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Puffy Fluffy

~Top&Bottom~ ~*~Shar's Gowns~*~Glow Peaches Bolero !(HR 3.0)! Fuzzy Crop Sweater (White) Fi*Fri !(HR 3.0)! Penelope Jeans (Blue) ~Shoes~ [whatever] Thallium - earth TDRF ~Accessories~ Elysium - Ash sunglasses (unisex) - black
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Rare Snowflakes

~Top&Bottom~ [I<3F] Isary Gacha - Vest 3 RARE [I<3F] Isary Gacha - Dress 3 RARE ~Shoes~ R.icielli Leather Spiked Boots ~Accessories~ -Fox.Poison- Clear Glasses Grey/Box [BODY FACTORY] Lion Necklace (Gold) [I<3F] Isary Gacha - Arm & Leg Pouch 3 RARE *COCO*_Gift_FurLegWarmers ~Pose~ Vestige Male Poses fi*Friday Christmas Hunt

Merry Part! Miraje ♥


Creation comes when you learn to say "No".

~*~Shar's Gowns~*~ Frozen 
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Anger Moment

Here is an elegant approach for this post. I know here I'm more tempted to express my wilder side, I thought the look today will do no harm. Also, check on my Flickr soon, I'll be uploading another picture done out in the open, outside the walls of my studio. Kiss, Kisses!

~Hair~ !SOUL - HAIR Mesh - Liatris - 12 Nuances - Blondes set 1 ~Top&Bottom~ .::FLG::. Blouse part of Outfit Mesh Anger Moment :: [LG]DE.Boutique AW14 Never walk alone Outfit  POE7 Globe Hunt  ~Shoes~ [LG] Fall14 Blackbird High Heels  POE7 Globe Hunt ~Accessories~ Quedra - Brown Fedora Mesh  [7891.] Ubhi Bangles - Gold 
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Bubbles Bubbles

A quick post now, new one coming soon and more elaborate :D

~Hair~ little bones. Transmute - GIFT ~Top&Bottom~ [BOOB-LiSH] Sweaterwool Mesh - red pointed [BOOB-LiSH] Mesh Leggings - Black & White ~Shoes~ [whatever] Beryllium - greyscale TDRF ~Accessories~ MIssnoise_style -Tote bag MESH Black cassette tape
Merry Part!  Miraje ♥

Ich Liebe Schokoflocken

Oh dear! The winter is coming and I need to stay warm. There might be someone applying for this job, but until then I have yummy hot chocolate to raise my temperature... Thanks Anne Dakun!

~Body~  [okkbye] Seperate Beautymarks (Black Friday Sale)  ~Hair~ Blues. Crystal - Essentials (Black Friday Sale)  ~Top&Bottom~ !(HR 3.0)! Braided Velvet Sweaters {Black} Fi*Fri .PR Clothing. Bra - Regina w. Garter Fi*Fri Ricielli - SGOS HUNT ITEM#06 (Evie Mesh Pants)  ~Shoes~ Ricielli - SGOS HUNT ITEM#12 (Florence High Heels) ~Accessories~ Ricielli Mesh - Triangle Scarf Designers Pattern (older item) Label Motion - My Hot Drink *Subscriber Gift* 

Merry Part!  Miraje ♥

Little Gifts

Little Bones used to be one of those stores that would send group gifts via group notices, or at least it's how I remember.. or I must have been out of SL for too long. Anyways, I'm glad I dropped by their in-world shop and got some pretty nice hairs as gifts. I like the new styles with hair path showing the scalp and that you don't have to wear a certain hair base anymore. Great improvement on that!

~Hair~  little bones. Lovestruck - GIFT  ~Top&Bottom~ [BOOB-LISH] Sweaterwool Grey  ~Sassy!~ Fade To Black - wild - Halloween Hunt @ The Burbs - Sassy! 1/3 (still out) ~Shoes~ [whatever] Beryllium - greyscale TDRF ~Accessories~ Lumiere Autumn Gift Kettle Necklace  little bones. (pack of bags) 

Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Madame Eiffel

Prepare yourself for the battle with a view to a kill...

