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Ghosts, Weed and Gangnam Style

Just wanted to share a few funny moments from an awkward night for starters, although the others insisted was nothing awkward at all, just me, 'cause I'm crazy, surely. LOL. So, was basically a chat between old friends, ex-lovers and what not. We ended up on subjects like ghosts, college exams and weed, though I was the only one smoking it (in SL, of course). Probably the talking about ghosts inspired Autumn as later on she took me and Peilten to the Haunted House, which is pretty cool by the way. And like we didn't make a total fool of ourselves enough, at the end we danced, of course, Gangnam Style. Op, op, op!
Early that night!
Later same night!

Merry Meet!

3x Mr.Poet

I've decided to compose three outfits gravitating around one piece of clothing. Wasn't an easy task to put it all together and be kinda different in a way. I've titled each one of them so it describes better the ensemble. Most of the stuff is free and is those that I will link them to you. For any other information don't hesitate to contact me.
#1 Peace Chick

A&A Cassiopeia Hair Blackberry - here ::Mr.Poet:: Bat sleeve knit coat_Black [mesh] - here Outfit - PARADISIS Freebie Gift: Caprice - here Shoes - LooP *stumpie / pink GG - here ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. Feathers Necklace - Exclusive Gift - here
#2 Kitty Girl

::Mr.Poet:: Bat sleeve knit coat_Blue[mesh] - here PARADISIS Freebie Gift: Girls - here **NOYA** VIP-GIFT = ECLAT - MESH - Blue Leather Knee Boots *note! to get them boots you have to be Noya's client on MP (or so I think, lol) Cuffs - : Amorous : You - here AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - Group Gift - here
# 3 Girlie's Love Poet

::Mr.Poet:: Bat sleeve kn…

Privy Girl (Episode 5)

The best way to spot great looking avatars in world is while shopping (in my case waiting for a damn M to show up on a lucky board!). Anyway, so, I really liked the style of my next character in this new episode of Privy Girl. Pretty much a combine of rock and punk, but still very feminine in a sweet way, a nice touch given by the bohemian painted open shirt. Not sure if the little girl in the background was hers, but was a total cutie ☺.

Spotted: Certain Miss F. >> Location .::Mother Goose's::.
Identified Items:
♣Hair♣ Lamb. Ruby (Mesh) - Grayscale - here ♣Outfit♣  Kauna - Open Shirt Female: Painty - here Maitreya Mesh Leather Legging * Black - here ♣Accessory♣ [MANDALA] SINRA 2 NAILSand RINGs set/SAMURAI BLACK - here
Recommended Items:
♣Shoes♣ *MonCheri* Mesh Peep Toe Pumps -Black Collection - here

Merry Part! Miraje♣

Going Clubbing

Been hunting the shops for free gifts most of the day and although feeling exhausted, it's so tempting the idea of going some clubbing. Maybe is what I had, subliminally in my mind, because the two outfits I've composed are surely suitable for a night out. The first one will do perfect on the dance floor if you wanna kick great moves and the other probably perfect for sliding up and down the dance pole.. mmm hot right? Most of the stuff is free, so if you like to get if just follow the links. Kiss♥Kiss

♣Hair♣  Magika [03] Today - here ♣Outfit♣  PARADISIS Freebie gift : Angelick - here ♣Shoes♣ Vintage_BLACK GG [BLK2.0] - here ♣Accessory♣ TBCF- Gifts- {*I <3FashiOn*} - here *Shades are also GG from BLK2.0

♣Hair♣  =DeLa*= "Naomi" Dipped Party Colors - here ♣Lingerie♣  PARADISIS Freebie Gift: Around Nana - here ♣Shoes♣ Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Pink Panther - here ♣Accessories♣ mmm-HH2012_:::DR::: Halloween Cat Set (Black) 2/2 - here OMG Chain & Earrings White  OMG Condom Pin…

Rain Down On Me

♪All this time I stayed out of sight I started wondering why... Now I, I wish it would rain down, down on me...♪
>>>watch here
Guess Gogo convinced me to visit the Cica sim after all. I must admit, I've never seen something like this before in SL. Must have took a hell out of work to do the arrangements and the settings because to me it looks really complicated. In a virtual replica of the real world to make it black and white in a cartoon manner, well, that's the reason it's called a work of art. If you are interested to see something like really original, take a visit there and, it might actually rain down on you...

