black with Lolas! - here Mstyle Dotz Tights - Black - here Q - CC socks - here M O N N I E R - Dark Sexy Pumps - here [7891.] F…

Right On Q

I really must have been spending too much time with bad boys as I've got this 'thing' for big guns and camouflage. The new leather sleeved coat from Q is so dope I want my body wrapped in it forever! Just kidding, I know is not possible, but it does give a comfy feeling and leaves a little to be shown under too. I've matched it with the high CC socks, cause even if we go to war at least we go in style, right? Now do we have some fresh victims in sight?...

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Kate" Demo (Wearing n#4 - Black) - here Q - leather sleeved coat - camo - here
Q - high waist spandex shorts - here Q - CC socks - here [Cliche] Pilar boots DEMO - here *I haven't acquired the boots yet, due to financial reasons.  But they look awesome in world. I'm keeping them on my wish list.

Merry Meet!
Miraje ♦

Naughty Bunny

I've wanted to get this outfit for Christmas, but I couldn't process the idea of an Easter bunny with a candy cane in its mouth. Now, I find it quite appealing thinking I could wear this for Valentine's Day. Umm, if I'll go to some themed party that is. More than likely I won't wear it to impress my inexistent boyfriend. But, for those who have reasons to be delicious and naughty at the same time, I think it's just the perfect gift. 

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Vanessa" Demo (Black n#4) - here Mimi's Naughty Bunny Outfit - GIFT - here KIKI Designs -COQUETA White Heels (Mesh) PROMO - here Alienbear design (2009 AlienbearXAgnes necklace gift) - here

Merry Part!
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