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I didn't know about the Great Pyramid hunt, but thanks to lucretiadiesel I got in time at DruWear to take this beautiful Nile dress. The prize is still there, so if you hurry a bit you might still find it as it said on Lucretia's blog that it's the last day. I must add that I have used the +Spellbound+ book for the pictures. It's technically the box that sends you the hair, but it looks so cool, I had to include it in one of my posts. 

~Hair~ =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Cerise" Blacks and White ~Top~&~Bottom~ DruWear - The Great Pyramid Hunt - Nile Dress + ring, cuffs ~Shoes~ REIGN.- GROUPIE WEDGES- FAT PACK

Merry Part!
MiRaGe ♥

Rina The Dark Faun

Believe it or not, I have made these pictures without knowing today it's exactly two years since my post presenting the evil-dark side of my SL by impersonating a faun. Back then, I was going through some rough times, but I remember having a handful of friends by my side, supporting me. Last night I was feeling sad and lonely, hence the emotional appearance for this post. I think I might be Severely Damaged still. But, trying everyday to repair another piece of my soul.

~Horns~ *{ SeVered GarDeN }* Rina (Demon Horns) ~Hair~ +Spellbound+ Snowberry // Blondes  ~Top~ Polomesh by titzuki (preview) - coming soon (hopefully)  ~Bottom~ {Social Vintage} Lace Layered Shorts (Group Gift)  ~Shoes~ REIGN.- GROUPIE WEDGES- FAT PACK (SLINK HIGH AND MID) ~Accessories~ :sey LongNecklace "R"[Girls] FREE :sey snake Leather belt&W,bag-black FREE  ~Nails&Toes~ ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers - Fashionable Black

Merry Part!
MiRaGe ♥

Coffee Break

I'm so excited this week I have lots of new items to show you and many are group gifts, free items or promotion ones. I know not many people like blogs that present such stuff thinking we're cheap or whatever. Truth is, I prefer it this way, because many people join SL everyday and they need inspiration and help without investing a fortune from the beginning. I always try to make the ensembles affordable and good quality. I won't be hypocrite saying I don't like to buy expensive clothes. But, during my experience in-world, many times I bought valuable items that are now stuck forever in my inventory, never to see the light again. Therefore, my advice is to trust your instinct for achieving the products that you think you will wear more than once and that won't end-up tossed in recycle bin, eventually.  

~Make-up~  {c.C.M.} Black Cat Eyeliners (Double) ~Hair~ little bones. Eden - Roots  ~Top~&~Bottom~ Ri.cielli - KIA Mesh Spiked Dress ~Shoes~ Eudora 3D Weston Pumps …

2 Become 1

Are you as good as I remember baby?  Get it on, Get it on  'cause tonight, is the night, When 2 become 1♪♫

~Hat~ XODOHTRONU Lion Head Snapback Cocaine Gold Lion Fi*Friday ~Hair~ Vanity Hair: TRPH5 #24 (Hint: on your way up) ~Top~&~Bottom~ Corvus : Lady Jasmine Dress Fi*Friday ~Shoes~ Eudora 3D Inmortal Hi-Tops 10L$ Group Item Flickr ~Accessories~ TRUTH HAIR Video Games - Roses (worn as necklace) {Old gacha item} :::LP::: Fruit_FrenzyBag - Blood Orange

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Liru Goes Fashionista?!?

I was bored, like really bored. So, I have decided to play a little dress-up with my favorite anime character: Liru. Yeah she's a werewolf, she like to play in mud and chase after rabbits,  but I had a vision of her wearing something other than that kinky ring top and them teal shorty shorts. I've put some swag, some elegance, some warrior/cartoon-ish pieces and a very nice romantic braided curly hair. By the looks of it she was not so thrilled, but I think she's really cute. Made me smile after a long stressful day.

~Hair~ AD - mono - light blondes  ~Top~ American Beauty-Black Oversized shirt Fi*Friday ~Bottom~ WWI Army Girl Garters v2 Darks Boxed ~Shoes~ [LW] Crushers<3  Platform Boots (Mesh)  ~Accessories~ ~coepio~ Gloves GroupGift  ♥ <Tonic Takeover> - Liru Avatar

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When your saddest fear comes creeping in That you never loved me, or her or anyone or anything...

~Hair~ little bones. Trouble - Group Gift  ~Top~&~Bottom~ *COCO*_Overall&Sweater - Group Gift ~Shoes~ N00053 - Shoes ~Accessories~ (Yummy) Quinn Frames - Black  Shady Cap

Merry Part!
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Lion Head

I'm kinda late with this post, but still giving you a little time to head to Fi*Friday before new stuff pops-up. The Nip Slip Cami from Illmatic:: is really sexeh. I've opted for a long hairstyle to cover my bits, but you can add a nice bra under for an alluring effect if you don't want to be so exposed. Thanks again to my friend Autumn for pointing out these lovely high heel sandals (Pssst! Subscriber gift btw). 