~Hair~  TRUTH HAIR Neria -  light blondes ~Top&Bottom~ :::Sn@tch ::: Fur Coat *TD* KAIL Body Suit with Appliers ~Shoes~ SHEY Maribel Stilettos ~Accessories~ +Missnoise_style+STU EYE PATCH Group Gift  ~Pose~ .[ pose+ivity ]. Zena Pack (4)Curvy

Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Flaring Geisha

“Tonight, I've finally learned to tell fantasy from reality.  And, knowing the difference, I choose fantasy.”
― David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly

~Make-up~ MOON}. Eyebrows  Pink Acid Dry Lip Balm V3 + ALL Appliers - Dollish Fi*Friday  ~Hair~  Magika [1] Tonight ~Top&Bottom~ MI960093 Geisha Costume ~Shoes~ SHEY Eva Stilettos ~Pose~ .[ pose+ivity ]. Zena Pack Fi*Friday

Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Miss Noise

Having a blast shopping and getting as many gifts as possible. No cure for that has been discovered yet!

~Hair~  [I<3F] Miry Hair  ~Top&Bottom~ +Missnoise_style+ Oversize shirt LEOPARD ..::KlubWerK.him:GIFT  CARGO/ TROOPER PURPLE  ~Shoes~ Missnoise_style - STREE STYLE SNEAKERS TAPE ~Accessories~ *Epic* Kawaii Reverb Monkey Chapka -Hat- {Yellow} TDTH GIFT [Pure Melody] - Mistique Earrings for Pure Poison Gift [Pure Melody] Charlotte Ice Cream  ~Pose~ Label Motion - Linka 5

Merry Part! Miraje♥

Baby Blue

Awww! I miss so much having an sl baby. Old times, old memories...  Rewind, rewind, rewind Big kiss, kisses!

~Skin~ ^^Swallow^^ Judi and Shelly Skins Gift  ~Hair~  Magika [01] Tonight  ~Top&Bottom~ {TC} Long Sweater and stockings.  ~Shoes~ :: GLACE PEARLS :: Winter Ugg Boots (cream)  ~Companion~ .:SB:. Mama Babydoll 

Merry Part! Miraje♥


I can*t believe the holidays season has started... once again! Really time flies! So, I guess we are all preparing to give and receive lots of goodies. I will try to post as much as I can these days because now it is the time to start a new wardrobe and delete the old stuff.  Big kiss, kisses!

~Hair~  [RA] Nicki Hair V2 - Essential Colors  ~Top&Bottom~ :FY: Give Thanks Sweatshirt TDTH [BOOB-LiSH] Mesh Leggings - Black & White NEW ~Shoes~ StormCrow Design's - Studded Heels *Cold Turkey* TDTH ~Accessories~ StormCrow Design's (sunglasses&bag) *Cold Turkey* TDTH [BOOB-LiSH] - Collars (Black) NEW [BOOB-LiSH] Knuckle Belt NEW ~Pose~ Label Motion - Linka 

Merry Part!  Miraje♥

Hit And Run

Hi sweet birdies of mine! I'm glad I can finally make a new post. I hope you didn't all give-up on me. Don't count me out so fast! I'm still here, still hanging in. But, as you all know is hard to keep track when rl comes all over *winks* For this post I went with something simple and winter inspired because sooner or later snow will take over certain parts of the world. Big kiss, kisses!
~Hair~ TRUTH HAIR Neria -  light blondes ~Top&Bottom~ Lowkey Shawty ELEPHANT SWEATER :NuDoLu: Pantalon sweat blue Group Gift - Free to join ~Shoes~ ~~MO~~ Mukluk ugg boots brown ~Accessories~ Izzie's - Snowball Hit
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Trick or Treat Bitch

Rebel Tiger

~Hair~ .:{Rumina}:. - Alyssa Anniversary Gift ~Top~&~Bottom~ EMPORIUM - J&S Bean  [Lady Fakessi].Tiger Print Shorts ~Shoes~ ShuShu REBEL wedge heels special only for slink high feet ~Accessories~ :::LP::: Metal Top Cat Eye Lumiere Autumn Gift Kettle Necklace
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Danger Mfer

I need a makeover!! Maybe...  Anyways, love the tank dress from Amerie <3

~Hair~ Magika [01] Give ~Top~&~Bottom~ AMERIE - Basketball Tank(Violet) Chapter Four ~Shoes~ Bens Boutique - Danger Gladiator Boots (Gold) BLACK Fi*Friday ~Accessories~ [SWaGGa] BOO! Mfer Snapback [BODY FACTORY] Urban Mask (Black) Obscure - Assassins Holster Gold
Merry Part!  Miraje ♥

Santa Muerte And Dem Bonies

Should I stay or should I go...?

