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A Real Bad Dream

♪I wanna smash your fears And get drunken off your tears Don't you share your smile with anyone else but me I wanna touch your heart I wanna crash it in my hands Make you plead and cry as you give up all the lies♪
Watch >>> here

Too tired, too sad, too torn for further details on this post, thus apologizing to my birdies. There will be better days.. right?

*COCO*_Gift_TuxedoJacket (with Sequin Dress)

MoiMoi Lola Bond Dress Black Gift

LEVENCHY - Noir Sweater [Female]

Merry Part!
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So Fly Like A G6

Daddy and I were goofing around today at a Flight Airport. We wanted to show off our uniforms for some time now, but didn't get the change till now. He's obviously the pilot and I'm.. well, the student. Great combine: a pilot that likes to 'smoke' and a student that 'hates' school. But we were feeling so fly like a G6! Maybe ya notice the booze on the bar in the back.. yum yum! I just loooove that plane. Oh and the helicopter too. Daddy knows how to fly it. <<Imaginary hat!>>

On moi: [monso] My School Look - SS1 - here


Location >> here

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Brand{i} New

Ohh it really felt like a lazy Sunday.. I don't understand why it gets so boring at times.. Maybe it's just me. But, as lazy as the Sunday was, I did keep me occupied with some work. Had to edit multiple pictures from the wedding I was photographer last night and also to make new pictures to show you again some goodies from .::Killa DesignZ::.  The first outfit, when I put it on I was like: "i'm never taking this off!" It's such a cool sexy style that can be wear in so many ways. I didn't add stuff around it as I wanted to show you what you get from buying this 'Brandi" ensemble. In future posts you'll see adding more to it. And back to the already famous pencil dress, that comes with multiple shoes styles and HUD's for changing the patterns on the dress, scarf and clutch, too. It's simply a 'must have'. I've took more shots just to give you ideas. Mwah mwah!

.::Killa DesignZ::. Brandi Black *Comes with Lolas Tango appliers+…

Bad Bunny

My boss told me I was looking good last night. And that I had the "Don't mess with me look". Really funny as it was intended. For an even more bad ass look, I've created this combine, from scratch.. not the scratch on my face though. Started from the cut out blazer (you can't see it in the pictures from behind, you'll have to trust my word) and ending up with my dear Timberland boots. So, be aware! Don't mess with the bad bunny!

The Ensemble™
.::Mother Goose's::.Greta-LB - here =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Alicia" Dark Browns - here (Milk motion) cut-out blazer - emerald TDRF - here *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts (bleached blue) - here [ glow ] studio - Peter Pan Necklace (gold/buttons) TDRF - here [monso] My Bunny Band Gift Pack - here WWI Army Girl Garters v2 Darks - here [ h ] Patagonia - Wheat - here *{ SeVered GarDeN }* JILL - Legband with gun - here [whatever] Goddess Isis Tattoo - here :: Wretch :: Scratch Tattoo (Cuts Right) - here Vestigium - Little Lamb - here


Que Voulez-Vous?

Yay! Bringing on some goodies my birdies! I've got some loose hoodies and a nice dress from "La petite fleur" and an outfit I've put together from the Marketplace. Now, reviewing the pictures though I was like: why the hell do my legs look so freaking skinny/scary?? Might be the angle... F..k idk. So what do I want? Ahh! I know! Some double cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Hehehehe...

 "La petite fleur" Mesh Loose Hoodie GIFT - White/Gray
[LeLutka]-ARIEL hair - here "La petite fleur" GIFT Ruffle oneP - here
eXxEsS : Sheena Mesh Hair – Black Pack - here L.E - Kinda Graphic Sweater (Unicorn) L$10 - here Lavender.Esme - High Waisted Skirt (Houndstooth) L$10 - here

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Happy moments are relatively rare in life. For the past few days seems to be one of those moments of pure happiness. It's nothing in particular that makes me feel that way, but no less it's a general thing. It's a sum of little bits put together that made me grin widely. And, yes, the sky is still blue, and, yes, butterflies still fly. Yet, did Adele really called Chris Brown a "spoiled brat"?  LooooooooL  I sooo love random. This would have driven someone I know, mad. Forget the past! It doesn't matter now. I still care for you, my dear!

