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Cheers! (Drink To That)

Tomorrow is the national day of my country and I kinda start to celebrate it by now. It's very exciting each year, it gives you an awesome feeling to participate at the military parade and be all as one. This year is even better as it's on a weekend day and it's gonna be a blast! Stay tuned for my next post on tomorrow, be festive and cheers!!!
P.S. Make abstraction on the girl in the background on the second picture, she just would go away, so I let her be... Feeling good, relaxed down there Kristen Smith? lol

MINA Hair - Carlijn - Light blond @ My Attic - here Mesh Head - Ladies Chistmas Poncho - here Mesh Head - Christmas Micro Mini - here ***AZALEA****Tattoo Bandage on the leg - here *COCO*_GoupGift_FurLegWarmers - here :::LP::: Milan_Heel [Black] @ My Attic - here Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer single - here

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I made this post mostly to show you guys the new group gift from little bones. On my previous article I didn't show the actual hairstyle as it is, so I thought you should have an idea on how it actually looks. Also check out the rare Jungle scarf from *May's Soul*. It was worth to lurk around freaks to actually find it and get it, as it's absolutely fabulous. I don't think there's any SL blogger left to not have featured it by now!

little bones. Dalliance - GIFT - here .Birdy. {MAKEUP} lipstick - Reds - here *May's Soul* jungle scarf black panther rare - here .SJ. 420 _09_ Sweater - here *Note: it is not the sweater in the pictures, because that one wasn't available anymore  Emery - Leather Short Dusk Black - here {Happy Pencil} Suspender tights - here

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The Vampires Huntress

Not sure if I've already gone babbling on how much I love the new Dracula TV-show. Either way, this post is inspired by one of the characters, Lady Jayne Wetherby. She is as described "a fashion-forward character who is instantly attracted to Dracula. She is also a member of the Order of the Dragon, the organisation responsible for killing Dracula's wife and turning him into a vampire centuries ago. Her mission is to track and kill the vampire".  I must say at first I kinda disliked her. But, so far she has proven to be an incredible strong woman, who can also be vulnerable when facing the probability of losing Dracula a.ka. Alexander Grayson. I'm still puzzled on the fact that she kills vampires for such long time and after being so intimate with Grayson, multiple times, she didn't figure out he's the 'father' of them all. Nevertheless, I enjoy her battle scenes and hope she won't get killed soon!
P.S. My version of this vampire huntress i…

Choco Fairy

I love chocolate so much. It's always a great inspiration for me!

*MY UGLYDOROTHY - Special 1L$ Skin5  loveme. sopha * oreo cookie  both - here * Analog Dog freeball - Fablespoon - here LavandaChic*Vintage Poncho*GIFT GROUP*Nov#3 limited time - here *COCO*_Gift_SkinnyJeans - here NS::  kawaii wings sneakers mesh - here !1mm***  Choco Bag Strawberry - here

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Madame Coquette

I went to the 30L$ Gacha Fling Fair event to try get one of the rares Jungle scarfs from *May's Soul*. I was so annoyed by the people lurking around there. Freaking 2004 avatar-look pretending to be masters, kings, slaves, bla bla bullshit. I am not against role-plays and I could care less what people are into, but I can't ignore that I have some sort of adversity when I see people still using like old, old stuff it's been in the early days of SL on their avatars and they have an arrogant attitude. I mean... duhh! Move on you degenerated pricks! Evolve! It's 2013 nearly 2014 in a month! I'm really sorry for my scary 'interlude', I hope you guys don't mind me getting angry. I had to let it out somehow. At least, I was lucky enough to get a rare scarf right on my second try at the gacha machine! Phewwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Analog Dog freeball Ladonna Nutmeg - here Coquet. Last Bloom - November Gift - here *May's Soul* Jungle scarf dark bear @ 30L$ Gacha Fling…

Winter Tan

It's pretty odd to associate tan with snow. The thing is, from what I've heard if you get your skin tanned at the mountains, not only that will have a soft and pleasant look, but also it lasts longer. To be honest, I'm not a fan of tanned skin anymore. In the past I used to be obsessed. Little did I care that sun is harmful to the skin. Now I'm like a vampire hiding from it in RL. Luckily, that's not the case in SL. Because here a tanned skin, if it has the right tone and not looking like a roasted chicken (as one of my friend used to say) it gives a nice contrast with the wintry scenery. 

