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I've tortured a little my beau to pose with me for this post, both wearing same beanie. I didn't wanna force him into wearing identical ensembles, although I keep thinking about that cute couple I've seen early this week. Maybe some day we'll do it. But, I guess, for now, this will do just fine. Enjoy! 
P.S. Hurry into get them jeans and the t-shirt he is wearing.  They're great items on promo and I don't know how long will that last.

On Both
~Beanies~ X VI "Fusion Beanie" - here
~Tees~ Tee*fy Ana Slouchy Satin Tank Pure  -[B&C]- Mesh Men's Deep Neck Tucked T-shirt - VINTAGE 
~Pants~ -[B&C]- Mens Jeans Gray Shorts_W/Open Belt  -[B&C]- Men's Skinny Jeans White *PROMO* 
~Shoes~ VF Sneakers Bunny  Khaki Chuckers 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

No Valentine, But Tears and Cupcakes ...

Few gifts for the upcoming lovers day. Oh, oh, oh... ~Cries~

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss (gift) Pink Acid Kids - Bratty Tears ~Hair~ [LCKY] Mui // DISASTER  ~Top~ NS::  Sweet Valentine Sweater (+bow, ears, cupcake) Group Gift  ~Shorts~ Chi Seid - San Valentine 2014  ~Socks~ Maitreya Dahlia Socks * White

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

No Good

You’re no good for me  I don’t need nobody  Don’t need no-one  That’s no good for me♫♪

~Hair~ (Chemistry) Hair Buttons/Willow  ~Top~ ****AZALEA*****sweater nutella  ~Pants~ [SKM] FREE GIFT Diiego Straight Jeans Boxers  ~Shoes~ Unisex denim chucks ~Weapon~ [IRA] HK MK 23 v1.0.4 (After wearing it, you'll get the updated one)

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Miri ♦

Privy Girl (Episode 10)

I haven't done a privy girl episode in long time. Maybe I say this each time I'm making one.. oh well! I wanted so much to do this post because yesterday, while I went to buy a new t-shit, there in the store, I've seen one of the two most cool avatars. What stroke me the most was the fact that they were wearing the exact same items, like two twins, but they were actually a couple! I've never seen anything like this before in my entire SL! And I thought it was really cute!! Although they had a gangsta/swag with a little steampunk effect appearance, I couldn't stop thinking that was the cutest, sweetest couple I've seen so far. I gotta say: Congratulations to them for celebrating their love in such unique manner. 
P.S. After seeing this I gave-up wanting the freaking shirt! I thought it's so pointless 'cause I'll never have someone to wear, along with me, the exact same one. <Pouts>.

However, if you like it and wanna buy it, here's your ta…

My Hair

I just want to be free, I just want to be me And I want lots of friends that invite me to their parties Don't wanna change and I don't wanna be ashamed I'm the spirit of my hair, it's all the glory that I bare♫♪

~Make-up~ .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup .:Glamorize:. Rival Black Combo Makeup ~Hair~ [LCKY] Mui // DISASTER  ~Top~ / XIAJ / Jaix Trench Coats FIX/Gift  ~Stockings~ M.I.X.*stocking 1L$  ~Shoes~ {KOKOIA} :: Exclusive Shoes :: BERLIN :: LOVE THE LIFE ~Accessories~ :::LP::: Metal Top Cat Eye Shades Gold - Black  Ricielli Mesh - The Birkin Bag /white  ♦

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Efing No (Part 1)

I wanted to start a series of 'WTF' articles but, since my top favorite bloggers of all, Xeriko is already doing it on his site, I named mine 'Efing No'. I plan on doing 'Efing Yes' as well, if someone or something is worth the appreciation. As for today's article, the subject is plain and very easy to spot even from far away. I kept looking at her avatar and I couldn't bring myself to understand why someone would alter so much her shape in becoming to look like a balloon fish. (Literally the nipples were facing each on the other side like fishes eyes). I know, I know, ya'll be saying this is the trend now: huge tits, huge ass... I say hell no! I find this inflatable style gross. Its total lack of aesthetics is completely hurting my eyes. I think the subject in the matter here wanted a sexy bomb effect. Well, she is the 'bomb' alright, but one you just don't wanna fall on top of you. 
P.S. This is only my honest opinion and should be …


