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Bookworm Hot Play

The new release from Danika brings on a very hot and sexy school girl, supposedly trying to seduce her teacher. I don't really have fantasies with teachers whatsoever, but I did want this costume for when we're doing parties with sexy uniforms. This ensemble comes with a HUD that allows you to play a little at the desk or wear eyeglasses. It also enables puffy nipples, oh yes! That's hot! I did not use the sneakers that come with it, as for me, if it's not them ones I like, I would hardly wear them. But all in all it's a fun, playful outfit and I had my gurl cutie pie Becca to play some of the animations with me>> except the fireplace one.. that's from another scene.


Merry Part!

Bridal Escape

They say "diamond is forever" Or maybe never...

Izzie's winter scenery got me inspired today and I've decided to play the role of the bride who runs away on her wedding day. No shoes on, all freezing up and still holding tight to the blue roses once meant to symbolize a special and amazing out of the ordinary experience. But now, she finds herself in the woods, surrounded by wolves and no place to go, heading for an imminent ending...  I've realized that, eventually, this is a metaphor of my inner struggling. As Bridget Jones used to say: "...I'll finally die fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by alsatians", but in a reverse position than my imaginary bride. I'm probably not making much of a sense, though I'm sure some of you could relate to this. From my experience, trying too hard only makes things worse and I'm kinda at the verge or stop trying at all... Gotta accept the fact that I'm never gonna rise enough for…

Snow, Cold and Ice Ice Baby

I know I had previous posts about wintery outfits and even one with a horsey, but none with a wolf though... Now, for real I feel the winter is taking its fully rights. Hey! December is so close .. no wonder why. Beginning to look like Christmas soon.. I've finally found a mesh hair to go with a beany, plus this new coat from [Foppish] is very cosy and warm looking and I'm wearing the group gift, but there are also other colors to choose from.

(Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - B&Ws - here [Foppish GG] Bicolor W Coat{Penguin} - here ♣ Black Friday Sale - FREE !! DragansVarg !!  Steampunk watch necklace unisex - here

Merry Part!
Miraje ♣

Turkey Day Cabaret

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I know not all world celebrates this holiday, but for the ones that do or just as me about to "adopt" it and party today, here is a very cute costume you might want to wear for your night out. That is, if you're going out and not stay home with friends and family. 
*And since we're at this, I would like to pay my thanks to all my friends in SL that helped me throughout this year, making this blog possible and keep me grounded at all times. Thank you and I love you all!∞

~*By Snow*~ Turkey Day Cabaret L$10 - here

Merry Part! Miraje♣

All About The Gang

I love sales! Who doesn't, right? Well Loligang is having a great sale running and all stuff is priced L$20. I went there and grabbed a few items and that's cause I have bought lots from there in the past. I really like their stuff, top of the top is the sweet Cocktail dress, super amazing and unique in SL so far {hope I'm not wrong, but I didn't find this model at other creators}. So, I'm glad to promote this even if it's not a huge shop, the quality is guaranteed. 

♣Hair♣ Magika [01] Stubborn - here ♣Outfit♣     :.{LOLIGANG}.:Dalcom cocktail dress - here :.{LOLIGANG}.:Unique cardigan ♣Shoes♣ KIKI Designs - COQUETA White Heels - here
*For this ensemble I recommend gold accessories: chains, big earrings, bracelets.  The simple line of the dress allows that.

Merry Part!