.Birdy. Ashley Skin  .Birdy. {MAKEUP} lipstick - Reds  Birdy. Slink Applier HUDs - Hands & Feet (All skin tones) here little bones. Dalliance - GIFT  little bones. Elixir - GIFT  here Note* I am wearing both hairstyles (add) LavandaChic*1000 Member Celebration *Sweater - here 2:00 PM. Twist knit leather dress <LUCKY BOARD> Brown - here *COCO*_Gift_FurLegWarmers - here {S} Snake…

Monstrous Delight

I been having this zombie skin from .Birdy. since Halloween. I just didn't get the chance to include it in a post. For those of you who like role-playing or unusual avatar looks, this is just perfect! It's group gift and it has hands&feet appliers, lola tango and phat azz too. Plus, it gives you an unique and dramatic appearance. Can't wait for a proper themed event to wear it more in-world.

.Birdy. Zombie girl ~ Group Gift<3 (L$50 FEE to join) - here Analog Dog Freeball - Fablespoon - here NS::  Black Dress (lolas tango applier and phat azz applier) - here Trident from my sweet friend Violet*who used to be a mermaid once

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Queen Of Hearts

Playing with the queen of hearts, knowing it ain't really smart The joker ain't the only fool who'll do anything for you Laying out another lie, thinking 'bout a life of crime That's what I'll have to do to keep me away from you♫♪

*MY UGLYDOROTHY - Special 1L$ Skin7 - here :*BABY*: Sparkling Lipstick ♥ Almost FREE ♥ Gift - here Analog Dog - Yeah - Black - here loveme. mini dress for you * gift (red) - here TEAMCREAM::. ~ Babe socks - here Retro' - My mini ribbon bag GROUP GIFT - here NS:: Winter Boots HUD (mesh) - here

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I Go Back To Black

I'm so excited when I go wondering around to get the stuff I'm interested in. But, I like it even more when I found others I didn't know about! Such as this little black dress which is offered, as gift, by loveme. It's chic, classic, feminine, but also sassy, fresh, trendy. I've been observing that lately the trends in fashion go to either completely black or very colorful, lots of dynamic patterns, neon colors, in various fabric combines, such as leather, cotton, silk, lace, elastane and so forth. I'm happy I get to be part of this incredible, adventurous, intriguing period of time in fashion. It's festive! It's a blast! It's like we took decades from the 50's to the 90's, throw them in a blender and mix-matching them endlessly.  

Analog Dog freeball - Pop Scotch - splash - here loveme. mini dress for you * gift - here fri. - Amelia.Heels (Charcoal)

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Come Along

I was so wrong And now I really wanna make you come along I just want you to see You're the only one for me♫♪

Exile::Counting Stars Natural Fusion 2 "tSg" Laquer Lips Gift <3 !Soul ~ 2 Mesh Dresses Pink- Green Lime - here [M] Monster Kid Necklace [4] - here ::FLG Nerd Glasses-Red (Part of Young Berry Outfit) - here ::HH:: Hucci Glynco Pumps - Gift

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I Need You More...

The party's just begun I promise this drink is my last one I know I fucked up again 'Cause I lost my only friend God forgive my sins ... Don't leave me, I Oh, I'll hate myself until I die♫♪

Paperbag. Vix Bustier Red & Blue Paperbag. Wideleg Highwaist Painters Denim ~here~

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Young Berry

I was excited to present this new gift from ::FLG. It does look nice in some ways. But, while I was posing for the pictures I've received an abominable massage, from a so called 'nigga', that I can't even reproduce!! I suppose it might be the effect of it. Still, I've decided to go on with the post thinking maybe someone would be interested, especially for those who have Phat Azz, 'cause it has appliers for it. Now, looking again at the pictures, mine and the one they have on Market Place, I realize the socks are nowhere near to what they are in-world. If it's a glitch from my viewer, then I'm sorry, but if those are really like that and not like in the ad, then, it's a shame. 

