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So Sick..

♫It's ridiculous, it's been months For some reason I just can't get over us And I'm stronger than this, enough is enough No more walking around with my head down I'm so over being blue crying over you..♪
watch >>> here

(TSAD) - Cat Face Beanies - here Magika [03] Wait - here MoiMoi Girlia Dress - here Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAEMONES BOOTS - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Can't Stop

♫So la da di da di, we like to party Dancing with Miley Doing whatever we want This is our house This is our rules And we can’t stop♪
watch >>> here
Ever since Miley's video for the single "We can't stop" was aired on youtube, I kept searching on market place for some outfits inspired from it. Sure, I had to wait pretty much, but Ash Trash pulled it off and made this cute West Coast bodysuit. I so so love it.. it's sexy, trendy and fresh looking, not to mention perfect to wear on this hot days.. Keep them coming Ashleey, great work!

AT / West Coast - here -Nemezi- Glossy Red Gifty - here {1000} :: Shoes  :: {kokoia} 1L - here *For the rest of the ensemble you can make your own mix-and-match I used different stuff from other outfits like the glasses or scarf (textured by me)

Merry Part! Miraje

My Apartment

Yesterday, while I was dressing-up for going to the club, a guy popped-in on my platform. Said 'hi', I said 'hi', then he asked me if that's my place cause he usually goes to sexual motel (not sure what's that suppose to mean or be).. After a few more lines of chat, he asked me what I was doing there.. I mean: "Hello! this is my land!" You came uninvited and you're asking me what am I doing there.. Guess, this world is full of crazy peeps. My friends advice me to put on security, but I don't like that. Even if someone lands there by accident, I don't want him/her be ejected or sent to 'home'. I like to give all people the benefit of the doubt and don't get paranoid with every single one stepping to 'my door'. However, I cannot wait for the day I will be able to arrange my own cute apartment, just like the one in the pictures below and not living on a platform like a peasant, sleeping on grass :))) .. Dream on, Miraje, d…


This will probably be the last post which features a gift from the Hair Fair. Unless, I get some other ideas. I didn't have much time to take many demos and see what exactly I wanna buy from there. Sure, lag doesn't not help at all and some big mamas pushing me around like cows until I figured I should just fly... Anyway, enjoy!

[POSH] Rainbow Bright Bow (Skittles) - here AD - mono - light blondes @ Hair Fair :::: THE GAMER :::: [GIFT] Fashion Help - here Apple May Designs - Worn Denim Jeans (for her) - Light - here KOSH - SELVA OSCURA EARRINGS - here KOSH- RIBBON NECKLACE - here SHOGUN AIR PILOT WATCH - here
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Miri ♦

Magic Spell

♫And I'm smiling, they're dying that I'm your boo No one could stop me from loving you, uh, uh I'm not leaving, I'm willing to wait for you, uh, uh Cause them other girls misfired, they misfired!♪ watch >> here
If only I had a real functioning arch mage staff... The things I would do with it.. Hey I gotta wake up!.. I have to realize that with or without higher powers all that really matters it's the fire within us. And with only that we can work some 'magic spells', if we really want to. We just gotta be careful what we are wishing for, 'cause it might just happen.

Vanity Hair: Morea - Blacks @ Hair Fair Slink Wire Tiara with Gemstone - Gift @ Hair Fair - here .R:R. The Caprice Crop Top - Black and White Stripes - here * Kitja Cherie * Mesh Denim High Waist Light Jeans Shorts - here :: Masha :: The elegant MONA "PVC" Spikes / Pink Leather - here :::::THE GAMER::::: GIFT RICH NAILS - here NEMISCEL Arch-Mage Staff - here {micelets} - Vintage mice …

Magenta Doll

I'm having lots of fun playing with dolly/anime kinda looks. I don't know how inspired I am lately since my brain is not very functional for numerous reasons. I hope I won't pull my 'hair' after a few days seeing these pictures as a total fiasco. But, if I get at least one reader inspired, than it means I'm not so mess-up.. Or.. who knows... Am I?

eep . hair fair 2013 . gift - here {W&R} Popsicle Mouthie - Yummu Yummy - here*not sure if still available [AB] MESH Clara Dress Pink - here FREE Drd rigged worn combat boots 10L$ gift - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

H.MikuXxX v 1.0

I'm not really a fan of 'trashy/slutty' kinda outfits. They used to be a big hit back in the days. But, I gotta admit some can be really sexy and as far as I saw around the grid, women still adopt this style pretty much. This ensemble it's free gift on Market Place, so if it's appealing to you, go get it. Now, I did thought a lot before turning a Hatsune Miku look into one kinda xxx sex bomb and I wouldn't want to upset her fans. However, this hair is one of the best gifts you can get from the Hair Fair. At least that's my opinion.