When I saw these cute Kokeshi dolls from !1mm*** I thought I gotta find a way to post them with an outfit. I don't own much oriental/Japanese items, but I think with the vibrant cloth coat from ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: and this beautiful flowery dress from IAF, both gifts, I made it look lovely, dolly like per all. Just a fair warning, the coat is not mesh, but already a classic item worth having in inventory if you ask me. 

~Skin~ .tsg. Ulzzang - V.I.P Skin Gift January 2014  ~Make-up~ +Tintable Gyaru Nose Paint + Pink Acid Jelly Jam Lip Gloss & Teeth - Barbie  ~Tattoo~ ****AZALEA*****tattoo lacing ~Hair~ >TRUTH< London -  light blondes  ~Top~ ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Hakka printed cloth coat  ~Dress~ IAF Aqua Floral Dress GG  ~Shoes~ Group Gift {1000} :: Shoes  :: {kokoia} (not sure if still available) ~Accessories~ Son!a Forever Ring Gold Silver  !1mm*** 1l$ kokeshi gift (rez&open) katahou

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Dream Lover Come Rescue Me

Just got myself ready to be 'kidnapped'. Anyone interested?!

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Raccoon Face Make-Up Masks Updated Pack!  .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup {C.C.M.} Sweet Lips  ~Hair~ little bones. NEW HAIRS + NEW COLOUR - GIFT  ~Top~ Ninety- Top Heart Mesh  ~Shorts~ *LF* MESH Frill Shorts Flower BluePink  ~Shoes~ NINETY POLKA DOTS ~Accessories~ :::LP::: Group Gift - December! <3  !1mm***  wagara handbag (GOUP GIFT) 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

I'm Solo

I'm trying to boost-up my mood lately by wearing cheeky, colorful clothes and accessories. I got inspired by Manolya P. to get this cute top with little strawberries pattern. I must warn you that it only comes in one size, but I think you can practically fit on every shape for it's not so tiny. In the description on Market Place, the creator said it has some clipping issues. Well, I couldn't see any to be honest. I'll be happy to wear it around as it is. TYVM! 

~Make-up~ ..::N::.. W.G.A.S. Leopard Black {C.C.M.} Sweet Lips  ~Hair~ TRUTH HAIR Lyma -  light blondes ~Top~ Charmed.: Honey and Ginger  ~Pants~ (TokiD) solo jeans (dark blue) ~Socks~ .tsg. Princess Socks - Sheer White ~Shoes~ -9ty-  Flats Leopard Whit Bow  ~Accessories~ [7891.] Ellie Necklace - Gold - 1.0  SPH: Mes Petites Coutures Manchettes *  S O R G O - WERS Shades / Bitum (display) OMG Design Bitch Bag (past hunt item) PURE - 300 Members Group Gift -FAUN- Retro 80's Phone Case (past Kustom9 item)

Merry Part! 
Miri ♦


A black week }{Two angels}{

~Make-up~ MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Trendy ~Hat~ 1950s Pin-up Girl Series - ARMY BOMB-SHELL! (old item) ~Hair~ (Chemistry) Hair - Willow 2 - HUD.1 ~Jacket~ [SKM] Manako Winter Jacket Turtleneck FREE ~Pants~ :: No Cabide :: Outfit Camouflaged Girl ~Shoes~ =PIA= Box CUFF Boots green ~Accessories~ Sofiel Angel Wings in Black 4.3.2 by Material Squirrel PP - Black - Spiked Military Shoulders* :: No Cabide :: Outfit Camouflaged Girl (Gun&Holster) 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

