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Hottest -Bombi- Spot

Clearly the hottest spot of the moment in Second Life is Bombi. There is a tiny event called 'Spring Rain' which gathered together Korean designers. I feel privileged to have found about this straight from the source as Milok Hermit (.::Mother Goose's::.) sent out notices with the news. There are also a few posts on Juicy Bomb blog if you want to check it out. 

Taxi to Bombi
Merry Part!

Too Chic Too Bad Too Cool

You gotta love gifts! Been quite a while since I went to Beachwood Club, but I'm glad I went there recently and so I got some pretty chic, bad and cool stuff. All for free!! Yayyy  *Note: the hair was group gift and comes in a full pack (all colors), so make sure you join Truth Hair's Group!
Look 1: Chic - Hair from Truth Jessie (Ivory Roots) - Dress from Papillon  (Marseille Green) - Flats from MooShooz (Crimson Linen)
Look 2: Bad
- Hair from Truth Jessie (Raven)
- Outfit from ::Alterego:: (With Love)
- Boots from Smexy (Boots Star)
*The skin was also gift from -Belleza- Lily V2 Medium.
*Also if you like this shape I am offering it as gift (so please contact me if you want it, I only got 1 copy)

Look 3: Cool - Hair from Truth Jessie (Cranberry Roots) -  Top from Beachwood (Female Tank) - Gloves from CoLoReTas:] (Sequiny Grey) - Shoes from [Celoe] Zoe Pump (Fun)

Merry Part! Miraje
Taxi to BeachWood here.

It's Black.. It's White

Preparing for another event at the club I run across an interesting dress I would really want you all to check it out. I have tried the demo first, so I was sure I wanted to buy it. I mostly do that, but some of the clothes I take chances with them. I know... not very smart, but I'm not afraid to make small adjustments if it's needed on my shape.  Big challenge with such a formal dress is really finding the right accessory and hairstyle. You cannot overdo it, but you cannot leave it hang too simplistic on your curves. And because I've achieved both Black and White, I figures gold will be a nice touch to the whole ensemble. * I didn't edit much the photos, to give a more accurate idea of the details showing in-world. I learned that from Gogo on her JuicyBomb blog. Sometimes we (including bloggers and creators on Market Place) tend to edit too much a photo by using different kind of lights and shadows, so the product won't be shown at it's actual look. That's w…

[LAP] Farewell To The First

Ohhh eeeM Geee! I'm so sad one of the shops of poses I used to know in like ages is closing it's doors. Why? Oh why? I guess it has to do with that line someone dear told me: "Everything has an end." Dove Swanson is leaving Second Life for good and has a final closing sale at her store. [Long Awkward Pose] is well know brand for poses. Rephrasing: Great Quality Poses. I have love her work forever and as I went for new stuff to buy I came across this bad news. It's ending, so make sure you run to buy as much stuff as you can get. It's your last chance as it is mine too. There are still a few good days left of 50% off or more sale.  Get you cab here.

Top:          ::HH:: Hucci Salli Crop Tank - Summer Blue- L$175
Bottom:     [Town] Ultra Mini Skirt Jeans - Dirty Blue- L$120
Accessory: PIDDIDLE Cervidae Necklace - Gold- L$200
Poses:       [LAP] - Gettin' Down On Friday - L$50

Merry Part!

Up-Town Girl

Time to make preparations for taking-up the town soon. And not any town, but: London. The London Sims is ready to open its gates for Festival staring June 1-5 in order to celebrate The Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England.  From a special club stage ready to host events, to Big Ben and Hyde Park, all will be surrounded by shops gathering lots of well-known brands and merchants in Second Life. There are special offers, gifts and prizes to be win, so make sure you'll take a trip to this lovely location. Since it was cheerful occasion I figured I'll treat myself with new goodies bought from Town. Also I was enjoying visiting the tower of Big Ben with fast teleports ready to take you up and down the sweet journey.

Clothes: Top:      [TOWN] Mesh Free Shoulder Top - Life is Short -  L$120 Bottom: [TOWN] Mesh Leggings Pants - Half Pink&Black -  L$ 99
Merry Part! Miraje

I Need Me A Hero

Just when I thought I will lay off a bit with buying mesh clothes, here comes another irresistible dress. Sometimes I'm in the mood to curl up in a softly cuddling ensemble and the dress from Heroes Art is that kind I so much like.  It usually happens after work. I also feel the need to go out in the open, visit some new places that are not inside, whatsoever. So, this location was perfect for relax and enjoy taking pictures. Since the dress I've chosen is related to sailing I thought I'd visit Zee West Marina. Here you can take a flight or a boat and have fun visiting the surroundings opened to new adventures. It is also a rezzing enabled area, so you can take your own boat, yacht or plane.  To be honest though I was more inclined to meet a lifeguard. Thought I'd take a "fall" and he'll be my hero saving me from the cruel waters, which has so not happened. But one can only dream right?

