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Same Old Fall...

When Fall comes, I think most of us get a sort of nostalgia along with some mixed-up feelings, wishes fulfilled or unfulfilled before the year ends, the promise of never to return to old habits, afraid of what's waiting for us in the future, how cold the winter will turn.. pages and pages of despair. Now, I'm mostly sad. Sad because I know around this time of year I have had the most awesome moments of my life. No matter how odd might that sound, there's moments.. lurking there, stubborn to surface. All I can recall is.. I was happy. Genuinely happy. If some moments in life are there to be lived only once or twice if you're lucky, then I guess I've had my share. Would a time machine help? No.. because going back after all I've lived it would just be more sad trying to fix something that was never meant to last in the first place... Nonetheless, it was worth living while it lasted.

Time frame: Friday, October 07, 2011
Song: ~Lay it down~

Merry Meet!
Miri ♦

No Love

Eaters Coma - HAIR 24 / NOIR VENDETTA - Burton Sunglasses (Black) ! Lyla ! Pointy sculpted nails with nail texture changer - here {Tilly} - Multi-Colored Lipstick Basics - here Mesh Hoodie (Red) - here Frankie. Polkadot Shorts Light *Edelweiss* School-Line Socks - here * (Kunglers) TDRF #022 - Ankle boots - black [ glow ] studio Your Tablet Bag (no love) TDRF here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


[LeLutka]-ALVINA hair Dark Blonde - here .Birdy. Freckles (Tintable) .Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Natural @ The Chapter Four - here .tsg. Dolly Lips - Bitten T2 V.I.P Group Gift August 2013 .tsg. Neko Luvers Eyes Jade NEW Group Gift NEO** Knee tattoo - Nabi - red - here PURE - LoveHunt #6 - {Mesh} Susan Mini Dress -  White Polka - here SHOES art *tchuca design - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Browsing through blogs, I have found an interesting store where like others such as Collabor88 or The Dressing Room, at The Chapter Four are gathered some of the famous creators selling items at reduced prices. I was so excited about the Ingrid skin from .Birdy. because it's so nicely done and comes with multiple eyebrows options. I have to find a way to present it in lesser clothes, so you can see what an instant sexy body you get with the skins from them. The skirt and boots I won at gatcha machine, but I need to mention that the frills come from old socks I have. Sure, you can add some leg warmers or other socks you want because the boots do not have a re-size script and might look a bit odd. Last but not least the blouse from *ionic* it's absolutely gorgeous, great texture and a style I like to wear especially in combine with a high-waist piece.

*booN YNO421 hair gold/blonde/sandy (marketplace) *booN gathered raised hairbase all colors pack (marketplace) * .Birdy. Ingrid Skin …

Chic Banana

Faenzo - UFFIE // DABL Light Blond PP - The 1000 Jewelry Set  Bowtique - Sylvie Dress (Yellow) - here NS::  *Q* Bag  HUD - here N-core ULTRAPLATFORM "Noir Intense" 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Angelic Pink

-Glam Affair - Angelica skin - Group Gift - here Faenzo - UFFIE // LIBL Soft Blond - here E'ire - Poncho Dress - Brown - here *CentoPallini* CAMEO CHOKER [BACCHUS] ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail 3color Ricielli Mesh TDR - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag / olive - here The Sea Hole - WeedTastic Freebie (old gift) .:Midi:Nette:. KyaryPonPon socks - SweetPink - here N-core COQUETTE Platform "Cream" 

Merry Part! Miri ♦


Hey birdies! I was just thinking of introducing you to my SL 'boyfriend'. Everybody, meet Bones! He is just as bleak and transparent as all my hypothetical relationship I might get in-world with an actual man. Getting serious now, being involved in a romance in second life, as much as in real life, requires giving-up on many things you might wanna do, facing the posture of having to concentrate on two, rather than one. Sure, there are advantages such as having a dancing partner for example. But, a total disadvantage when he/she gets jealous when someone flirts with you... another example. Guess each and every one of us has been in those situations. So, for the moment dears, if you are not already involved, strike-a-pose, be fabulous and most of all be free of any drama people might wanna drag you into. As my best friend Naughty says: 'life's too short' .. <to waste on crap> I might add. 
To all the people that have known me a long time in SL I will say just th…

Vintage Pink

{Sugar Heart} Lip Shine *group gift* - here Luas Urban Style - Vintage Blouse Pink - here ISON - Vipera Watch (gold) - here NS:: MESH SHORT REVOLUTION - here N-core Group Gift- CUORE "Pink Floral" (Mesh) - here

Merry Part!
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Gemini SS25 - Skin/Eyes/Eyelashes/Teeth - here /Wasabi Pills/ Betty Mesh Hair - Golden - here Apple May Designs - Shadows - Purple - here (Special Price) PP - Yola Necklace GG - here NEO** Knee tattoo - Nabi - @The Season Story Event - here H.A.R.D _ Spiked Heel Black _ [Mesh] PROMO!!! - here

