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This is a little add-on post, because I just wanted to show a few nice things I've got as gifts and the great sets of poses I've found on Marketplace at amazing prices. Hope you enjoy it! πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸ»
✔Interesting fact: the top that I am wearing is 5 years old and I couldn't find it anywhere to link it, and even though is an old mesh, I think it still looks amazing. Ohh the magical gems in my Inventory!

MINIMAL - Big Heart Earrings - Valentine Group Gift
Ascendant - June Lipstick Group Gift - CATWA
Mosquito's Way - Betty *Group Gift*
.::NanikA::. Butterfly poses (butterfly on shoulder)
{CowTea} Dalliance [Bento] Pose Pack - Gift
See you soon!
Miraje πŸ’
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Miss Maple

I'm really enjoying this 2019 Fall... Can't get enough of colorful autumn leaves and I've always loved gold, so it's a great combination! Thanks SCANDALIZE for another cool group gift and the rest of creators spoiling us with wonderful presents πŸ€—πŸ’

eXxEsS Mesh Hair : PALMA
Mosquito's Way - Zoe *Group Gift*
MINIMAL - October Group Gift 2019
BOYS TO THE BONE taggig necklace set - group gift
.::NanikA::. Maple leaf poses L$1
See you soon!
Miraje πŸ’

Ice Cream Junkie

Hey birdies! Not that I am obsessed with school outfits, but I had to post one more with this Back to School top since I have so many.. lol. I will also head to SCANDALIZE to check out the new group gift and I will come back with an update. Kisses 😘✔

Scandalize.BACK TO SCHOOL. Sweater. MAITREYA. #14
Scandalize. Emeli Skirt. Night

*peach* Knee socks tattoo for Maitreya


Friggle Fraggle Omega applier scraped knees
<micamee> Ice Cream Cookie Pop + Pose
See you soon!
Miraje πŸ’–


Good day birdies! I have one more quick outfit that I wanted to post a while back. The jumpsuit is still available to grab from the lucky boards at SCANDALIZE. Go get you some scandal attires! *winksπŸ˜‰  

SCANDALIZE. Aleana. Militar (Lucky Board)
.:villena:. - Motorsport Bomber Jacket - Bk/Bk
See you soon!
Miraje πŸ’–

Coconut And Rum

Hey hey hey lazy Sunday! I know I am little too late to post something from Kustom 9 which was out in September, but I completely forgot I have these clothes! I get very excited at times, buy a bunch of stuff and then can't remember to post them. That's my SL...  But, anyway, I will post this ensemble because I find it really nice and perfect for a lounging day around the house, sipping your favorite drink and just.. relax!

`M.BIRDIE / Rinda look.Top8 Maitreya
`M.BIRDIE / Rinda look.Pants1 Maitreya
`M.BIRDIE / Rinda look.Shoes2 Maitreya
e.mariexAriskea // We Run This Beach - Coconut Cocktail Gacha
See you soon!
Miraje πŸ’–

Back To School

Soo, ok I must admit I am really `blonde` at times.. if not all the time. While I was at SCANDALIZE to get the new group gift, I've played on some Gacha machines, randomly, and I've got so many sweaters like the one I'm wearing, but for various types of mesh bodies, event though I only have the Maitreya one; which means, now I have things I really don't need in my inventory πŸ™ˆ I will need to find some way to donate them eventually...  

Scandalize.BACK TO SCHOOL. Sweater. MAITREYA. #3
{LP}-Elan Boots
See you soon!
Miraje ♥


I really like the group gift (Halloween top) from SCANDALIZE and I wanted to blend it into an unusual choice of clothes to make it a little bit more interesting and also to kinda make it look cozy, but sexy at the same time. I hope you'll like it! xoxo  πŸ’•☕

BOYS TO THE BONE Stockholm jacket - white 
Ascendant - Matte Lipstick - CATWA [Group Gift]
*HMC* Halloween Mug Of Hot Chocolate
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Halloween Barbie

Hey birdies! I just love the holidays season, because it's always festive and brings people together for celebrations. This year I didn't opt for a proper Halloween costume, just decor and face tattoo. But, I think Miraje looks pretty intriguing as she is bringing a skull Miss Dead transformed Barbie doll. Barbie used to be my favorite doll all throughout my childhood, was my obsession in a way and I do fall into the same patterns with Miraje either intentionally or not. It is in me... stuck forever.  πŸ’‹πŸ’–
P.S. Since I love the dress-up so much, I might come back with other Halloween looks if I will see something worth posting. 

{LP}- Fallen Dress Gift L$1
{LP} -Apple Sandal L$1
¬Face tattoo¬
TAOX TaTToo Face Miss Dead VG 
BLOOM - Eyes ANA Collection L$1
Halloween Pumpkin Hay Pile L$1
Halloween -Scene L$1
.::NanikA::. Halloween poses with pumpkin L$1
 See you soon!
Miraje ♥


Hey birdies! Here is just a cute little outfit for the middle of the week; I really like the shirt and the shorts, they fit so nice on the avatar's body and the colors are as bright in-world as seen in the photo. You can purchase it at MONOMANIA for L$199 or L$100 depending on your budget, which I think is a really nice option the creator gives to their buyers. ✨

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Margery" Blondes *New
Pure Poison - Victoria Boots - Kustom9
See you soon!
Miraje ♥


Hey birdies! I've been in world most of the day today. I've been fishing, my one favorite hobby that I have in SL other than fashion and travel; and I've remembered I've got this new cute set of unbuttoned shirt + shorts a while ago and completely forgot to blog it. So, here it is. It is still on Promo on Marketplace at 50% off and it comes in various shades which is always a plus. I've always been obsessed with white/men like shirts, especially the sexy ones (of course!) and whenever I see one, I have to have it. Hope you like the ensemble, it's pretty basic, nothing fancy, but sometimes we need the simple ideas as well as the more elaborate ones! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰

*Stars*Fashion* Aileen -  L$99
!EE Moon De Soul High heels with HUD - L$1
.::frosting::. Winged Liners - Sock Hop Collection
pr!tty - Brea - [All Color Huds] :Dollarbie Gift:
See you soon!

Miraje ♥

Falling Autumn Leaves

Hi! Just in case you are looking for a nice plugin/layout for your blog, I have found this incredible cute Falling Leaves Effect, which I absolutely adore! You can find it on ASH PRINCESS KAWAII's blog here or copy the link below and add it to your HTML/JavaScriptAdd Gadget! You're welcome! 😊

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Hello my sweets! I am continuing my series of finding the old favorite places in SL; well more like trying the landmarks if they are still available :)). To my surprise, Sway's is still here. I used to explore this place many times, the most I loved to row a boat around and just relax. They have lots of nice things like furniture, decorations, toys and a beach area which, obviously it's my favorite. So if you feel like exploring a beautiful and interesting sim, it's definitely the place to go. 

SCANDALIZE. Calla. Black (jeans shorts) Lucky Board
[Gos] Penny Lace-Up Heels - Polkadot
(the rest of the outfit are older items which  I thought will compliment the ensemble)
*Besom~Madison *Blondes* LeP - NAO_Shades (Unisex) *COCO*_Gift_ScoopNeckCropTop(5colors) *COCO*_Gift_Pochette

¬Beach area¬

¬Enjoying the graffiti ¬

¬Gazebo comfy and cozy area¬

¬Home and decoration¬

¬Photo booth available¬  (they provide a card which you can actually edit in-world)
See you soon!
Miraje ♥