~Hat~ XODOHTRONU Lion Head Snapback  Cocaine Gold Lion Fi*Friday ~Top~ ILLMATIC :: Nip Slip Cami - Cream Fi*Friday ~Shoes~ ieQED rose.sandal.copper (Subscriber Gift)

Merry Part! MiRaGe ♥

Best Moments


The last day of celebrating Easter and what better way to do it than indulging myself with some sweet, tasty cake. I love to be all by myself sometimes :D

~Props~ {what next} Easter Cake Gift (chocolate frosting) (Group Gift) {what next} Easter Chocolate Cake & Fork Props

Merry Meet! MiRaGe ♥

The Comic Fashion


Thanks to my sweet friend Autumn, that pointed out this event going on (The Comic Fashion Fair) I got some new and cute gifts. And that is just for spending 10 minutes there. So, I have to go back for more and I suggest you do so too, if you like stuff related to comic books, but not only. There's plenty of shops with items for various tastes. 

~Hair~ .:cheveux:.Hair F048 (Blondes) ~Top~ AOHARU_DungareeLongShirt_Red (Old Item) ~Pants~ Ripe Berry Shorts white ~Shoes~ TCF- Essenz - Gift (Seatle Cream)  ~Accessories~ TCF- Unrepentant Free Gift  - Unisex (Bang Knuckle Duster) {U.R.} Simply Me Fashion Bag - White (Edited design)

Merry Part!
MiRaGe ♥

Easter Time

Wishing everyone a very nice, relaxing and happy time for this Easter. May the light be with you and never forget that  gratitude is the most precious gift of all!

I am grateful for everything I have in my life: My family, my friends (RL+SL), my dog, my (blog) birdies  The nature that surrounds us  and the rest that makes our lives beautiful! ♥

Merry Meet!
MiRaGe ♥

Hunny Bunny

This is definitely my favorite time of the year, after Christmas, in Second Life. I love spring, pastel colors and Easter time. Because in my country we don't really celebrate it as a festive day, when the bunny comes with gifts (some people do, but pretty isolated and mostly for the kids) I'm glad I can do this in-world. I went to the Egg Hunt and got a few pretty gifts that I'm really excited about. And just in case you are wondering why I'm walking bare feet, it's 'cause I like to take walks like that and 'feel' the smoothness of the fresh green grass. 


Egg Hunt
1. PARADISIS - Easter Doll: Dress, Daisy chocker, Basket green, Bunny Egg. * [keke] - Glass jar with flowers - Glass jar with magnolias
2. ay - Geek camisole (easter pink) - Geek Panties (easter blue) - Geek Handwarmers - Geek Legwarmers
At Paradisis

Merry Part!
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Daffy (*500 Special)

I've finally made it to the awesome number of five hundred articles on this blog. When I started this, I had no clue it will take me so so far away in time. I don't know about all other bloggers out there, but for me it's a real achievement. I am very happy to share this with you all my birdies out there; the ones that stood beside me for years and the new ones who have yet to come. Festive event calls for a festive ensemble and one of my favorite artistically, incredibly talented creator, Precious Restless, has a new amazing group gift, just perfect for the occasion. Merry Meet!!!

~Hair~ little bones. Take Everything - Blondes TCF ~Costume~ Vita's Boudoir - Daffodil Bunny (Group Gift)  ~Shoes~ :::LP::: Pigalle High Pumps - Black ~Accessories~ Vita's Boudoir - Gangsta Dancing Chicken 
Merry Part!
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Certified Swag

Getting closer to my number 500 post/article. Very exiting thinking it's been such a long ride on this blog. And.. with a little luck I may be able to keep on going further more with my cheeky, fun, chic, bad ass, lovey dovey, glamour, funky, casual or crazy ensembles along the way. Que sera... sera! You my birdies stay tuned! Mwahhh!! <3

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss V3 - Metallic Pink ~Hair~ +Spellbound+ Nahara // Brunettes  ~Top~ !(HR 3.0)! Rainbow Swag Crop ~Pants~ !(HR 3.0)! Faux Folded Shorts (Black) ~Shoes~ !(HR 3.0)! Certified Translucent Pump (Rainbow) ~Accessories~ [7891.] Paid Watch Set - Gold :::LP::: Group Gift - December! <3
Lipstick, Top, Shorts, Shoes - all at Fi*Friday Fashion House

Merry Part!
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Urban Pirate

Here's the April free gift from Meli Imako: the High Seas Pirate Corset Dress. I really like this frilly dress for its classy design and even if it's so feminine, I couldn't help to vamp it my way and give it a more urban/nowadays infusion. I just love to rock my bad ass girl look. 