~Hair~ .:{Rumina}:. Paige - 2nd Anniverssary Gift  ~Top~&~Bottom~ [hh] GROUP GIFT - Luna Camisole Double Pack ~Shoes~ REIGN.- ALEXXIS HEELS- GROUP GIFT ~Make-up~ lady.fakessi.GIFT. Halloween Sugar Skull Face Paint 

Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Dark Love

Hey birdies! It's been some days since my last post, but I will try be more active again soon... hoping rl will allow me that. There's lots of goodies out there and for the festive day of Halloween. I'm really starting to like this holiday and I might do more posts related to it. For today, we have a hubba bubba smexy leather dress that comes not in 2 options as you can see on marketplace but 3! It has also a simple version without the mask print. Plus it's a free gift! Yay I was curious to try this free skin from !The Cat's Mew because it has pretty good reviews. The face is nicely done, but it does have a few flaws like some visible seams and weird shadows, but I am sure that if creator will work around it a bit more it will be a perfect skin to wear, especially for someone like me that likes a fair tone. Last but not least the shoes. They come with feet included and some interesting blending system of socks, therefore I could easily match the skin. I haven'…

Connecting Dots

Don't I get bored fast? Well, I been playing a little (maybe more than a little) with my background and came up with the idea of a beach scenery. You know already how much I love the Ocean and it's no surprise I chose that. I might stick with it for a while or add new elements here and there when will be required or..! Even come-up with other different backgrounds scenes, but sure that will mean to double the work. Still, the result it's pretty nice I hope! 
P.S. Like I said, I don't have Photoshop skills, therefore basically what you see is what you get. Just one or two filters added and some liquify tweaks for the weird and inevitable SL angles. 

~Hair~ Magika [01] Dots ~Top~&~Bottom~ [hh] GIFT - [hh] Ashley Outfit  ~Shoes~ Go*DiVa - part of DaNa outfit (SL F&O)  ~Accessories~ ::GB:: Curb chain Necklace
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Autumn.. .Again?!

I can't believe the summer is all gone and we're in the fall once again! Soon there will be Halloween and I've already set up a nice cozy corner for that special occasion. I really love the warm colors of this season, they are so inspiring! And with the help of the two new poses sets from Label Motion it's so much fun to snap pictures.

~Hair~ +Spellbound+ NachoBitch // Monochromes  ~Top~&~Bottom~ Wild Oats;Fruity Crop Mesh bx @Cart Sale Wild Oats;Watermelon Jean Shorts Mesh bx ~Shoes~ *COCO*_Gift_PlatformSneakers(UnionJack) ~Accessories~ .Renegade. The "Telly" Shades - Plain (Silver & Gold Metal) Persefona -  Four Seasons Market Gift (Leaves in hair)  ~Pose~ Label Motion - My Black Balloons Subscriber GIFT  ~Prop~ {what next} Storybook Fall 
~Hair~ [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yumiko hair-Basic set  ~Top~&~Bottom~ [Lady Fakessi].Cropped Sweater Polly Red  [ Lady F.] NEW Black Acid Wash High Waist Denim Shorts ~Pose~ Label Motion - Autumn Poses New Pack (L$60) 
Merry Part!  Mir…

Lips, Time and Wine

Clock ticking, passing time
Your lips in hunger searching for mine
Body caressed like the softly taste of wine

~Hair~ *ARGRACE* TSUBASA - Blondes   ~Top~&~Bottom~ mimpi* gift tank top  [I<3F] Long skirt exclusive@ *Freaky Fridays Event* ~Shoes~ Pure Poison - Mustache - Annie Sandals BOXED - RARE  ~Accessories~ PunkD! Women's Twisted  - Time Warp (Hat) (THF14  061)  *May's Soul* Africa necklace gold sixboi's mustache bag black - gift
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Town Spin

I know someone will say: "those diaper jeans though", but they are really comfy and nice. They are gift at KlubWerK. and they have both version for men and women. Sooo, no complaints from me! The sweater is also gift at mimpi* and come with a color/style changing HUD. It's time to take the sl town for a spin my birdies :)

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Just A Little Gloss - Pale Pink Fi*Friday ~Hair~ *Soonsiki~Spin The Bottle *Blondes* Fi*Friday ~Top~&~Bottom~ mimpi* Loose Tee  / FREE  KlubWerK.her  -haremGIFT- grey/f  ~Shoes~ JD - Lolita SHOES - PinkFuel Edition  ~Accessories~ Rerty Kisman Sunglasses ^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring Gold Miss LT free gift (Earrings)
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Rare Love

For this next post, I have to thank Kora Key for the inspiration. And Coca-Cola for making life to be lived more lovable.  Always.