American Woman

Don't come hanging around my door I don't want to see your face no more I got more important things to do Than spend my time growin' old with you ♫♪

~Mouth~ LEVEE'S - GRUNGE CIGAR ~Make-up~ .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup {Tilly} - Multi-Colored Lipstick Basics ~Hair~ Clawtooth: Female Trouble (Glamorous Blondes Pack) C88 ~Top~ *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_Border-Blue (old item) bf Osceno America bikini (old old item) Can't believe is still available! wootwoot?! ~Pants~ Paperbag.These Old Jeans Light ~Shoes~ ::LC:: Group Gift: Gogo Boot-Amerika  ~Accessories~ :::LP::: Bullet_Hoop Earrings - Gold  [HS] Kat von D Pentaram Boxed (old item) *COCO*_Shirt-tied-around-Waist_StripeBlue (old item)

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On A Night Like This

Hey ma birdies!! Sorry I've skipped on few days since my mission on posting every day, but I've  been busy with also developing an alternate blog, on which I want to post more classy, feminine and elegant style. I usually go for striking, maybe crazy combines, but I also like to be chic and fancy. Oh well, one can only try...  Oh, I have to thank my friend Zuki for taking me out tonight, to a concert. I needed some distraction after all the work. I might soon need a break.. like maybe a vacation :D A long, long vacation...

Miraje >>> Zuki >>> Chanty

~My ensemble~
~Make-up~ .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup - here {Tilly} - Multi-Colored Lipstick Basics - here ~Hair~ Clawtooth: Female Trouble (Glamorous Blondes Pack) C88 ~Top~ :: Athena  Amulet :: On hanger with Athena  (not sure if still available) ~Pants~ Ricielli - NEW YEAR HUNT / item #06 Darla Mesh Jeans - here ~Shoes~ [Diktator]-OBEY SPINE HEELS BOOTIES BLACK - here ~Accessories~ /// offbeat /// unicorn clutch bl…


The Holy Molly Fisher :D Ya know...♥
P.S. It was a hot sunny day so don't question why sandals LoL.

~Make-up~ {C.C.M.} Candy Lips - here ~Hair~ Magika [03] Today - here ~Jacket & Top~ ::LC:: Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket Light Wash[Leather] - here *Epic Bombastic* Zipper Bootie Dress {Lavender} - here ~Pants~ .:villena:. - leggings black leather - here ~Shoes~ ! R ! Hippy Heel GIFT - here ~Accessories~ [SWaGGa] BOO! Mfer Snapback - here [M] Monster Kid Necklace [4] - here

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Pink Ballerina

Simply art, grace and... pink.

~Make-up~ + Tintable Fallen Liner + {C.C.M.} Candy Lips - 2L - here + Tintable Gyaru lip paint + - here ~Hair~ Combined: (Chemistry) Hair - Willow 2 - bangs (edited) *booN YNO421 hair gold/blonde/sandy (edited) ~Dress~ {FO*FUN} pastel dress - here ~Accessories~ + FREE GIFT Neck Bow+ - here Jewels from C&C - here

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I ♥ NY

I've always said one of my favorite cities in the world is New York. Guess, like me, there's other millions of people that do so too. True in RL i've never been there, but in SL was probably the first town I visited after the one I live in real life. Plus, all my last apartments I've rented were also NY themed. Now, the idea for this post started with the car behind me, the taxi. I have a passion for cars and taxis are for certain in top three, after Ferrari and Mercedes :D So, with my hip-hop bear by my side, my real high shoes and swag ensemble (which I'm sure my friend Zuki despises xD) I've hooped on my taxi and 'ride' the streets of New York... (figuratively speaking) umm yeah..