Top:            Heroes Art. Long Shirt Woman Marina Dress - L$15…

The Empyreal Dream Of Destiny

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary...
Destiny. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe some things are meant to be, just the way they are. It has happened with the set I've chosen for this next pictorial. As you know, before I can present an ensemble, I'm first interested to find a location to match or be in the theme with what I want to expose. The theme for this outfit was Daydream... as it is the theme for new month at Collabor88.  Looking for a location to resemble with it, I've stumbled across a place of poetry and literature translated into virtual images. Taking my teleport away to Empyreal Dreams I've ended up on a spot that brought me back in the past, brought me back to a special feeling that I used to have for someone for a very long time. Maybe I will make a special post one day to tell the whole story, but for now I can only say it was no coincidence The Raven of Edgar Allan Poe was my today's inspiration. It sure wasn&…

Spread My Wings And Fly

When you lose all hope of ever again getting surprised in life, the Universe have its way of showing you there is still a higher power out there that always returns with love. I have decided to make this post, especially because one of my dearest friend have managed to make me incredibly happy today.  I couldn't just let it slide, I have to tell the whole world!!! So, after posting my article Curious for La Criée, it seems to have had a good echo, one because the artist Zeno Ochs contacting me and sent me more landmarks to visit his work, which I cannot wait to do, and two because my friend Autumn went to all the trouble and buy me as gift the picture that stole my heart: Transformed. After getting the message from her saying I can find it on my beach, I went fast down and surely fainted out of excitement.  (See picture below :P) I want to thank her so much! I know it's great effort for anyone who support me on this blog and on my second life and that is why I can gladly say I have …

Exposeur On Suspension

Probably not many of you knew that in the past I used to do profile pictures in second life. I even had a photo studio. And for quite a long period of time it has been a great job and something I was enjoying doing. Sadly, when I took it further than I should, it has turn into something that disgusted me, going through some embarrassing experiences I don't even want to mention. However, if one of my friends or someone that is nice enough asks me to do one I'll be glad to offer my modest service. I'm not a professional and I do not operate with Photoshop or any complicated program. I like to just add a bit of flavor to each pic, something to highlight the beauty in each person I know and meet. Gladly, in-world, there are still very kind people that will run a free photo studio where everyone is allowed to come and do their thing. They are also very well equipped considering they sustain their location only by tips people choose to leave or if they do it at all. Such a photo s…

Curious For La Criée

It is often said when you get lost into the waves of life and don't quite remember how you used to be, to go back to what you used to do and things that you've liked. Yes, I have to admit I kinda find it I'm a bit lost, so, not knowing exactly where to start looking for my old self, I went back to one of my long-lost passions: Art. Yet, Art Galleries to be more exact. Back in the days I was quite a fan, running around SL looking for paintings, sculptures and anything that will enchant my eyes with colors and maybe without making any sense for the usual things in life, the common things.

I was quite lucky to find this location, as it's not often when places involving creativity, other than clothing, jewelry and furniture, to be featured on destination guide webpage.  I said to myself "I have to see this asap". And there I was opening the doors at: La Criée Art Gallery.

I have to admit only few of the creators have caught my full attention, but not because the oth…

A Little Bit of Fun

Amazing video! I really enjoyed it!

Playing With Colors

I was asked recently what inspires me for writing on this blog. And to be honest, I couldn't even think of an accurate answer. Why is that? Because I really don't know what inspires me and, especially, when...  It has to be a constant search in order to pop-up an idea, so I guess my inspiration only comes when something catches my sight and I visualize the whole concept. For this new pictorial the credits go to the colors of my country's flag.  Our national gymnastics team has won gold at the European Competition, so I figured I should honor their amazing achievement by composing an outfit with three beautiful colors:
Red, Yellow and Blue.

Location: Off The Wall.
Clothes: Top **Gizza** - Frilly Shirts [Dotty Red-White] - L$ 150 Shorts*G Field* - [Mesh] Frill Shorts - L$100 Exclusive Color for Culture Shock  ShoesNardcotix - Mana Moshi Pumps [blue] - 50% off at OGlam
Merry Part! Miraje

There's A Liru In The Closet

I cannot explain how happy I am to be able to finally blog theses pictures. I have been wanting to buy the Liru Avatar in ages! Surely, always something else was needed and I couldn't put it together to complete my dream. But with a little sweat and work I've purchased this amazing anime cutie pie avatar! Liru, is a cartoon character from Magical Pokaan, very playful and funny. She's a werewolf and has great fantasies about the boy she wants.  She's also very smart and likes to read books.. at least when she's not out hunting or taking a nap in a strange spot. This time I sent my favorite cartoon character to a fairy tale place, where visions are transformed to reality.
Welcome to Mysterious Dream!

*I've decided not to transform the post into an article anymore only because I get it people are mainly interested in the pictures than my continuous babbling (blame it on my writer profession). I want to make my visitors happy and keep them satisfy by trying to come up …