♣Skirt♣  =blu= Zipper Mini Black *mesh - here ♣Shoes♣ JusTice Sneakers_BLACK by BLK2.0 - here /Thanks Mevikoo {MSM}:* ♣Cigar♣ .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette - here /Thanks Mevikoo

Merry Part! Miraje

Paris, Chains and Jeans

I've been tossing and turning for some days now to find me a proper kind of skinny jeans. At first, I thought it would be easy considering the large offer that is on market. But, some where too high at the waist or some too low.. some has like cute butt shape but were like tubes down the legs..urghhh! Then it hit me! Sure, TokiD was the solution. These jeans are perfect considering the price and quality, perfect height and length, great crafted cone shape down the leg, not to mention the realistic textures. I've opted for the dark blue tone as I think it highlights better the details on the texture. I'll link you the demo so you can try them first before decide if to buy or not. 

(TokiD) solo jeans (demo) - here *Crazy* Tulle Lingerie - here =blu= Knuckles Necklace and Engagement Ring (gold) - here

Merry Part!

Smoking Great!

Gifts alert! ::Exile:: is offering three types of hairstyle as subscribing gift. All you need to do is take the taxi to there and click on the subscribe group ad, then click again. A menu will pop-up and then choose History. For now this amazing offer can be find at number 1. So, don't wait much longer. Oh and, the hairs come in all colors packs! It have lots of great tones to choose from.
Teleport to store >>> here

Thanks Naughty!!
Merry Part!

In Search For Hell

♪You get high, fuck a bunch of girls And then cry on top of the world I hope you, have the time of your life I hope I, don't lose it tonight...♪
>>> watch here

Is that your girlfriend's bed?! Hahaha...  Okay, okay, just joking. I really got inspired by Nicki Minaj's new video with all those unlikely matching colors and what not. In fashion it seems to be the way we're heading nowadays and I don't wanna make an exception. I wanted a very sexy little dress and with a search on Market Place I ran into this Baby Doll cutie mini dress from KIM. I mean, it's the second baby doll dress I have got this week.. just when I've changed my display name... what a shame!  I got one of the new hairs from Magika, Today, and the pack with multicolored tones it's amazing. Lots and lots of choices to be made...  Now the question remains: The boys always spending money on love?

Magika [03] Today - here KIM- BabyDoll Champagne - here
*Them shoes are from ::HH:: Hucci and were …


It's amazing how a vestimentary item can get so popular over night. It's the case of the new dress from The Secret Store. With an attractive title: Fall Baby Doll, I'm nearly sure that more than 50% of bloggers have posted already, sure in various ways as it comes in a good number of colors. What I like most about this dress apart from it's romantic/bohemian allure, textures and perfectly length, is the fact that I could fit my avatar shape in size XS.. works even with XXS. It must be the alpha layer that it's very good done, but I am really impressed. Sure, I always encourage people to try the demo first, no matter what good reviews they may read about it.

.::Mother Goose's::. Sasha II (Skin) - L$1 - here The Secret Store and Nyu - Fall Babydoll Dress - Charcoal - here

Merry Part! Miraje

Going Dolo

Another quick post to present you this awesome hairstyle I've got from .:{Rumina}:.. I'm not sure for how long is it gonna be sold as a dollarbie, so if you like it go ahead and buy it. It is mesh with partially flexible ads which I personally prefer, even though not all creators have that. It does require to wear the hair base, but some bad ass hair like this was just what I needed. 

.:{Rumina}:. - Dolo Hair Mesh French Coffee - here L$1 

Merry Part! Miraje

Wha†ever Sexy

Simple quick post to present this beautiful sexy lingerie from Wha†ever @The Dressing Room Blue. The corset comes with the necklace and the thong is pretty easy to fit as it's copy/modify. This new round has some nice pieces worth the while to check out. I'm hoping I'll have more time to get others too.  TDR >>>

Merry Part!

Just Getting By?

♪Ever wonder about what he's doing How it all turned to lies Sometimes I think that it's better  To never ask why♪
>>>watch here

When it hits you.. it hits you! There's no turning back. So happened with me and this new Cardigan from Redgrave. I saw it, had to buy it, had to share it. Sure enough is Halloween themed and it's mesh and it has such great texture and did I mention is like 25L$? Oh yeah! Gotta get this to embrace you during the chill days waiting on the porch for your lover to come. Or in some cases watching him leave...  Regardless, you'd think I'm crazy, but I've combined two hairstyles from ^;^CaTwA^;^ to obtain this Boho look. Turned out pretty nice, ain't it?