[EY:NO] Bunny Headband (reopening gift <3) - here .:villena:. - studded sweater black  .:villena:. - loose pants gradient#1 - here Magnetized Sneakers_Black Intense - here

Merry part! Miraje ♦

Something Sweet

Oh man! I can't help it! I'm a chocolate's fan. I don't eat it too often, but it surely does help you in times of need and boosts your mood. My outfit today is inspired by something sweet too, not chocolate but cupcakes. One of my favorite TV shows is "2 Broke Girls" and they have a cupcake business dream, which eventually comes true. I don't have any dreams related to cupcakes though, but I won't mind wearing this lovely dress from :[The Plastik]: It also comes with shoes and it's totally free. So hurry to get it if you like it!

Mesh Hair "Alicia" Dark Browns =DeLa*= here Cupcakes Dress & Shoes :[The Plastik]: (free from Baking Mania Hunt) here Ribbon Necklace =Zenith Fashion= here

Merry Part! Miraje ♦

Femme Fatale

I'm sensing I've start an addiction for Al Vulo skins. Last three rounds at TDRF, I've got them all. This is helpless! But they are so fabulous how will I be able to ever resist? I must give them lots of credits as they're maybe one of few that have dark/blond eyebrows optional, eyes, sculpt eyes, mesh eyelashes, cleavage, plus the appliers for Lolas Tango implants (skin+nipples). I would say it's more than a complete set one can ask for. I've put together three rather different outfits special for this Femme Fatale Fairy skin.  Can you guess which one's my favorite? ^.^

:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [ Femme Fatale Fairy TDR ] - here  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cher" Browns - here coldLogic dress - anniversary gift.2013 - here Atooly Hunts - Torn Between #14  Tattoo - here 3. +Half-Deer+ - Whip Cream Ring - here %.:EC:. Box Ysaline Heels - here

::Exile:: Crazy in Love: Blacks - here ~Sassy!~ Simply Ravishing - Mon Amour Hunt Gift (Normal Version) - here [HG] Hoodie…

Something Pink

The Spring is not so close, but I love when I find sims with blossoming trees. For this set I've put together an outfit based on colors such as light pink and fuchsia plus the white cute chihuahua dog. I've also got the new skin from Glam Affair featured at TDRF for Valentine's Day. Since I couldn't buy the one with the pink make-up (vendor refused to work) I've add the lipstick from Mother Goose's. Oh well... we can't always have it our way.

Glam Affair - Amberly - Artic Valentine 02 @ TDRF - here *: Lo*momo :* Groupgift Canna (Pink) - here ~Sassy!~ Mandarin v2 mini-dress Group Gift - here *GF* 2013 Valentine Gift Boots[Mesh] - Subscriber Gift - here TuTy's - FREE Mesh Pet Carrier with 12 bag textures - here
*MM* Resin Bangles L$10 - here

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Ayo Angel

Ops! Valentine's Day has passed and I didn't keep my promise to post some goodies before. To be honest, all blogs were so full of it that eventually end up doing my head and I've completely refused to even put up with everything. I'm a person who's eternally in-love, so for me everyday it's special. It's not all about having someone to love, you can love your friends, or love your pet, love your b.f.f, your baby or love the new day when the Sun is up. Love nature, love music, love to dance or love to be free and love to be who you are. There are so many ways of loving that it doesn't need to be a certain one. What I'm saying might sound like a single person's cliche, but trust me, from my experience, sometimes it's better to let go and enjoy life and simple things. Love the way you want and always be an angel of love for those around you. 

Lo*momo GroupGift (Nov, 2012) Setaria Hair - here Lo*momo GroupGift (June, 2012) Premier Dress Mstyle KAI …

Something Blue

While in-world I have a tendency to wear mostly outfits that are non-colored, such as black and white. So, I figured to change a bit the pattern and add some color to my SL. I've put together a few old stuff combined with few new items I've got from the new round at Collabor88 and here's what it resulted. Hope you like it my birdies!