~Top~&~Bottom~ {D.o.R.k} Gabriella Blue [Room 69]  ~Shoes~ [BOOB-LiSH] Spiked Heels - LOVE RARE  ~Tattoo~ .: TAOX :. TaTToo Applier // Fingerless Lace Gloves Black
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Sharpen Me Up

Ohh the fun...

Titzuki Yuitza: why you choose these sandals?
Miraje: idk
Miraje: you said nothing fancy
Titzuki Yuitza: but it is
Miraje: it's your ad i'll dress how you say
Miraje: i'm gonna be just furniture anyway lol
Titzuki Yuitza: platform sandal would be good if you have
Titzuki Yuitza: if not, sneakers
Titzuki Yuitza: furniture :D
Titzuki Yuitza: not furniture, silly!
Miraje: i'm a piece of furniture
Titzuki Yuitza: prop!
Miraje: yes prop
Miraje: even better
Titzuki Yuitza: ahahaha :DDD
Titzuki Yuitza: i'm sorry
Titzuki Yuitza: but nooo you're not prop, you will be the star!
Miraje: pfffff
Titzuki Yuitza: the diva on the ad! fam and all!!
Titzuki Yuitza: :DD
Miraje: no cause you tell me to dress bleak I cannot be diva!

~Top~&~Bottom~ GATO- Smart Tees Set 1 My Attic OVH - Leather Leggins . Textured - TDR ~Shoes~ Pure Poison - Zodiac Sandals - Aquarius  ~Accessories~ Miss LT free gift OMG ROOM  OVH - Greta Bag . Textured - TDR
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Travelling Angel

It's so nice to feel appreciated by someone for once in a while. Such as receiving a bouquet of roses or a compliment or a hug. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the extraordinary, just simple things that makes life more bearable. It's like a ray of sun on a rainy day...

~Hair~ Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady Prize 4 (Arcade item) ~Top~&~Bottom~ *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_White (Old item - edited) :: FLG Angel Girl + HUD ::  ~Shoes~ ::HH::Hucci Verdun Sandal - Moonglow ~Accessories~ *BOOM* Rain no rain umbrella. (white) (Arcade item) STYLE MESH BAGS FATPACK on FREEMP CL: Dozen Red Roses {tyvm daddy <3}
Merry Part!
Miraje ♥


Hidden intentions Hidden desires Hidden temptations Hidden choices Why share mine when you can't share yours?

~Top~&~Bottom~ GATO- Smart Tees Set 1 My Attic [I<3F] Bevina - Leggings v.3 NEW ~Shoes~ :::LP::: Suede_Platform Heels - Black My Attic ~Accessories~ Miss LT Creation Studio 2 STYLE MESH BAGS 
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Splash Of Colors

I didn't know until yesterday that Pure Poison have now gacha machines specially designed to deliver group gifts. I was so excited because two of the gifts were RARE! Lucky me I guess! I do appreciate very much creators that are offering nice and good quality products as gifts to their group joiners. I think it shows respect to their loyal customers and not just put some random crappy gift no one will wear... As for my outfit today, I added some colors here and there to make it more joyful. I feel good :)

~Hair~ . Liquence . - F7 in Natural Fades ~Top~&~Bottom~ .tsg. Cutie Cardi - Royal Blue  :SMC: Bustier Tops-RED - Lucky Board [I<3F] Zipper Skirt  [I<3F] Miss Lace Exclusive Candy Shop - Black  [I<3F] Ninah Stockings - White ~Shoes~ Pure Poison - Ilya Boots - Funky BOXED RARE  ~Accessories~ * yoyo9 * Laver9 round sunglasses :::LP::: Puppy_LoveBag - Black
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Black Heart

I never really understood people that are indecisive. It puzzles me every time, why is it so hard to make up your damn mind and say what you want? Because frankly not knowing is one of the worst nightmares of mine. I would rather know an hurtful truth rather than live with the feeling of incertitude. You'd think that in SL people will be more open and forthcoming, but I can see now that they are not. Sadly for them, either way I find out things in advance. So really it's a waste of your time thinking you can keep me on hold whenever you feel like. I ain't gonna answer when you finally decide to call. Sorry...