~Make-up~ +Tintable Gyaru Nose Paint + + FREE GIFT Frostbitten Lips +  both - here ~Hair~ *booN gathered raised hair base all colors pack  *booN YNO421 hair gold/blonde/sandy (edited) *booN ZNS722 hair gold/blonde/sandy (edited) ~Outfit~ .::FLG::. Outfit Hot Beast / Phat Azz Ap…

Famous Chase

I was really excited to do the pictures for my next ensemble. I've brought back a little glam of the one and only Lady Gaga. I'm not saying is a replica of one of her controversial looks, but just some items here and there. Sadly, this time around no one in the shop shouted for me.. well, mostly because no one was there! Shhhh...

~Skin & Make-up~ Lady GaGa Paparazzi (old item) ~Hair~ *PINK HUSTLER* 70535 - light blond - here ~Jacket & Top~ *COCO*_MilitaryCardigan_Black ::LC:: Suspender top jacket black ~Pants~ ::LC:: Leather Legging [Gold] GROUP GIFT ~Shoes~ ::LC:: AMEN Distress Bootie ~Accessories~ Lady GaGa Mouse Glasses (old item) ::LC:: Chanel Letter Necklace
tp to ::LC:: - here

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Painted On My Heart


I don't really do Valentine's Day... I mean, I might get some roses and chocolate from my RL husband, but doubtfully I'll get something from someone in SL. Don't get me wrong, it's really nice opportunity to spend it with your loved ones. I would like to share this day with a special person in-world, but there's 99% chance I won't. Yet, if you're gonna celebrate it somehow here's a little something you can use. I know it's still a month to go, but time flies fast.. so.. yeah ♥

Pink Acid Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss (gift) - here Exile::Counting Stars Natural Fusion 2 - here MAAI - " Megi " lingerie / Lolas / Pink Group Gift - here N-Core Zebra Pink Pumps - here * BODY shots - Painted On My Heart - here

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Miri ♦

A Good Time For A Dime

#427 Watch >>> here
A comment on that video went: "I wish you could still get something for only a penny... :(" Now, how cool would that be to play gacha machine for that amount and still get great stuff out of it?! Well, luckily we can still get some things even for free, but surely not from those vendors. Group gifts rock if you ask me and often time, if not every time, if a shop is offering a good present, I definitely buy from them. There are also shops I have been buying from ages and never got a gift. Oh well...  I had fun with this outfit and I'm curious to see if ::[A.W.]:: will provide more :D

~Skin~ The Shops  - Chanel (Busty 15) - here ~Make-up~ Flirt - Rawr Eye Liner - here [XCW] 1st Year Anniversary Gift - here [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} - here ~Hair~ [LeLutka & Celoe] - Happy Holidays VENT (little edited) - here ~Outfit~ ::[A.W]:: 2014 Dress Set (Shoes+Tattoo included) - here ~Accessories~ **You'd take all my Honey* Telephone The Fame Hat (…

Minnie's Bowtique

As promised, I've started my quest into posting every day a new ensemble. I don't wanna start winning about and I will do my best to keep composing cool and original (as much possible) outfits. As for today's look, I must say I wanted something colorful, girly girl, pinkish thematic. It's perfect for going out, at a club, maybe, plus sexy enough to spice-up men's imagination. Or, so I hope :D

~Skin~ the body co. Sunflower (01 Fair) - here ~Eyes~ :*BABY*: Dolly EYES {Blue} - here ~Ears~ [Syn] Alargador *GIFT* - here ~Make-up~ #adored - totally warped eyeshadows - dollarbie - here Pink Acid Jelly Jam Lip Gloss & Teeth - Barbie - here [:T:] Parted lips (5) {free from TULI skins} - here ~Tattoos~ IAF Mickey Neck Tattoo - here ~Hair~ [taketomi]_Bom_LightBlondes - here ~Top~ IAF Geek Crop Top (With Tango Appliers) - here ~Skirt~ IAF Mesh Studded Summer Skirt (Aug Group Gift) - here ~Shoes~ . {tP RedBottom Danger - Cheetah - here ~Socks~ . {thePyramid mmm! Mickey Nylon - here ~Accessori…

Jelly Jam

Hey my sweet birdies! I have decided to try blogging a 'look of the day' everyday. Now, I can only hope and pray I will be able to pull this off. I'll try my best! Maybe I will not always wear new stuff, but I shell definitely compose outfits to inspire you. Wish me good luck!