[e] Locked - Essentials Collection - here ::HH:: Hucci Hastings Dress - Monaco Blue@Collabor88 - here ::HH:: Hucci Nia Pump - Corner Red  *BOOM* Erinyes Wings (Cruxim)@Collabor88 - here

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Closure (Part 3)

I have been digging some more into my SL pictures collection and I've selected some nice ones to show you for the Closure article. As a reminder, this set is about me leaving behind sculpt items forwarding the mesh ones. Believe it or not I still find people around that haven't yet make amends with this whole new level of the virtual world we're spending our time in.  But, there will always be nice memories connected to those former times. For instance like me wear the {Mon Tissu} denim jacket for ages! Ever since I got that was so irresistible to take it off! Another chapter which is still going on, was the sculpted hair slash flexible. It would be poking through your clothes, your body, basically your everything. But, oh boy, we did wear those like forever. Last, but not least, let's not forget about invisible prims. Designed especially for shoes, they were maybe a hit at one point, but there was some serious interfering with other textures or even so with the ground …

Get Fancy, Get Sexy

I'm posting today some new goodies from .::Killa DesignZ::. because we all want to get fancy and sexy for the next week that comes. I've made a few combines for you to get inspired. The new (mesh) pencil dresses are top favorite as they follow your shape lines so perfect making the avatar look slim yet curvy at the same time. It is a great design if you're going to a formal dress event or simply wear it day by day at your own please. You also might want to check the mesh jeans line, which comes in various colors and sizes. And just in case you're planning a beach day you must add to your wardrobe the mesh bikinis. They come in many patterns and colors for the best mix-and-match you'd like. Therefore, don't waste much time with heads in the clouds (that'd be me lol) and go shopping!! Oh, not to forget, stay tuned for a new post with the goodies from Valntine's Day Hunt! Coming soon...

Taxi to .::Killa DesignZ::. >>> here

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In Search

I have been looking for quite some time now for a werewolf. Yeah, I'm aware of how that sounds lol, but believe it or not I need someone who owns a werewolf avatar to help me out with few pictures for the blog. So, I have started my search. First stop.. in the wood, of course. I haven't have much luck so far, but I won't give up. Many sims are role-play only, which makes it difficult as I'm nor vampire or werewolf or some of those night creatures. Any who.. In case someone knows someone that can recommend me someone, it would be so much appreciated, my birdies! Pls help! :))

Merry Meet!
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We Need Gold

I think lately it's a total frenzy about gold. Not like it haven't been every since, but now I feel it more accurate. For me it's a must. I couldn't picture my SL without my jewels or anything I have gold related. Lucky to have found this sensual gold dress from [Cynful] (On promotion!!) and the beautiful sandals from JD, which look so feminine and yet so dramatic and pretty painful if someone would have to actually walk in them. But, it's not the case in here. I should mention they are rigged mesh, very easy to adjust from the Hud and have multiple nails colors and so forth. You'd better run to the shop and get them as they are a group gift. One of the best I've seen so far too!

[Cynful] Aphrodisia Dress - Marketplace Special - Gold/Tan - here JD - Group Gift - Deviant Salmon - here

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The Dressing Room Fusion 5th Edition

Yay! A new round for the TDRF! I must say I am very pleased with what I've acquired. The Oversize Sweatshirts from [Cynful] are simply cool and can very much be wear as dresses too. I been wanting to buy this style for a long time now, but sadly at the usual price they are expensive for my budget. Now, I got two of them, so I will stay with hands in pockets for a while. The guest at this edition is JD (Just Design) and they are selling some very nice shaped and style suede booties. They are rigged mesh and have also stockings or sock to be add. The Hud is easy to play with, therefore you won't have much trouble adjusting the way you want them. 
For more items please visit TDRF >>> here

:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [ Solstice Fairy TDR ] [Cynful] Oversized Sweatshirt - Stripes White / Grey (tdrf) [ glow ] studio Scream! Leggings Black (silver spikes) TDRF
:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Alyss ] - [ Wonderland blonde fair] Group Gift (Free) - here [Cynful] Oversized Sweatshirt - Stripes Bl…