~Hair~ [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Djuna - blonde roots Fi*Friday ~Top~&~Bottom~ [I<3F] Merla - Black Top (+Collar&Gloves) NEW :SMC: Romper-BLK ~Shoes~ (fd) Bossy Boots Sock Add-ons  R.icielli Leather Spiked Boots - 15 Colors PROMO ~Accessories~ [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Andromeda Venus Set  [ glow ] studio - Boyfriend's Watch (Silver) 
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

All About That Bass

'All about that bass' by Meghan Trainor is one of my favorite songs these days. It promotes women with more round or curvy figure (such as myself included). Maybe it's not nice to dis skinny people, although they are generally the most judgmental when it comes to make comments, mean comments about the fat ones. Without my intention to offend anyone, from my life experience curvier persons are more good and have more soul than the others. Probably because some of the skinny ones love themselves more and care less about the others. Regardless, I think everyone should accept themselves for what they are and how they are. I remember in my early years of SL and even 'till pretty close to present, my avatar was pretty Barbie sized, if not sometimes looking almost anorexic. I'm not sure what was in my mind and why was I torture my appearance that much (size XXS or XS wtf?). Now it's gone slightly from S to M and even XL 'cause of my phat ass. I'm not sure whi…

Gone Batty

And even if I'll never forget you baby Tonight I'm gonna let your memory, baby, go Oh it's sad I know... But at least I got my friends Share a rain coat in the wind They got my back until the end If I'll never fall in love again At least I got my friends♫♪

~Hair~ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Candice" Amazing pack ~Top~&~Bottom~ tbt long Sweater gone batty FREE Gift [I<3F] Ninah Stockings - NEW  ~Shoes~ REIGN.- ALEXXIS HEELS- GROUP GIFT ~Accessories~ *Boof. Pencils
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Prom Queen

I can't believe I'm back in school!! No, I ain't back really... just an illusion.

~Top~&~Bottom~ [AB] Prom Queen Dress The Star Group Gift American Bazaar  ~Shoes~ :SMC: Open Side Pumps-DB Lucky Board  ~Accessories~ .Renegade. The "Telly" Shades - Plain (Silver & Gold Metal) Fi*Friday
Merry Part! Miraje ♥


My oh my! If only I could drive them bikes in SL. I'm such a lousy biker to be honest. But that doesn't mean I don't like to pose at least in front of them if not while riding them. This chopper is a free gift for the Fourth Anniversary of Firestorm and it's looks pretty bad ass. And with my new sexy ensemble I've put together I'ma make my Xscape to the race circuit! Wish me luck!!

~Hair~ .:{Rumina}:. - Alyssa Anniversary Gift  ~Top~&~Bottom~ [I<3F] Canelia - Top  [I<3F] Niamh Leggings ~Shoes~ -FAUN- Platform Play Verse -White- TCF ~Accessories~ Urban Swag CAp - black/white XX Urban Swag Fuck You Sunglasses  Urban Swag bag ~Prop~ 1938 FSER (Firestorm Group Gift)
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

One More Night

Like a river to the sea I will always be with you And if you sail away I will follow you♫♪

~Hair~ .:{Rumina}:. - Alyssa Anniversary Gift ~Top~&~Bottom~ Boudoir - One More Night Group Gift (edited)  :::LP::: HighWaist_Leggings - Black  ~Shoes~ [CA] Asiza Sandals  Candy (Slink High)  ~Accessories~ OtC - Demone Obscure - Assasins Gun Black

Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Like My Name Was Blossom

Just when I thought things couldn't get more exciting, Lynn invited me to join their bloggers group. I really like their clothing and accessories line and I can't wait to compose many sexy, sensual, feminine and intriguing ensembles! Therefore my birdies stay tuned for more to come! 

~Hair~ . Liquence . - F7 in Natural Fades  ~Top~&~Bottom~ [I<3F] Keelin Jumpsuit - Black (Gacha) ULTRA RARE  ~Shoes~ [I<3F] Lierin Heelless - Black ~Accessories~ ::C'est la vie !:: pretty big fedora (black)  (Chemistry) Hair - Tamora - (Rose clip) [Dolly] Ciggy Holder   JOMO Chinese Umbrella 
Merry Part! Miraje ♥

Bones Queen (20 Personal Questions MeMe)

Since I've set my mind for some magazine covers type projects, I've composed this special pictorial accompanied by an interview (in this case a MeMe) including twenty personal questions related to my Second Life. I really like taking things on higher levels when I have time, mood and inspiration for it. Enjoy!
Titzuki Yuitza: aaww you cute! like a swan from that ballet MiRaJe: aha ty MiRaJe: I'm the Bones Queen MiRaJe: 'cause clearly I have many skeletons in my closet Titzuki Yuitza: really? MiRaJe: judging by my SL past.. yeah MiRaJe: I used to 'kill' lots of boyfriends Titzuki Yuitza: ahahaahah so you meant many boners in your closet :D
"We only have two lives to live."
1. When and how did you discover Second Life?  I have discovered Second Life in December 2008. It was my sister’s birthday and I was watching the news and they were presenting this virtual world/game and it intrigued me. 2. Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your firs…