Merry Part!
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I've decided to go a bit different for this new look, regarding my avatar. Went for darker skin, black hair and brown eyes. Not sure I'm comfy with the result as my usual looks is with light skin, blond hair, blue eyes... a diaphane appearance at most. But, it's nice to experience and play with colors and contrasts and so forth. Hope you birdies like it :) 

.Birdy.  Ashley Skin - here .::Mother Goose's::.eye2013 /acorn- FREE SAMPLE - here Pink Acid Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss (gift) - here CR - Sure Earrings - Gold - Diamond - here VENDETTA - Burton Sunglasses (Black) - here * Kitja Cherie * Black Long Blazer - here .::FLG::.Piranha ::. - hereFREE {ABC} Ripped China Leggings - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Bring It On.. Bi*ch

I am doing this post to prove I am well prepared to fight those bi*ches that will dare to try something. I am a very nice person (really), but when it comes to defend what's mine, I get fierce. So, if you don't take your toys and play somewhere else, than it's your funeral in order... :)))
*Caution! This text is fictional. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.

Magnifique - Zombie Hunters (Group Pose) - here * Analog Dog Hair - just sayin' - cayenne/ blonde (caution) @Arcade - here [DDL] Anniversary Shades (black) [OMG] - FatPack-  Mesh Ladies Sexy Bf Shirt - here {ABC} Pretty Simple Jumper Pink - here Pure Poison - Folium Necklace - here ..:Perle Legwarmers  [Pink]:... - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Deserting My Love For You

Leaving with the intention of never returning.

[taketomi]_Bom_LightBlondes  :::LP::: Metal Top Cat Eye Shades Gold - Black . { tP } . Jumpman23 MESH Jersey Black illmatic :: Oversized Channel Pendant - Gold [7891.] Ubhi Bangles - Gold  **pulcino** FREE Prim nails (Black & Red) Paperbag. Lion Printed Garter Shorts .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Baby I

For this new look I was aiming to create a girly, playful, innocent yet feminine appearance. I must admit I was inspired by Ariana Grande in her new video called "Baby I". It kinda reminds me of old times when I used to be all in love and felt like I had nothing to worry about in the world. Just playing around and having a crush on the cutest guy on the block... Yeah, so much so. Sadly, now I'm only stuck with the memory of it. Still, baby I...

Analog Dog (free ball) - Snapshot Marsala - here [UMEBOSHI] Pearl2 Aug Group gift eyes .:KawaiiCute:. Bracelets and Shoes - here R.icielli - French nails SIRA - Aliwen Dress - Sunflowers FREE - here

Merry Part!
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!Explicit Content!

♫All these hoes wanna get like me Get their own speakers and some prose like me When I'm at the game, all the pros like me Bitch I'm a pro, ain't a ho like me♪
watch >>> here

/Wasabi Pills/ Lily Mesh Hair (Rye) - here RETRO Glasses BLK2.0 "White" [UMEBOSHI] Gift Pearl eyes -Daenerys- hereFREE [DLL] Group Gift  July (Gold) Necklace Vita's Boudoir- Explicit Content Dress Group Gift - hereFREE [MANDALA]Option LONG Nails set/Basic skin nails [7891.] Dope Ring - Gold (W\Resize) SHOES newspaper *tchuca design - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Color Of The Rainbow

When everything else is gray...

*booN WMO003 hair  [SteinWerk] - Heart II Sunglasses - here santa muerte tattoo freebie - here AOHARU_FrontKnotShirt_Washed (Not Mesh) - here .tsg. V.I.P Group Gift Mini Formal - Champagne .tsg. Pretty Rainbow V.I.P Group Gift April 2013  {Sugar Heart} My Sweet Tattoos *REZ DAY SALE PRICE = 50% off* - here N-core - Coquete Platform "Pale Pink Zebra"

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Find Me Love

I don't think there's been a time in my SL that I have been so disappointed the way I am now. Surprisingly, it's not the viewers or the glitches or the lag that been letting me down, but the people (myself included). We used to be wonderful people and I'm not sure when did we become so awful. We don't know how to appreciate one another, we gossip and mess the f**k-up the real truth, we lie and we cheat just because we can... Despite all mistakes, deep down inside I know we could go back to where we were, we have this power if we really want. To be better. To be optimistic. To love. I have built some walls around me, but I am willing to break them down for a certain someone.. if he'll have me, of course :P. I actually do love when people don't give up easily. It makes them much more interesting. Something to look forward to.
*Meanwhile my birdies, you might wanna do The Love Hunt at Pure Perfection


1. .tsg. Marina V.I.P Skin Gift - hereJOIN NOT FREE [*RD*]*B…

Another Monday, New Beginnings

This week has started with some very important news for me. Some are good, some are bad, but I guess that's just life in its natural, usual form. I am aware there will be major changes in my routine and I have to admit it was necessary I did those long ago. We should never let harmful things linger too much. Sometimes you have to cut the roots and start again. So, going on that path I sure hope all things are for the better. I am really sorry if I've hurt some people along the way, they are or will probably hate me by now. It's just the risk I have to take. Cheers for the new beginnings!