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Jessica HairStyle/Black-White - hereNEW+PROMO ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Katniss HairStyle/Black-White - here
!MESH - Open-Cardigan - Pumpkin - REDGRAVE - hereNEW { I.F. } Loose panty ~ white dots on red - here

Merry Part! Miraje

Beware Of The Monster

As promised, I'm returning to post another ensemble dedicated to Halloween. This one is a little less glamour, but more on the comfy-casual register. It might make a perfect wear if you're planning on going "trick or treat" from door to door. The piece that I find the most intriguing is the devil's hair which I think is very appropriate for the occasion and it's also a dollarbie!

The Ensemble:
[mp] Devil Hair - here Corvus: "The World Owes You Nothing" Tattoo - here Corvus: Skull Face Tattoo - here NS:: Pumpkin Outfit (October Gift) - here
Merry Part!

Friday Treats

Less than three weeks until Halloween, but the frenzy of shopping for the occasion has started. This week at fi*Friday is dedicated to this holiday, but until now I only got two items from there, because I landed too early and not everything was exposed. So, might go again and check what other goodies are in store.  I think I've made an obsession with them Cocktail Dresses from :.{LOLIGANG}.: I couldn't help but buy another one. I like the fact that even if it's a mesh dress the lower part gives the impression of being flowing around the body almost as if it was flexible.  I'm wearing the Zombie Girl shape from .::Contour::. which you can acquire for free and it also comes with a style card. Stay tuned for more posts related to Halloween. 

The Ensemble:
.::Contour::. Zombie Girl Shape 'Gift' with Style Card - hereFREE :.{LOLIGANG}.:Cherish cocktail dress - here Halloween Necklace - Pumpkin Necklace - hereFREE :::[KBF] =Vengeance=Orange Clutch (fi*Friday) :::: - here ::…

Retro, Ribbons and Flamingos

Phew! So glad I didn't missed this month at Collabor88. I know it's still early and you have plenty of time to visit, but I think there is a little something for everyone to buy or enjoy this time. Surprisingly, I've always liked those kitsch plastic flamingos that were used to decorate gardens in America. Nothing much to do with the actual beautiful, slim and gentle pink bird, but they are a nice retro touch. My thoughts for location went straight to Artilleri as it's probably the most fitting area for such theme, at least for the first pictures. The ones that follow are inside the studio for which I've put together a mild combine of creamy brownie colors to match the new Bold hair from Clawtooth. 

@Collabor88: ::{u.f.o}::Flamingos Day Grandma Cardigan - pink ::{u.f.o}:: Flamingos Pan Skirts - black

@Collabor88: Clawtooth: Bold/Rigged Mesh (Captivating Brunettes Pack)
:.{LOLIGANG}.:Ribbon Cocktail Dress - here %.:EC:. Box Ysaline Heels - here

Merry Part!

Favorite Things

I used to like so much the idea of a complete outfit. And I have to say I was missing buying those nowadays, which is clearly better than chasing pieces of clothes to put together. If a creator has a great idea of an ensemble I will be more than happy to wear it. The new Nana Outfit from *{Severed Garden}* left me pretty much without words in terms of quality and the level of details. Not to mention the combines you can make and the multiple accessories. I will rate this five stars and deeply recommend it as perfect wear for this Autumn. It also comes in other different shades. I've chosen the Vibrant style as it matches with my skin, make-up and hair. But be free to make your own choice!

*{ SeVered GarDeN }* Nana Vibrant - here
More details @

Merry Part!

Something Cute

Since I'm planning on not leaving the house this week-end, staying most likely in bed making love, I figured something cute will be nice to wear. So, I got me some simple white t-shirts and colorful little panties to get a comfy and kinda sexy look. They are each dollaries and you can make your own combines. Also it's great that the t-shirts are modify so you can adjust the length however you like it. 

.+* Grrl *+. "Love Is A Drug" T-Shirts - Blue - here .+* Grrl *+. Blue Panties - here

.+* Grrl *+. "Love Is A Drug" T-Shirts - Black  - here .+* Grrl *+. Pink Panties - here

.+* Grrl *+. "Love Is A Drug" T-Shirts - Green - here .+* Grrl *+. Green Panties - here

Merry Part! Miraje