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Festive Shot

I've finally Christmas decorated my SL apartment and I'm really excited about it! I love so much this time of year and I try to keep my avatar as festive as possible. So, I was thinking to do a nice Christmas shot with my new rare hairstyle I've won at gacha (I know, I said I will not play anymore, but...) and a randomly composed ensemble with the rest of the goodies that I've bought. Hope you'll like it! 

.Olive. the Ave Hair -FATPACK RARE at The Epiphany
*PROMGIC* Mausam Top-Red The Epiphany
*PROMGIC* Mausam Coat-EggPlant The Epiphany
[BREATHE]-Mikako Heels-Green-M.Lara The Epiphany
TBF Antlers - (Christmas Snow)
 *PROMGIC* Mausam Milkshake-Green The Epiphany
[LPL] Christmas Reindeer Decor

See you soon!
Miraje ♥
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Let It Snow

Getting warm and ready for the winter with my new outfit from Seniha and *COCO*. Also, there are many more interesting items at ~uber~ so, just in case you haven't visit yet, it's worth to have a look! I must add a big thanks to Truth for the lovely VIP gifts lately. They are absolutely adorable!!

Seniha. Nikole Outfit // Fatpack {tysm Seniha.} @Uber Event 25TH NOV TO 22TH DEC 
*COCO*_FurryBoots_Black ~uber~

See you soon!
Miraje ♥


Hi birdies, again! Just letting you know there are new, lovely and stunning pumps ready for you to grab as November group gift from Garbaggio plus this sweet and sexy little ensemble from Seniha, which, as always, has multiple options to play with, is available at Tres Chic Event until 10th of December. Honestly, I've had a hard time to decide which version I love most!! Decisions, decision...
Seniha. Ciny Set // Fatpack {tysm Seniha!}  @TRES CHIC EVENT 17TH NOV TO 10TH OF DEC 
Garbaggio // Group Gift November 2018 
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Tunnel Vision

Just a cute little outfit from Seniha. perfect for a cozy day or for a Black Friday shopping spree. I've got my tunnel vision on some great deals already. Stay tuned! He he he! 
Seniha. Kira Sweater // Fatpack {tysm Seniha.} @Shiny Shabby Event OPEN 20TH NOV OF 16TH DEC 
[Enchante'] - Dolores Boots - BASE COLORS
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Give Me A Reason

A very good reason to wear a poppy on Remembrance Day as they symbolize the blood of the soldiers who fought in World War I, and whom, according to the history, they bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders. I stand tall in respect for all those brave souls who were ready to die for freedom, for a great cause, for their countries! Such bravery and patriotism needs to be remembered throughout the time from now until forever.    

Viena :: Isabella Lip Gloss Pack ::
Seniha. Jimmie Dress // Fatpack {tysm Seniha} @ACCES EVENT OPEN 12 OF NOV TO 7 OF DECEMBER 
Mosquito's Way - Carol *Group Gift*
Luas Antlers Headpiece White
Wearable Poppy - Remembrance Day
ninety Travel Suitcase With hud
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Staring Through Galaxies

Hi birdies! I know it's a lame excuse, but I really didn't have time for this year's Halloween. My RL got in my SL's way and I don't really have a costume or some original idea. What I did wanted for a change was to do something glamorous, very Gaga-ish.. as you know already how much I love Lady Gaga and luckily, FAKEICON has this amazing gemsuit which filled the purpose in the best way possible! I hope you like it and also I hope you had a great Halloween and somehow spooky :)))

♦The Look♦
FAKEICON / poxic gemsuit / red  
EF: Acanthus Head Piece 
[Enchante'] - Dolores Boots - BASE COLORS
See you soon!

Bad G.

Hi birdies! Did you miss me? I hope so. I'm really excited to do a few posts for the following days with them new goodies from Seniha! With every release I fell more in love with the styles and I also like to wear them a lot in world, not just to show them on my blog. Also, there is a new group gift from Garbaggio, so make sure you grab it! Other than that, stay tuned because I will surely be back soon! kisskiss

TRUTH VIP HoneyAna & Char 
Seniha. Alyssa Dress // Fatpack {tysm Seniha} @ACCES EVENT OPEN 12TH OF OCTOBER TO 7 OF NOVEMBER 
(from left to right)
Garbaggio // Group Gift April 2018
Garbaggio // Group Gift June 2018
Garbaggio // Group Gift October 2018
Izzie's - Catwa Closed Eyes Appliers
See you soon!
Miraje ♥