~Hair~ Clawtooth: Starlight (Silent Movie Star Pack) ~Dress~ MI960053 High Seas Pirate Corset ~Shoes~ N00065 - Shoes ~Accessories~ -RC- Baseball Bat

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Vintage Shot

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Here's a little outfit you can grab for free from the Market Place. I really loved its colors, the African fabric and pattern. It is a great match for my Vintage Camera from -Pixicat-. 

~Outfit~ =Solylence Creations= Bogolan Outfit (Gift) ~Shoes~ :::LP::: Pigalle High Pumps - Creme ~Accessories~ -Pixicat- Vintage Camera (Aztec)
Merry Part!
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Cat's Away

Lately I haven't had much inspiration nor much desire to compose ensembles. I always feel bad when that happens because I like to keep the blog going even with such little resources as mine is. I have thought of the idea after hitting 500 posts to put it to rest. I don't know.. This site has been for the past years a very important part of my life/second life. So, I'm not yet sure if I'm ready to give it up. I will have to think more and I'll sure let you know soon what I have decided.. my cute birdies :)

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Lip Essentials Lipstick (gift) ~Hair~ *booN KCP393 hair (brown) ~Tops~ Emery - Top Le Tigre Navy - XS (old gacha item) *COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist_CheckMultiColor(TC4) ~Pants~ Ricielli TDR - Highwaisted Jeans /Jeans  ~Shoes~ DAISY MESH Ankle Boots /w texture change (Dark Colors) ~Accessories~ DERP. Box - Cat Hat - Freebie *  S O R G O - WERS Shades / Bitum (SG)  {M*G*S} Eco Bag C 

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I did a little mess-up yesterday with the previous post by misplacing the names of the skirts. Good thing I did notice today, so all is in its right place now. I gotta say I love shopping from the Fi*Firday Fashion House event. The place is bigger than in the past, with far more creators selling their product at the awesome price of L$55/item. I really hope they keep it going like this and don't go crazy on the prices like it happened to Kustom 9 where at the beginning the prices were nice and affordable and now it's same price you can buy from the store or Market Place. But, I guess as soon as an event gets more popular the creators get more greedy (sure not all, but most of them). Sad.. really sad..

~Hair~ +Spellbound+ Nahara // Brunettes 
~Top~ -FAUN- Holographic Halter -White- ~Skirt~ !(:::HR 3.0:::)! LoLo Skirt ~Shoes~ 1992 // Leighton Pumps (Monochrome)
Top, Skirt, Shoes at Fi*Friday Fashion House

Merry Part!
MiRaGe ♥



Here's a cute and funny ensemble I've done pictures for a while back, but was too lazy to post it sooner. Sorry :D

~Hair~ [taketomi]_Quele_Womens Group Gift  ~Top~ [AdN] PROVOC (Appliers Included)  ~Skirt~ "R"fashion Micromini_skirt 1L$gift 03  ~Accessories~ *Strawberry Cream* Suzy hair band  {M*G*S} Ippon manzoku set {M*G*S} Free Gift Snoopy *Head*  {M*G*S} Beach Ball All- here

Merry Part!
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All Work And No Play?!

Hey my sweet birdies! I have been away for a while, having some quality time with my RL family. Now, I am back with new forces and ready to rock.. Sort of... I gotta say something about the new hairstyle from  +Spellbound+. It's a new brand and as far as I could see they have some great products. As many of you I'm sure, I really love buying hairs and shoes. Sadly, the prices are often pretty high and you end-up mostly using one tone of a color, although the pack contains five or six or whatever. I wish it was possible to purchase a pack of one maybe two. But, that would probably be a pain in the ass for creators to expose so many options, even if, I'm sure like this they would sell much more items. Anyways, there's nothing I can do about this, so, like you all, I will have to buy the packs as they are, especially when it's something so nice, cute and beautiful done as this 'Nahara' hairstyle.

~Hair~ +Spellbound+ Nahara // Brunettes ~Clothes~ Mikunch - Over…

You Win!! Really??

Can anyone tell me why playing a gacha machine can get so addictive? I mean, I went nuts playing it to get the bag with the doggy! (Eye roll) Well, at least was not an expensive per/play and only one item repeated. I swear I won't ever touch those machines again.. like ever! 

~Top~ [Cynful] Curvy Cardigan - Lace ~ Black  -tb- Tied Up Tank - White ~Pants~ [M*G*S] Short Overall *Denim Light*  ~Socks~ :SMC: High Block Heel Sandals (Frilly Ankle Socks)  ~Shoes~ Pure Poison - Alexandra Heels - Black  ~Accessories~ loveme. sopha * oreo cookie (hat) [M*G*S] Fur Tippet Light blue {M*G*S} Eco Bag J... You Win!!! 

Merry Part!
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