>>>mevi: wow miraje u look so sexyy )) >>>mevi: swag miraje
Booyah!! That's one hot compliment! Guess I'm not "plain Jane" anymore even though I wear kinda same type of hair still. So,! Damn, damn, sorry.. I think I got lost in the moment. But true fact is, when someone makes you feel sexy and beautiful, inevitably you end up looking like that. It's a bless to have a person to constantly compliment you rather than criticize you at all turns. That's why me shen miyvaxar∞ Mevi! I'm happy I've got this very cute dress from Swaggy, that I might not want to take off for a while, except .. you know.. I find it really hard to keep track with what's cool to wear or not nowadays, I'm doing little steps, but in some inexplicable way I manage to stay on trends. For sure, gold it's at high stakes in fashion now, so you might wanna abound your accessories with it. As for the shoes, this type of pumps is literally getting so very…

Charming Cupcakes

Ri.cielli has another awesome hunt running and the stuff is really great, classy, sassy, trendy, glam and simply charming. All you need to do is wonder around and get the cupcakes you find most delicious. Click this link to go to Ricielli's Facebook page so you can be able to see the exact items in this hunt. They can be acquired for only L$15, all mesh and high quality. Happy shopping!
Your Taxi to Ricielli >>> here

Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#11 - Cropped Sweater Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#10 - Pamela Jeans Dark Blue

Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#1 - Peplum Jacket Blue Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#9 - Highwaisted Jeans Gradient Blue Ricielli Mesh - YUSE bag Aqua

Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#5 - Trench Jacket Hotpink Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#7 - Highwaisted Jeans Gradient Pink Ricielli Mesh - Cowhide Tote Leather Bag Turquoise

Merry Part! Miraje♣

Tops Round

I've prepared another set of mesh tops acquired from Market Place and most of them are dollarbies. I really like these kind of vests as they can be wear on top of other clothes or if you want to be more provocative wear without anything under. It shows certain parts of the body and lots of skin, but just enough to not be totally exposed if I may say so. Therefore, choose the one you like and get it! 
~The Rock Chick~

Mesh rock n roll vintage top - here

~Forever Geek~

MESH: geek color  top - here

~Will it turn into a prince?~

!!GIFT!!! Froggy Loose Fit Tank - here

~Disco Gurrrl~

Mesh Tank "Im Your iLLusion" - here

***This is post number 150!!!*** Many thanks to all my friends for making this blog possible

Merry Part!

Hipster Bunny

Just when I thought I couldn't get any crazier.. yet the new items I've got lately put me in the position of act and look again as a 12 year old in a candy store. The main pieces I've started from are them baggy pants from [BuFu] (don't ask me how much it took me to find them), but well worth as they are very good quality and fit well even on my female shape, considering they are designed to be wore by men. But, if my memory doesn't trick me I believe in the folder you'll also find two shapes for male and female, but I'll have to check that again and inform you. Another piece were the sneakers from +HUHU+ and they are group gift. I was impressed didn't have to modify them at all to fit, which hardly happens for me. Apart from those two there are a bunch of other goodies I've attached to my avatar cause it was a case I could go in excess and get away with it, something I really enjoy.

The Ensemble:
♣Skin♣ *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Special 1L Skin3 - here ♣Hair♣ …


Risque´= Hazardous; risky; esp., fig., verging upon impropriety; dangerously close to, or suggestive of, what is indecent or of doubtful morality; as, a risqué story.
They say in life sometimes you have to risk it all in order to achieve your goals.. or maybe risk it all and be left with nothing. I'm gonna say just this: I am a person who takes risks at every turn and no wonder my life is so amazing (shitty). Now, seriously, yeah, I agree we need to be bold from time to time and do things that, well, can be categorized as dangerous or indecent... as long as we at least stay true to ourselves and realize the consequences of our actions. Or, in the worse case scenario run as fast as you can and hide so no one can find you. Anyway, regardless this introduction, what I wanted to present you was two items I got from PimpMyHunters. It may be an attractive hunt, but I'm too exhausted to bother looking for more objects as some proved to be really hard to find. I've created a pin-up,…

Desert Sand

The theme this month at Collabor88 is Painted Desert. I have spent there a good amount of time figuring what will I want to buy. Don't think the offer is not attractive, is just me who is undecided nowadays. What I couldn't help not to get though was this cute blouse from ::{u.f.o}::. I mean.. it is so catchy and adorable how can one ever resist. Sure it hardly gives you a sexy look, something more like a shy girl-ish one, but as the desert sand can be deceiving and lead you to anywhere and nowhere, you never know what you might find under this ensemble :D.