.:cheveux:.Hairfair Gift *MIKU* - here .::FLG Rock'n::. FREE GIFT - here **RE** LUX Celeste - Set * FREE GIFT! * - here [ S H O C K ] FEVER Nails XXL - here
[NV.Designs] - Xevo - [Freebie Edition] - here
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♪Me gusta andar así, ¡cómo me provocas!  Oh how you thrill me Siempre en control y no sé cómo But I don't care (pero no me importa) Take me anywhere (vamos donde sea)♫

Watch >>> here

Yellow Hair - Rose - here [7891.] Jiggy Frames - Leopard - here [7891.] Benji Necklace Set - here [7891.] Dope Ring - Gold - here LavandaChic*Fashion Girl Jumpsuit*Black - SIS ::C'est la vie !:: Studded flat shoes (plain yellow*cream) - SIS **pulcino**Prim nail "Havfrue" Cherry Pink - here sixboi's mustache bag black - Gift - here PP -  Wicky Spiked Bracelets - Gift - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Dope Nea

Thanks to my dear friends and especially to my sweet sl hubby, I've finally made a change in my avatar's appearance. It's first big change towards what most people upgraded already: the hybrid avatar. After trying demos of all famous brands are available, such as: Logo, Snow Rabbit or tsg., I have decided that Nea mesh head is the most suitable for me. It may have a younger look, but it has some futures that are really irresistible; the movement of the lips and the eyes blinking are simply adorable. I am aware some will say: "oh there goes Miraje copying my look"! I could care less about those comments. Some looks may be similar, but the personality of each person cannot be imitated. So, just let go, loosen up, will you? :))) Ya ain't ever gonna be 'dope' like I am. 

S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Natural White_ver.1.2 - here ""D!va"" Hair "Mimi" (Cat's eye) - here meow tattoo - bubblesqueen - here **pulcino** FREE Prim nails (Bla…

Privy Girl (Ep. 8) Too Hot Edition

Some of my friends may be wondering "what is Miraje doing when she's 'hiding'?". Well, here is a clue. I simply sit or stand in a club or a shop and try spot great looking avatars. I enjoy doing this so much, but don't think I'm a stalker or a pervert or something. I simply like to see how others invest and care about their looks and come show it to the world. I believe it's a proof of respect if you really take time to work on your avatar's appearance; as for most of us they may represent our virtual mirror reflection. Sure, maybe a perfect one, but it's still us deep down inside.  *My favorite of this set is the last avatar, he did an incredible, awesome job! Congrats!

Merry Meet! Miri ♦

Green... with Hatsune Miku

I don't know why I keep making posts with names of colors. Probably one of my most inexplicable acts. However, I am glad I keep trying go visit new sims and do pictures there. Maybe after tomorrow I won't be able to enjoy the beauty of Second Life as the new viewer with SSB code might not work on my computer. It would be such a same to lose all this work I've done so far. Only I know how much I've struggle to make this blog going out of thin air mostly.. I'm not sure what future holds, but let's still enjoy the present. Carpe diem to the full!

Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 / Sandy Blonde - here Cynful - T.Dress Lace - Green - TDRF - here [7891.] Trust No Bitch - Black&Gold - here [7891.] Dope Ring - Gold - here [7891.] Traffic Jam Clutch - Rich! - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦


Had an awful day in rl, but tried to front as much as I could, because in the end life goes on. I just hate confronting with the feeling of loss and the emptiness that comes with it. Sometimes I just wish I could travel back in time and undo all the bad things. But, that's not possible. If only were that easy...

MISS C. / Fer_E U P H O R I A ( 6 Colours ) Ricielli Mesh - Spiked Bra + Pullover #rollingstones TDRF NEW MONS / Rigged Mesh (TDRFusion) red TDRF NEW - here Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS 2's

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Apple May Designs is having a sale on this lovely boho style dress, so I figured you might wanna purchase it before it goes on its regular price. I am very pleased as always of the quality and you might see me wearing this a lot. I don't know if you birdies noticed, but I'm trying to get my avi out in the open, rather than be stuck at the photo studio. Still, is not as easy due to lag issues, but I made it to there which is the most important. I would hate if my blog goes .. bleak.. lol

"LoQ Hair" Sherry LIGHT BLONDE PACK - here Apple May Designs - Sarah - Purple **SALE** - here Flor Mesh Ring (Hunt 001) Cadeado Mesh Set (Hunt 005) Miss LT L e m u r superbig nail - nude color - all here

Merry Part!
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Too Much To Ask

I have been thinking lately about old times in SL. And I remember it used to be so much fun, even if the possibilities back then were pretty limited. We didn't have mesh clothing or tattoo layers or rigged shoes. Sure it mattered how your avatar looked like, but still I think people were more up for having a good time than just making drama or stirring sh*t around, using 100x alts to come in the same places they bring their main avatar. I don't get that.. How bored or obsessed can someone be to go so low. Frankly, I'm disappointed to see this going in-world and I wish we just kept it more simple and to try be unique each in it's own way. But, probably is too much to ask. I only wish I could have back just a tiny bit of the happiness I used to get when logging in and not worry when I meet a new person if he or she is an alt of someone I already know. It's not cool, really now.

.ID. Eyes - Thank You Gift - here Cute Poison <3's You!! Gamer Necklace - here (hint*…