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I just love the Esha hairstyle from #taketomiWEST, because it has so nice features and options which I'll be honest I haven't seen so far at other creators. It is more expensive than regular hair packs, but I am sure I will wear it a lot.
¬Hair¬ #taketomiWEST - Esha - Naturals 
¬Top&Bottom¬ Scandalize. Cooper Jumpsuit *Group gift
¬Shoes¬ Scandalize. Ainara heels *Group gift

See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Ain't No Need To Stop

Hello sweet birdies! I miss posting more often, but RL got the hold on me too much. I hope very soon will have more time for SL as well. kiss kiss
¬Hair¬ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Dilya" Blondes
¬Top&Bottom¬ .:villena:. - Pelted Fur Jacket - Classy *COCO*_Gift_JoggerPants(LightBlue)+TankTop
¬Shoes¬ *COCO*_BoxingShoes+Socks_White
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Ready For The Racecourse

Getting ready for the Racecourse Event. And I did find a place to ride horses in SL, which I think is very cool. Therefore my ensemble for today is just perfect for the occasion!  
¬Hair¬ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Maisie" Blondes
¬Top&Bottom¬ Seniha. Eva Suit // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR TRESCHIC EVENT {tyvm Seniha}
¬Shoes¬ *COCO*_TallFieldBoots+Breeches_Black
¬Accessory¬ * S O R G O - ISSA Shades / BLACK
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Listen To Me

If you want to make them listen, you must know how to seduce them. 
¬Hair¬ Moon. Hair // - Blondes - Solstice
¬Dress¬ Seniha. Lisa Dress // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR SENSE EVENT {tyvm Seniha}
¬Shoes¬ -KC- TALEA HEELS / 

See you soon!
Miraje ♥

It's Cold Outside

I am having a lazy day home, my day off and without any will to go and face the cold outside. This has inspired my ensemble for Miraje today. Hope you'll like it! kiss kiss
¬Hair¬ eXxEsS : X-MAS 2017 Dollarbie
¬Top&Bottom¬ ::GB:: Mouton Hoody Coat / Blue . a v a l e - GIFT Mesh Dress
¬Pet¬ *[Black Bantam] Busy Westie On Fours TCF
¬Pose¬ (marukin) sherbet, c88 jan 2018
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Underground xoxo

Hello my darlings! I was thinking to take Miraje out for a walk, but I must admit I am not aware anymore which are the hottest places to be in SL nowadays, so maybe if one of you know any cool location, can you please leave the SLurl in a comment? I will much appreciate that! xoxo
¬Hair¬ TRUTH JoJo - Multitone 1
¬Top&Bottom¬ Blueberry - Cutieberry - Cardigan Set - Beige
¬Shoes¬ Pure Poison - Raysa Boots
¬Accessory¬ Tentacio & .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Underground Winter-MomDogs Bag BOX
¬Drink¬ ninety - Mugs Fox [ Gift ]
¬Decor¬ brocante. wallpaper mural / stars&dots [box] C88
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Busy With Westies

Meet my new Westies! They are so adorable and I couldn't help myself not to snap a photo. They are so funny :)
¬Hair¬ Exile - Persuasive - Naturals
¬Dress¬ *MSS* Sheer Boho Dress Dusted Rose and Red TCF
¬Shoes¬ Scandalize. Graci heels
¬Pets¬ *[Black Bantam] Busy Westie Oh Hi TCF *[Black Bantam] Busy Westie Funny Sit TCF *[Black Bantam] Busy Westie On Fours TCF
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Red Heart

I've found a sweet dress to cheer me up for today and luckily, I've also found this hair from Exile, which is been put on marketplace by the creator just for fun and to see how many people will be able to find it. Spot it and got it!  
¬Hair¬ Exile - Instant Crush dollarbie
¬Dress¬ Envious - Red Heart ! DOLLARBIE !
¬Shoes¬ Garbaggio // Group Gift January 2017
¬Accessory¬ Swallow Lion Headpiece
See you soon!
Miraje ♥


Why not going for something sparkly from time to time? :) Miraje is feeling glamorous :)
¬Hair¬ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Khatia" Blondes
¬Dress¬ *B.D.R.* Sparkly Night Dress/ Dollarbie!
¬Shoes¬ -KC- TALEA HEELS /
¬Accessory¬ Zaara [Goa party] : Retro sunglasses *rosegold-pink*

See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Clock Out

Here are some goody gifts for you to enjoy and to mix and match your outfits as desired. 
¬Hair¬ TRUTH VIP December - Tinsley
¬Top&Bottom¬ Blueberry - December Gift - Laced Tops Ricielli - Maze Pants / Black @Cosmopolitan Event
¬Accessories¬ GIFT - S e a r e n - Cat Headphones - December LeP - Mrs. Rex_Bag - Black
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Miss You

After the holidays rush, I have a little spare time to reminisce about the beautiful moments and the people I miss. I can only hope this new year will be a good one, even though the hardships of real life are growing day by day. We just have to stay true to ourselves, to our believes and never bow down in others' favor. The most important thing is to love yourself and the rest will follow. That is why for my ensemble today I chose light and candy/marshmallow-like colors to lift-up my mood and to feel much more special.
¬Hair¬ Sintiklia - Hair Irma - Group gift 
¬Top&Bottom¬ Seniha.Mika Dress // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR COSMOPOLITAN EVENT ~tyvm Seniha
¬Shoes¬ :::KC::: Nydia Boots //
¬Accessory¬ FAKEICON / vason choker / black 
See you soon!
Miraje ♥