1. :: FLG ::: Outfit Winsome .F ( Gift Tempo Limitado) :: - here G A R B A G E - Legchain *gold* - here
2. ..::Skull Candy::.. September Gift - Eyes - here Pure Poison - Laurette Necklace Group Gift  CMSCO. Peachy Plaid Spring Dress - here CMSCO. Leather Flats - Perforated Neutral Brown - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦


♫What you gon' do when I appear? When, when I premier? B*+ch the end of your life are near This sh*t been mine, mine♪
watch >> here

{Typo.} Cult-ology Top { Bitch } (fi*fridays) - here MIssnoise_style -2 Fingers B*+ch ring - here Revanche Black & White Pants (fi*fridays)
*For credits on other items you might want to know pls send me an IM. TY:*
Merry Part! Miri ♦

The Leo. Within

If the truth has been forbidden Then I'm breaking all the rules

Glance Skins - Anais - August - here *booN YNO421 hair (chestnut)  *JED* "RFL" Set - here [Dolly] Ciggy Holder  Leopard Purses Dollarbie Gift - here [AB] Exclusive Leo Corset - here ::.FLG::. Puffed Top Black ::. ::FLG::. High Fun Pants TarRed ::. - here .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

In The Night

Yuuuss my birdies! I am taking a break from the Alice in BoobieLand Hunt and just add an outfit I really dig. Ever since I bought the leather shorts from Emery I had the feeling I will never wanna take them off. Surely, I cannot do that, as I need to be in constant change. Now, for the set in this pictures I have been trespassing at my ex-boss' gorgeous villa. I sure hope Sumi won't mind I didn't ask for permission, but I was really eager to immortalize this at night. Just because it's in the night I have the biggest wish some handsome (inked-up) prince will kidnap me and take me far far away. 

WPFH #055 NSP Floral - here TRUTH HAIR Lyma -  light blondes ..::N::.. W.G.A.S. Leopard Black (Make-up) - here (Milk motion) cut-out blazer - leopard G A R B A G E - Celine Paris white sheer top - here [7891.] Ubhi Bangles - Gold Emery - Mesh Leather Short Dusk Black .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Sensual Alice (AIB) #3

For my third episode of Alice in Boobieland Hunt I'm presenting this nice ensemble from Sensual Couture. As hostess, most of my parties are themed events, so this is something perfect to wear. Now, I do realize that Alice was a genuine blonde, but I wanted to go with this electric blue from Alice Project Hair. It's from a past hunt and I'm guessing many of you have this hairstyle, around somewhere in your inventory. 

Sensual couture - Alice Mesh Outfit ~I'm sooo tired, I take a nap here....~
:EZ'S: Chesire Make-up ~Somewhere in wonderland rests an elder tree tired & low, there lies treasures inside his curious purple glow~
BB-Collar-black - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Queen Of Hearts (AIB) #2

Get ready for boobielicious Miralice! I am wearing my majestic Lolas and the dress from ..::KnocKeRs::.. is very suitable for them. I can't wait to wear it at an event as it is accessorized with a little hat and a cute purse. The pumps are from another outfit and I hope you will find them as I couldn't spot the hint for them. You will have to dig some more.. just like I did.

Hunt Items & Hints
Capacious - Queen of Hearts Skin ~The Cheshire cat has been spotted at Capacious~
..::KnocKeRs::..- Alice Dress  ~Alice Swings Between the Mushrooms~
GAALL "Eat me" bag (Pumps) [AIS]
Alice in Boobie Land Hunt here

Merry Part!  Miri ♦

Midnight Alice (AIB) #1

I have been put off for a long while my Lolas, but the Alice in Boobieland Hunt sparkled up my temptation of wearing them again. I'm not really sure if I got all the items from this hunt as they are not numbered, but I will try show you the ones I really like. For this first post I'm not wearing them boobies implants, because I don't have yet the appliers for my skin. But it looks cute. 

FBH3 #30 (-Atypical-) - Kawaii Ice Cream - here Pure Poison - Verania Necklace - here
Hunt Items & Hints - Midnight Alice - SONSY ~Behind the tick tock~ Loordes of London-Soonsara Boot-Moss  ~By the bargain~ * The Elegant Goth - Tease Me Wonderland Chaise Lounge  ~Splash a little water on your face to clear your view~ 
Alice in Boobieland Hunt here
Merry Part! Miri ♦