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Happy Rez Day/Birthday To Miraje!

Hello birdies! I've realized today it's my avatar's Rez Day and all I can think of is how much Second Life has meant to me in the past 9 years. It's been fun, it's been joy, it's been more than I could have asked for when I needed the most. It was truly my safety net, I've found here amazing people, I've seen amazing places and I've experienced awesome feelings and emotions. It's true that being away have made me part from most of my SL friends. I'm happy though I've reunited with a few people I love and appreciate so much, so close and so dear to me (Meviko, Titzuki and Rebecca). It's been proven to me that even the test of time did not made our conversations feel awkward, but just a fast forward catch-up, so comfortable and so refreshing. All I can do is thank them for that! And of course I want to send a big thanks to my readers, even if it's not a big number, for me each and every one of you count! 
♥Happy Rez Day!!!♥

See you…
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Your Safety Net

Don't worry love, I will hold you tight, I will be your safety net. 

¬Hair¬ TRUTH Farryn - Blonde ~uber~
¬Top&Bottom¬ BUENO-Knot Shirt-Charcoal Torn ~uber~ Vinyl - Alexis Jeans Pak Red ~uber~
¬Shoes¬ Garbaggio // Group Gift January 2017 
¬Accessories¬ LaGyo_Cordelia Statement Necklace - Black C88 BTTBxFKCN havet wallet - black net
¬Pet¬  [Black Bantam] Scaredy & Sigh English Bulldog Gift Box <3
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Bad Kitty

Thanks Seniha for them kinky panties. I'll sure wear them when I'm in the mood for a hey kitty kitty play :))

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Adelia" ~uber~
¬Top&Bottom¬ (Milk Motion) jersey knot top - LARA - all black C88 Seniha. Kitty Panty // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR KINKY EVENT ~tyvm Seniha~
¬Shoes¬ Pure Poison - Jo Boots [BOXED] C88
¬Accessory¬ LeP - NAO_Shades (Unisex)
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Winter Is Coming

Go ahead and be a show stopper with the new jumpsuit and vest from Seniha. You have lots of options to mix-and-match your ensemble how you please. Winter is coming and it's looking sexy already. Woohooo!!

¬Hair¬ TRUTH HAIR Ember -  variety 
¬Top&Bottom¬ Seniha.Nartha Jumpsuit&Vest // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR WINTER TREND EVENT!!  OPENS 8TH DECEMBER
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Haute Mess

I'm just going badass for this new ensemble, because.. why not?!  I don't care, I love it, I'm just a haute mess.

¬Hair¬ TRUTH HAIR Kyoko -  light blondes 
¬Top&Bottom¬ BOYS TO THE BONE stockholm jacket - black  FAKEICON / nopun set / combo 
¬Shoes¬ GizzA - Thea HighBoots [Red] 
¬Accessory¬ [[ Masoom ]] Sibyl Bento gloves Black
¬Decor¬ FAKEICON / shopping district / LIS backdrop 
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Sexy Glamour

More sexiness in the house! And at half price :)) whoaaaa...
¬Hair¬ TRUTH Lake - Blonde 
¬Top&Bottom¬ [[ Masoom ]] Eliza Dress Black 
¬Shoes¬ :: Millenaire Platform Gothic Heels .Black.
¬Accessories¬ [[ Masoom ]] Eliza Body Chain Light Gold [[ Masoom ]] Sibyl Bento gloves Black
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

I Love Black

I love black and therefore I love black Friday!  Thanks FAKEICON and BOYS TO THE BONE for the great offers!
¬Hair¬ pr!tty - Avy - [Reds] 
¬Top&Bottom¬ BOYS TO THE BONE ensam robe - black  FAKEICON / stomp shoes / black 
¬Accessories¬ BOYS TO THE BONE sex choker - black  BOYS TO THE BONE hej shoulder bag - black 
See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Follow Your Dreams

¬Keep calm and follow your dreams¬
¬Hair¬ pr!tty - Girim - :Short: - [Essentials] RARE TCF
¬Top&Bottom¬  Seniha.Sweatershirt // Fatpack EXCLUSIVE FOR COSMOPOLITAN EVENT  #EMPIRE - Ixia
¬Accessory¬ WAYNE / MIRA Necklace (GOLD)

See you soon!
Miraje ♥

Get With The Flow

It's so cold this time of year! But luckily we have good clothing options to keep us warm as the hairstyle that comes with scarf from .Olive., the dress from Seniha and the socks from [VALE KOER]. Get cosy!
¬Hair¬ .Olive. the Flo v2 Hair - Blondes 
See you soon!
Miraje ♥