Today I felt like doing something special. For the previous post's photo, I have received a comment on my Flickr from Cortez Brandriss who said: "This is such a great photo. Right out of a fashion magazine <3". Immediately it stroke me that I should try do a picture resembling a fashion magazine cover. I have seen this trend before on various SL blogs, but I don't think I've ever tried to do one. I really like collages and putting images and writings together, it has been a passion of mine ever since I was little kid. I would be chopping off my mom's magazines or fashion catalogs and glue the images of the models on my very own created notebook. I gotta thank Brandriss for giving me such an inspiring idea! Hope you all like it ☺
*P.S. There are lots of magazine covers templates to be found with Google search. I had no idea! You may try for yourself in case you wanna do something fun. 

~Top~&~Bottom~ Tee*fy Lanelle Tube Romper Dress (Low Thickstipe Silve…


You better watch out... for this.

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Store Gift #2 ~Hair~ /Wasabi Pills/ Valerie2 Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack ~Top~&~Bottom~ tulip. Geo Cut Dress - Black ~Shoes~ Bens Boutique - Safari Heels Giraffe  ~Accessories~ [LCKY] Peeks Glasses // Wild JOMO Tibetan jewelry 04A Obscure - Assasins Gun Holster Black JOMO Chinese Umbrellas ALL 7 ~Prop~ JOMO deng long
Merry Part! MiRaJe ♥

Love Runs Out

Hey birdies! Just in case you like this outfit and your name don't start with M, you can consider yourself fortunate to win it fast... If not, you will need to arm yourself with lots and lots of patience! It took almost one hour for me and all the letters in the alphabet (twice or triple) for a lucky M to appear on the board... Good luck!

~Hair~ [^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise hair-Blond set  ~Top~&~Bottom~~Shoes~ Outfit Thaylor #II RD Style  ~Accessories~ *BOOM* Erinyes Wings (Cherubim) (old gift) 

Merry Part! MiRaJe ♥

Keep On Tryin'

I've been drinkin' now just a little too much And I don't know how I can get in touch with you Now there's only one thing for me to do That's to keep on tryin'... to get home to you...♫♪

Merry Meet! MiRaJe ♥

The Horror Movie

HALLOWEEN....You're IN A HORROR MOVIE  (first 10 people to the left on your profile)
1. Decides the creepy house is safe: Rock Nansen 2. Screams like a baby: Cazzy Halasy 3. Scares you as a joke: Laciecamell 4. The first to go missing: Mrs.Francine Charron 5. The first to go insane: Mrs. Jaleighse Alexander 6. Murdered saving you: Selmita Doran 7. Has your back no matter what: Tiffany Hausner 8. Survives by faking dead: Lady Eboni 9. Has a solid survival plan no one listens to: Bif Bilasimo 10.Is really the killer: Autumn Xomotron 

*Suggested by Abel Streeter Crow
*P.S. Sorry guys and gals on my list... it's just an imaginary scenario.
Feel free to create your own list and share the link, so we all enjoy!

Merry Meet! MiRaJe ♥


"You know how you're suppose to be treated,  so nobody will ever take advantage of you again"                                                                                             -D-

~Hair~ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Mango" Blondes ~Top~&~Bottom~ Revanche Needle & Thread Sunstone ~Shoes~ Pure Poison - Diana Boots - Moustard  ~Accessories~ Obscure - Revival Horns Gold Obscure - Assasins Gun Holster Black [whatever] Gasmask 

Merry Part! MiRaJe ♥


Say “I look so good tonight”
God damn, God damn, God damn
I wake up looking this good
And I wouldn't change it if I could

Free, Fancy, Flawless...

~Hair~ *~*Damselfly*~*Antonia Rigged-Mesh Light Blondes Fameshed ~Top~&~Bottom~  .: ryvolter :. Naia Blanket Coat - Camel Check Über ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... I'm Your Only Wish (Dress) ~Shoes~ Bens Boutique - Safari Heels Giraffe The Show Room ~Accessories~ [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Andromeda Venus Set (Crown) 

Merry Part! MiRaJe ♥