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I Am Blue

Just a chill lay-low weekend, not very eventful, but not boring either. All is good when you know what's in the bag :)  ¬Hair¬ TRUTH VIP January - Teanna ¬Outfit¬ *COCO* _Gift_CroppedTee_PaleBlue .:villena:. - Destroyed Mom Jeans - Light Blue Pure Poison - Dahlia Platforms -  ¬Accessories¬ roslyn . kendra sunglasses. zebra  Pure Poison - Kiss Nails & Rings -  MOVEMENT - Classic tote - White See you soon! Miraje ❤
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Summer Hunt

A really comfortable and on the go outfit with items from Belle Epoque ' Summer Hunt. I do like how the colours blend with each other and I think it's perfect for everyday wear.  ¬Hair¬ . Olive . the Purr Hair 75L ¬Outfit¬ BESH 14 - Summer Tee BESH 6 - Shoes ¬Accessories¬ BESH 19 - Necklace BESH 15 - Bag See you soon! Miraje ❤

Birthday Hunt

Hey birdies! Belle Epoque is doing a Birthday Hunt with lots of nice, cute and beautiful items to find. Unfortunately, I found that the clothes and shoes are only matching a Maitreya body, but still worth to have them. There is also a Summer Hunt and I might grab some things from there as well! Happy hunting!  ¬Hair¬ bonbon - jasmine hair (ombres)  ¬Outfit¬ Belle Epoque { Birthday Hunt } 1 - Romper Pure Poison - Dahlia Platforms -  ¬Accessories¬ Belle Epoque { Birthday Hunt } 12 - Sunglasses Romazin - Earrings <Kasira>, GIFT Belle Epoque { Birthday Hunt } 10 - Bag with Flowers See you soon! Miraje ❤

On Point

It's the weekend baby! This means, more time to play, more time to slay... Especially on the fashion note: da da di da di, we like to party! ¬Hair¬ TRUTH Adore - Blonde ¬Make-up¬ RT!... Glossy Lip collection  ¬Outfit¬ *AMANI* - Amala Set  SCANDALIZE- EARNER . MEGA FATPACK (Jecket) {Le'La} Annalina Sneakers** ¬Accessories¬ * yoyo9 * Laver9 round sunglass Pure Poison - Ava Rings & Nails- ¬Toy¬ * [Black Bantam] My Doggy Animal Balloons Set ¬Prop¬ 3D People - Casual People - Guy Crouching (2 LI) See you soon! Miraje ❤  

Spicy Weekend

Nothing better than to start the weekend with a spicy chicken sandwich. It's not Friday yet, but I like it sooner rather than later. Talking about things that keep you going... nom nom nom ¬Hair¬ TRUTH Collective / Seri - Blonde ¬Body¬ subtle. // Basic Nose Blush [PRIS] Blush Body BOM ¬Outfit¬ [hh] Sanibel Set  *Tentacio* Olivia boots white - The Wearhouse Sale Event ¬Accessories¬ LaGyo _Madeline Bow Headbend - Yellow  sass [heartbreaker collar]   ¬Food¬ [Black Bantam] Spicy Chik'n Sammich Set <3 See you soon! Miraje ❤  


Hey birdies! I am always forgetting that I've joined such amazing groups that offer very nice gifts. So today, we have an ensemble composed of group gifts and surely I will have to remind myself to look for more as I'm sure, I'm missing out on some good stuff.  ¬Hair¬ CHAIN - Leslie Hair - Blondes - Access ¬Outfit¬ Luas Jaqueline Dress VIP Gift N-core Origins OBSESSION "GroupGift" ¬Accessories¬ Luas Punk Mask VIP Gift Luas Punk School Bag VIP Gift See you soon! Miraje ❤  

When I Snap

It was about time I go somewhere to take some pictures for my second blog ( Featured Images ). Glad I found a nice spot right at one of my favourite shops in-world. Enjoy!  ¬Hair¬ TRUTH VIP Reyane ¬Make-up¬ Insol : Barbiedoll HD eyeshadows [Lelutka EvoX] ¬Outfit¬ *Tentacio* Yokori Sweater fatpack (Outlet) Bipolar - Lima Set - White Angel (Tights)  *Tentacio* Tentacio* Kokory boots spot version (50L) ¬Accessories¬ *Tentacio* Travel with me. Camera (GG) *Tentacio* Marina Bag special edition (50L) See you soon! Miraje ❤

The Shell

Hey birdies! I had some good fun shopping at Access this round. There are plenty of nice items, so it's always hard to choose, but I am happy with my new ensemble! ¬Hair¬ CHAIN - Leslie Hair - Blondes - Access ¬Outfit¬ {HIME*DREAM} Risa Outfit - BROWN - Access *Tentacio* Wony boots white - Access ¬Accessories¬ *Tentacio* candy girl fatpack [POM] Fleur Chains -FATPACK  *Tentacio* Talia phone See you soon! Miraje ❤

Mango Pop

Who doesn't love a good tasty popsicle? But with Mango flavour, that's the best thing ever. Just a regular day, groceries shopping, feeling comfy and cosy strolling around shops, getting my pockets empty.  ¬Hair¬ TRUTH VIP - May  ¬Outfit¬ *COCO* _CropTankTop_4-Colors-Light *COCO*_ComfyJumpsuit_BlueGrey *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_White (older item) *COCO*_Gift_ClassicSneakers_Cacao ¬Accessories¬ VALUXIA - Jules Earrings (LEL EVOX) GROUP GIFT  Pure Poison - Boho Time Necklace - Group Gift VALUXIA - May Bracelet (MAY GROUP GIFT)  ¬Food¬ rue / spicy popsicle. mango (Weekend Sale) ¬Prop¬ rue / grocery cart (Weekend Sale)  See you soon! Miraje ❤