::{u.f.o}:: Looking around blouse - beige - here d. Select Pants wool tights black solid - here

Merry Part!

Hot Pink

The Dressing Room BLUE has a new collection out and I went to get a few things, at least for now, as it has so many beautiful and interesting items to be acquired. What caught my eyes was the Complete Avatar from MONS, which comes with a very sweet skin and a delicious pink dress. Looks like I still have a weak spot for pink. I chose not to wear the shape as it's not really my type, I'm more into a round shape face, but for those of you who think this look defines you, don't wait much longer as this offer is at a very good price, just L$70. I also wear the eyes and eyebrows, which are very glam. I've completed the ensemble with the gold music necklace from [glow] studio. 

MONS / Complete Avatar (TDRblue)  [ glow ] studio My Music Necklace Gold
Taxi to TDRblue >>> here

Merry Part!

Water For Me

After a very hot day.. and no, I'm not talking about the weather, I needed to cool off a bit. I remembered about a place called Worlds End Garden, which Autumn suggested is perfect for taking pictures. Well, yes it sure is, as it has some very nice sets.. You can see that in one of the pictures below. Now, what I was looking for exactly was... the water :) And tell me, what thoughts puts in your mind a sheer frilly wet dress?
Taxi to Worlds End Garden >>> here


Merry Part! Miraje♣

Bleak Moments

Guess is one of those times when I get to have bleak moments. I was confused and merely sad all day for no reason and for all the reasons. Is like when you have the feeling something bad is about to happen, something you can't really describe, but it's lurking around you. I hope is just a faze and will be gone soon. To help me ease the 'pain' for a little I went sailing to one of the best sims collage I've ever been to in SL that starts from Armenelos Island. Ironically, as center piece of my outfit, I'm wearing the bum sweater from Bleak. which you can acquire for free on Market Place. 

bleak .The Bum Sweater -Blue Jean(FREE) - here REDGRAVE Jeans HOTPANTS + TubeTop - here
*The Hair and Boots are old gifts from Meviko and you won't find them for sale anymore,  at least not to my knowledge. But they are really dear for me!

Merry Part! Miraje

Ruins Of The Castle

Just a quick post to show you a some items you can acquire for free as group gifts. First one is a mesh coat that comes with a t-shirt and a belt, very appropriate if you're facing the winter season. I grabbed on tight my pussycat for warming up on the castle rooftop. The other is more suitable if you are new to SL and want a simple cute look for going out dancing and such. A beautiful flowery mesh dress assorted with proper classic shoes. Perfect for a little princess standing at her castle's balcony. No resemblance to Juliet though. 

[HG] Female Pea coat GG - here :: Masha :: Luna Grey - L$10 - here AXL Pro - FASHION l Executive Glasses - L$1 - here - B L E U - GROUP GIFT!!! FantaSea 4Finger Ring *GOLD* - here

[HG] Spring-Blossoms-Mini Dress Group Gift - here [UMEBOSHI] October 2012 Group Gift - here

Merry Part! Miraje♣

Let The Wind Blow

I've never been to Beppu before, but I saw it on Gogo's blog and went there for a walk before it's closing up, as I read it will. It's a sort of a Japanese Mall decorated for Autumn season, very colorful and yet looking pretty lonely... indeed. Is just how I feel nowadays, so having it as background for my pictures kinda transgress my state of mind, my emotions. I must admit I'm not finding myself in a good place at the moment, but problems come and go, time goes by, even when it shouldn't and life goes on. It's probably my fault for not involving more into the stuff I like and enjoy and keep stumble across the things that hurt or make me feel miserable. As in everything, it takes lots of exercise, practice to get where I really should be. It is a must though, because my knees won't be able to endure much longer...
Visit Beppu>>> here

The Ensemble:
♣Skin♣ .::Mother Goose's.:: Linda ♣Hair♣ =DeLa*= "Lana" Blacks and White - here ♣Outfit♣…