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Delicious @ La'Licious

Among the many reasons I've started this blog was the desire of sharing more about my ensembles choices. People always ask me what I am wearing or which are my favorite shops I buy my clothes from. This post goes to them and for others that might be interested as well. I will try to add at least one pictorial per week, maybe I can make more, but we'll see how it goes.
The first outfit I would like to present is from a creator I've just recently discovered and i was very impressed of the balance between good quality and affordable prices. We all know is hard to find clothes that are not so expensive, without being crappy at the same time.
To highlight my combination for this ensemble I went to one of my favorite furniture shops: La'Licious Designs. It's a great place to visit and discover well crafted items with a shabby/vintage look which immediately gives the feeling you are in an old village in southern France.
This outfit is composed of: - First and foremost, old st…

Trip to Pluto+

I can’t really brag about me being such a traveler. Although I might have traveled quite a bit in Real Life, in Second Life it’s rather same story. Giving the big difference between both worlds that in SL with one click you can be in Paris, London or New York, I never seem to make it on either location for… lack of time. That would be my lousy excuse, of course! But for the times I used to go visit places, I kept a few memories captured in some snapshots I’ve taken. One of those places is no doubt the Sway Land Sim and its beautiful summer aura. Being both a place of relaxation and good for long walks, it is also the host for a few talented creators and their unique shops. From Zacca to Pluto+Garden, *Nonino* to Trifoglio and Torico, there are lots of things waiting to be discovered and surprise you with their original rustic/Asian look. For me it was a regular place to go special at times when I was feeling lonely, nostalgic or just wanted a getaway from the crowded spaces. It always…

Avatar mania

This is a story of how an advertising clip can change a part of your life… well forever. I am talking about the Coca-Cola Zero commercial that was promoting the 2009 Avatar movie. The minute I saw it, I said loud and clearly: “I have to see this, no matter what!” And I did go to see it. I was so impressed by the magnitude of such great production that inevitably it has affected my virtual world as well. Who wouldn’t want to be just for a tiny bit Neytiri? And who doesn’t want a Jake Sully around?Because Second Life’s creators were so fast in creating replicas of both characters and not just that, but also entire Sims re-creating the moon Pandora in all its beauty and grandeur, I was able to get my Neytiri appearance. In case you are wondering who embodied “my Jake”, well it was my partner at that time Luca. I’m sure I still have some pictures with both of us, so in case I found them I will come back to this post and add them.
But mainly best part of transforming my avatar in Neytiri w…

Hey little monsters! It's Lady Gaga!

Recalling that my first day in Second Life was on December 5th 2008, it was only the next year's fall that I really become aware of my place and who I wanted to be in-world. And with the help of my one and only friend I had at that time, Leddy, I was able to accomplish my task. Surely enough I wanted to be no other than: Lady Gaga.
Finding by miracle or just by accident a shop that was selling skins and shapes of famous people from movies or music industry, my eyes were caught by the beauty and freshly look of Gaga. And yes I was and still am a big fan. I did cling for many months on this look and it was this appearance that made it possible for me to get a job at one of the best clubs in Second Life: Tiffany's. Nonetheless was a hard road to go on, it did changed everything in my virtual world and put me on a new track and opened doors for new adventures. By all means, without being a hypocrite, the way you look it might be the business card of yourself. I'm only speaking f…

Hello in-world!

For it has been more than three years now ever since I've joined Second Life, I've came to the conclusion that I have acquired so much experiences and memories which are in desperate need to be brought out in the open, to be shared with those who will be interested to find out more about my virtual world.

There have been lots of changes, developing and evolving with every *log In* I have ever made. Something new will always pop-up in front of me and have to learn and deal with, which is why this world is so interesting and exciting.

And no, it's not a game! As some may correct me... It's a social place, yes virtual indeed, but the people behind avatars are actual living beings with feelings, emotions, opinions and theories and so forth.

My idea for this blog is to share with you what I've seen and experienced so far. The best way to translate this will be by showing the pictures I have been taken thorough time and spaces I have visited.
I will be trying to describe w…