::FLG Young Berry App Lolas / Phat Azz App:: - here
!!Add Note: Yay!! Looks like they did an update for the sock after all! Here it it: ::FLG Socks Young Berry::
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Do What You Want

I could be the drink in your cup I could be the green in your blunt Your "pusha" man, ya I got what you want You wanna escape all of the crazy shit You're the Marilyn, I'm the president And I'd love to hear you sing, girl Do what I want Do what I want with your body♫♪

Her: Exile::Counting Stars Natural Fusion 2 - here ---->Nerdgasm {Black} Glasses - here * .S&C. Batwing Top - Geek  - Quintessencia - Milena Leopard Print 02 Pants Mesh  - at SIS - here * LavandaChic*Sweet Escape Recorder *Esclusive SIF- - here
Him: SOVI3T * Nerd Glasses Classics - here Legal Insanity - Tshirt dope - here Apple May Designs - Low Rise Emo Pants - Black - here BMC SNEAX ONE BLACK PACK SLX - here

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Snowflake Melting

The Sugar Garden has a new group gift in store for V.I.P members: Snowflake Skin. It is very suitable for this time of year, very light tone, a little redness on the nose, really adorable! It also has various options like with or without: cleavage, teeth, soft or toned body. If you are already a member hurry and grab it. However, if you're not, for joining the group you have to pay a fee, but it's worth considering how many gifts you get! 

Her .tsg. Snowflake - V.I.P Skin Gift November 2013 - here T.D.P.H.2 -#25- *Epic* Bombastic Sleepy Neko Set - here .tsg. Princess Socks - Sheer White @Kustom 9 - here .:MC:. Ankle Boots - here
Him Eros Mesh Avatar Special Version TDRF - here Mesh Men Skinny Jeans - here

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I Will Hunt You Down

I was really curious about this Wind Runner Avatar that Character Factory is offering for L$10, on Market Place (I was lucky to catch it for free). It's interesting how many details you can get from a totally mesh avi. I think those who like role playing should be happy some creators still offer this kind of stuff for so very low price. Heck! You don't wanna miss this. I plan while wearing this, grab me some arrows and go hunt my ex-boyfriend's ass. Oh boy! You'll be all over the place when I'm done with you, asshole!!! (Joking folks, joking). Although he always used to tell me I scary him. Bitch, you should be scared! :)))))))

Wind Runner Avatar Version 1 - here

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Snow Cutie

Even if I said I will have a tranquil, lazy Sunday, well that never happened! I couldn't stay away from working some more. Besides posing for new outfits, having a total hot make-out session with my sl lover, cooking in real life, editing wedding pictures, I wrote a really special article that I will publish right before the 5th of December when I will celebrate my Rez-day! So, stay tuned for that one you're gonna like it. Not to mention I almost burned my kitchen because of it! Hehehehe... Anyways, jokes aside, I was super excited when Pure Poison released the new snowcutie handbag. So far, I had no idea where to include it in my ensembles, but, I took the chance and wore it today, with my very new and totally cool items from Illmatic. Well, here they are! Enjoy! 

Exile::Far Behind - Platinum - here * ILLMATIC :: CUNT Leather Snapback - Noir ILLMATIC LUXE :: Rhi Leather Motorcycle Sweater [Blood] @Kustom 9 - here * Pure Poison - Tisuki Necklace PP- Danielle Bracelets - Group Gift  P…

Lazy Sunday

Finally this week is over! It's been exhausting, had so many things to do, but it's all good 'cause now it's time for relaxation. I'm really tired and ready to go to bed (to actually sleep!). But, not before wishing you all birdies out there a nice, cozy and lazy Sunday. Take your mind off of everything it's bothering you, have some hot chocolate and forget 'bout problems. We have a Full Moon ready to sparkle on this 17th! (So my favorite number!) Many kisses my sweets! ♥ Good night or good day, wherever you are...

