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When Crickets Are Out

Yes! It's finally spring and its more than official. From the first real day of spring I got stuck on whether to do a fashion pictorial or just a simple walk in the park admiring the surroundings. I figured why not combining them? So, it turned out a better choice as I also had set my mind to a certain location and I have found the perfect dresses for the occasion.

Not taking much time to figure out where to do the pictures my choice was the actual first all mesh sim at Mayfair. This sim hosts a few famous clothing brands in Second Life, but I will reveal their names next time I'll dedicate the pictorial to one of their items.

Surely for those who are eager to find out more details, please take a visit there following this link: Mayfair. So, to present one of the two dresses freshly bought from Crickets, I took a walk in the park. Very beautiful crafted really, this Knitted Mesh dress follows your body curves and lines and it comes in two sizes: average and curvy. It may require …

Obey My Demand

Having one idea for this new pictorial ended up with combining more ideas in order to get it done. It is no surprise that my fashion articles mainly tend to gravitate around shoes, this time is no exception.  As I was saying, my idea to present this amazing pair of shoes was total different than what I've done, but there are times when you need to accept the fact that what you want can be at odds with what is right, or with what you can do. Therefore, stepping on shaky grounds, I hit the buttons until one particular destination caught my attention. And it was not any location, but a very special one: Transylvania

Recalling in my head all those times I said to my friends I am count Dracula's daughter, I said: "Hey! What the hell!" So, there I was obeying my demand to present my ensembles like each step I took was dictated from an inner darker force. I think of myself as a good person, but this time I am bad, very bad. 
And guess what? It wasn't just an act, it real…

The Irish Green

Number 17 is one of the numbers I am most fond of. And that is for some good reasons. Not getting into details, yesterday, the 17th of March was a pretty popular day around at least Europe. That because it's celebrating Saint Patrick well known as the patron of saints in Ireland. Clearly is a religious day, but as we are already used by now, any occasion to party and celebrating is welcomed whatsoever. Even if I could know less about this particular day, I must admit for me was a very pretty and pleasant day. I can say that it was even lucky, although the symbol of Ireland is a plant called shamrock and not what is mostly confused with, the four-leaf clover. In my country if you find a four-leaf clover, you hold on it to bring you good luck. Really just a superstition, nothing more.

After spending some good time at the club, which was also decorated for this day, I did some exploring around, lost myself in thoughts and other things I can't mention, I figured to invade my neighbo…

All Eyes on Him

Clearly when it comes to make a choice, how you look and present your avatar can weight more than anything. This post here goes because I won a bet and I'm like literally very happy I did. No, I won't say what the bet was about. But my prize was a photo session with the most sexy, fashionable, too too hot man in SL, Mevikoo. I am clearly obsessed with him and how he looks and how he dresses and the choices he makes. (by the way, Fran please use that mesh viewer to see him in all his beauty L.O.L!!).

So, we went to this Duran Duran sim, pretty bizarre yes and inspired from their videos. I did torture Mevikoo having him to sit here and there, back and forth, up on a mountain, down in a bubbles shampoo fountain or a vortex, but the results were fabulous. He simply looks amazing in his skinny tight jeans combined with a blazer from Kal Rau which I admired ever since I saw it on marketplace.

The idea of this photo session was to concentrate all eyes on Mevikoo and highlight his good l…

Eternal 12

Normally I wouldn't start the week on posting a pictorial for clothes, but I couldn't help it to show off my new mesh skinny pants which were a super-hot gift from my babe Mevikoo. As many people know me by now, sometimes I go "loca" in choosing what to wear and you can often see me wearing pink or very bright colors.
It's always refreshing to go back to childhood and try to feel again like a 12 years girl and Second Life gives you this possibility. I did not have a child avatar for these pictures even though the places I went were basically playgrounds. Here was a nice playing area and yeah you can see me making bubbles... no wonder.

This picture was taken at the most happy look alike sim I know in this world. First and foremost it is a toys shop but with lots of areas to explore and have fun sitting on various items this creator has on display. I love the fact it has been way long since I was there and it's still open. (Sneak-a-peek in the background you can …

Stepping On Thin Ice

Nothing can compare to getting ready for going out. But when you are prepared to go at a Party at the End of the World it can turn easily into something really exciting. As I am sure you are all well aware now about Mesh Clothing... I figured it is time for me to upgrade and move one level up by acquiring some new rigged mesh items. 

As I was browsing through the best selling items on marketplace, I found this brand new outfit from Apple May Designs. I must admit it's first time I bought something from this creator, but I always thought from the pictures the stuff looks pretty amazing.

And I was not wrong about it. Just exactly how is promoted it looks in-world. Stepping on thin ice I will give five stars for this one shoulder mesh top accompanied by the high-waist pants so so very sexy.

Be careful though when you are wearing mesh clothes, there are still people around that are using older viewers. Therefore, it's recommendable to have either a shirt or lingerie under  your cloth…

The Invisible Darkness

Hunting for more outworldly places to visit, I have discovered a pretty intriguing location. Being featured in Destination Guide, on Second Life's website, it has raised my interest the moment I saw the picture with its description. So, there I was in the search of: Invisible Cities.

The minute you get there, you realize it will be an adventure to find those cities and by the environmental settings they have set on the sim, it can get really tricky to end your mission. 

I'm not sure if I made it to all the floors available, but at least I did made it to one I like so very much. Its creator, Marcus Inkpen, also the creator of The Looking Glass had prepare here a concentric scene of medieval buildings. It is not a labyrinth, but more of a "getting nowhere" scenario as to each way you look, it gives you the impression you are always on the same spot. It is really very elaborate and I'm more than sure it has taken some quality time to build such an amazing and intricat…

Something about cars...

There's no doubt about it I am very much fond of cars. It's been my passion back from childhood when I used to play with car toys rather then dolls... you don't what to know what happened to my first Barbie for that matter. As in real life I admire and like cars a lot, in second life I get even the chance to drive them as it doesn't require to have a driver's license in order to do so. What follows in this post are some pictures I've took along time with cars that inspired me and I couldn't resist not to steal a glimpse of them.
This police car I saw in a parking lot destined for drivers lessons. It was on a sim I used to live and they installed this school just when I was about to go to another place. So, I never got the chance to drive one of those police cars which I really wanted. I did had a ride though with a friend that was working as security and it was very cool and different kind of police car much more exciting than this one.

Oh yes! This is a …

Hide away from Cryptic Heat

As promised, the next fashion pictorial I have made is for my brand new outfit which gravitates around my dearest pair of sandals. Being as every girl should be in love with shoes is hard to resist in creating more combinations of clothes for the same pair of shoes. The location is at Cryptic - an attempt to present a world starting to collapse due to the rise of the robots at the beginning of the 21st Century.
So my first piece of clothing is an old style tied-up denim shirt. This type of shirts and vintage denim jackets are a must nowadays for a casual, but also seemed to be a careless look. Special when going out for a vanilla ice cream - if you know what I mean... Because I'm not such a big fan in showing my tummy all the time, my next choice was a high waisted skirt with a long zip on the back and cute little buttons on the front. It can easily be wear with all different kind of tops, but with shirts it's priceless. When it comes to accessories I have to admit mostly I forge…