~Skin~ The Shops - Chanel 15 - here ~Make-up~ .Birdy. VIP {Eyeliner} Pack of 10 <3 -here Pink Acid Jelly Jam Lip Gloss & Teeth - Barbie - here ~Hair~  *PINK HUSTLER* Subs. Gift - here ~Top~ *TC* Off Shoulder Sweater - White ~Pants~ [Cynful] Skinny Jeans - Stripes Blue [TDRF] - here ~Shoes~ [Diktator]-POSH (WHITE) - here ~Accessories~ BL October Group Gift (Spiked Bow Tie - roses) - here [7891.] Dope Necklace Set - here * S O R G O - ISSA Shades / BLACK - here :::LP::: Adagio_Messenger Bag [BloggersPack] Group Gift - here *COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist_CheckMultiColor(TC4) - here

Merry Part! 
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I've always been fascinated by horses in SL. I even had the Amaretto ones, who are really nice, but they take some time to be taken care of. Plus, some land owners won't let you keep one, unless it's a pet friendly sim. When I saw this white horsey on MP I thought: wow! it looks awesome. Sadly it can only be used as a prop, not an actual horse to ride around. Umm.. I didn't use the poses in it because I'm that blonde and didn't figure I can modify the size of it. Was too big for me. Duhh... Well, I like it anyway! Oh and one more thing, if you're gonna ride, go ride a white horse.. Nah, it's not I wanted to say :P If you gonna ride in SL you can even do it in those heels. Yeeehaaa...

pr!tty - Kora FREE - .Color Hud 2. - here BL Coat Happy New Year Group Gift - here [LeeZu!] Burleske Tights /champagne  (Not sure if in-world store is still available) - here (only other colors) sixboi's madchen pumps (black) - here * *ICING* Equestrienne (Crop+Hat) - here

Cheeky Skull

Some goods for you my birdies! I'm liking this skirt from :: Athena Amulet :: very much. I haven't seen anything similar so far in SL. Therefore, I'm not sure if it's an original creation, but I can assure you it's way way sexy :D Ohh and thank you Erozs for this amazing tattoo! It's unisex, so guys, you can get it too!

[LeLutka]-CHILL hair/FATPACK - here :: Athena Amulet :: Outfit Cheeky - here Mstyle LOU Pumps - Gold - here * Tattoo Mania - Skull Bool Unisex - here * S O R G O - ISSA Shades / BLACK - here Silo - Pug v0.3 - here ++DESIRE++ Free Model Pose F06-10 - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Russian Gaga

Today the funniest thing happened. As I went to The Chapter Four, looking for something new to complete my next ensemble, I got this instant message: [10:51] Cerise Button-Gumbo: OMG... IT'S LADY GAGA! I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't have any intention for my outfit to resemble with Gaga, but this girl saw it that way and told me: "Sorry, that outfit you had on was awesome!" What made it funny was the fact that there was a time, as many of you know by now, when my avi was all about Lady Gaga. So, I felt like a window in time had opened for a second. It was really cool! Thanks Cerise!
P.S. You might wonder why 'Russian Gaga'? That's because my friend Gam said I am wearing a Russian dress. Such a controversial outfit, ain't it?! 
Hope you like it!

[LeLutka & Celoe] - Happy Holidays - heretyvm sis M for guiding me!  I never seem to find the group gifts at LeLutka!  Mikunch - Mini Jacket (Gift) - here pattern 70'S PANTS jam - here .tsg. Dolly …