*Dura-Girl*35 - here 036 DLS4 LOoLOo's Costumes - LOoLOo Lazy Day Robe - here

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Who is it?

And it doesn't seem to matter And it doesn't seem right 'Cause the will has brought no fortune Still I cry alone at night Don't you judge of my composure 'Cause I'm lying to myself And the reason why he left me Did he find someone else?♫♪

*COCO*_FurTippet&Pearls - here * 1 Hundred. Envy Bodysuit. White SINGER ICON FAIR - GIFT BOX Tentacio - Cassette Purse here * :::LP::: Bullet_Hoop Earrings - Gold [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Amy Necklace Gold .tsg. Princess Socks - Sheer White *CASHMERE*Stamped Pointed Platforms(nude) here

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Around The World

Take me home Where my soul belongs

"LoQ Hair" Barbera For TDRF - here * {ABC} SINGER ICON FAIR - GIFT BOX - Selena Planet Hollywood Sweater SINGER ICON FAIR - GIFT BOX ::Una:: - Travel Bag ILLMATIC :: Kala Print Leggings - Gold all here @Singer Icon Fair 2 * JPB BANDIT unisex bandit ring Platinum-gold v.1.0 - here

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♠Queen Of Spades♠

It's time to place your bets in life, I've played the loser's game of life...

little bones. Elixir - Group Gift - here *R+a* Cross Necklace (pearl) - here Karolinque [THD] Basic White Top - here 8+ // Ruffled White Tutu - here .:MC:. Knee High Boots WHITE - here

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:F: Lola

I don't normally present skins sets on the blog. But, my friend Diana was very kind and gave me some of the :Filthy: skin tones she got by playing the gacha machine. They are very soft, beautiful and they come in multiple tones to choose from. I thought I'd share this for those of you interested. From what she told me, it's L$75 per play, so, it does sound like a great deal. Thanks again Di! <3<3<3

 :F: GACHA Lola03 ->*Tone (Beach)  :F: GACHA Lola04 ->*Tone(Sunkissed)

:F: GACHA Lola05->*Tone(Ivory)RARE :F: GACHA Lola08->*Tone(Beach)RARE

:F: GACHA Lola10 -> *Tone(Ivory) :F: GACHA Lola11 -> *Tone(Ivory)

:F: GACHA Lola12 -> *Tone (Snow)
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The Wicked Messenger

I don't even know how to start this post. Lately, I'm badly lacking inspiration and nothing I see I like, nor want. People are tripping over each other to get at the Collabor 88 event. I was there and managed to get some demo's and the Amelia Heels by fri.I must say are really slick and feminine, truly elegant for any formal attire you may wanna go for. But, the rest.. well maybe it's not what I was aiming for. I do like the trends a lot and most of the time I try to follow them. Not this time though. I went completely at 180 degrees and composed an ensemble which have nothing to do with new, autumn/winter nor other stuff trending now. I try as much possible to stay original. I just hope I can manage that. So, this is the result of browsing through items up in the attic at (Milk Motion) Outlet and at R.icielli discount room. (Not sure that was that, but I think so, lol).

(Chemistry) Hair - Harlie - HUD.1 - here R.icielli - IRIS SKULL HEADPIECE /GOLD goldgems Cazimi: Innar…

'Harley' The Dress

I may not have trashed the dress, but I most certainly 'Harley'ed it. Thing is, I didn't wanna go all girly girl in-world today. So, I went.. rock! It was a festive time spent, I really felt relaxed and was able to take my mind off ...stuff. Even took the dare and trashed some old photos that was rotting in my inventory. Phew.... Old memories! Buhh bye!!! Wish I had some scissors though.

(Chemistry) Hair - Harlie - HUD.1 - here .:Glamorize:. Rival Black Combo Makeup - here Cute Poison - Multi-Cross Necklace (Basics) - here Free November Gift! Leather Biker Jacket with Studs - here ~*~Shar's Gowns~*~Dreams - here

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