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For It's New Year's Eve!!!

It's getting close to end this 2013 year and embrace the new 2014. What can I say about this year that passed that it has been maybe equally good and bad. I know each new year that comes we make wishes and we hope to fulfill our dreams. Sometimes we succeed, but sometimes we fail. It's just part of this incredible life that has been given to us! I wanna thank you all once again for keep reading my blog, I wanna thank my friends for being always supportive and helping every time I'm in need and to wish you all the best there is in the world. I can only hope that everyone will take a moment and be close to their families and friends. Somehow we are all connected and the only great thing that brings us together is Love :) 
Happy New Year! ♥

Merry Part!

Sexy Little Diva

I was so excited to present this next outfit.. sadly the blog photo upload system doesn't like the original light setting these pictures had and it went a bit off (way lighter!). But I will upload them on Flickr and Facebook hopefully there will be at their actual quality. I should keep in mind not to play with environmental settings too much, but I cant help it! Anyways, here's a sexy, little ensemble you could wear at an avantgarde type of party for the New Year's Eve! Enjoy!

{*I <3 FashiOn*} Divas Sunglasses - Black(MESH) (MP)
[MANDALA] Nyorai Jewelry set_Gold (MP) ! Laville ! Ribboned Fur Wrap - Black/White (MP) *COCO*_Bodysuit_Black Free & Clutch - here {Happy Pencil} Suspender tights (MP) [Diktator] - PUNK - black/gold (avantgarde style) (MP)

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

New York, New York...

In between working as a slave figuring out my inventory, I was happy the owner where I had my apartment rented could squeeze me into her busy schedule and move me into my brand new Soho apartment!! Ohh em gee!! It's a dream come true. I am so so happy. I love that it's spacious, has a great deal of quality furniture to use. Oh! And the best part, it even has a guests room! How cool is that?! Guess the new year will find me in a totally awesome and super class place in SL! As of today, I feel like a totally new born person!

Check out these super sexy pants from ..S.. Combination at Limited Bazaar

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

One Too Many Hits

Mehhh I'm still working hard on my inventory. I apologize to my friends if I seem a little off! I'm not doing it intentionally but I really need to get this done. I'm sick of old stuff lurking there consuming space when new things could replace them. I been hooked on items for so long now and I shouldn't have. Meanwhile, here's an outfit I've put together when the winter started and I didn't get to post it yet :)

DoCoMo Muffler (Burberry Check) - here *PROMO FREEBIE* Bailygirl: Navy Puff Coat - here PICHI - MANOLA 2 Skinny Jeans [white] SD~Uggie!-Boots-White - here * Izzie's - Snowball Hit - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Sweet Waffle

Hey my sweet birdies! Just letting ya'll know I'm working hard to reconstruct my inventory to a decent and understandable form as for now it went nuts.. I'll try still posting on here, but if I won't have time for new stuff I'll let you delight with some of my most precious archive pictures (taken by me or my friends) :D
This is a picture from tonight's party (Sexy PJ's) which was really great!  It was taken by my friend Ally^^ ~tyvm!
P.S. I know someone was concentrating hard to make my top fall with the power of the mind.. Lucky I was wearing a sculpt item which 'falls' with a simple derender. :)))

Hair by Chemistry PJ's by *Severed Garden* Kawaii Sleep Mask by NS::  Bunny Tights by ~coepio~

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Hmmm! Aren't holidays like Christmas and such tiring?? Well, for me they sure are. I feel like a robot with its batteries nearly dying. By the looks of it my avi seems pretty shaken herself too. We had to work and do shopping for loved ones and so forth.. But, soon after New Year's Eve party all this will be long gone and then I'll get the nostalgia and be sad it's over :) Can't always win, can you?

Eaters Coma - HAIR 43 / GOLD BLONDE - here 2PM. Aga knit hat -christmas gift- - here
! Laville ! Ribboned Fur Wrap - Black & White - here / XIAJ / Ai Dress Shirt HUD Fatpack - here .:EC:. Bethany Pants - here N00053 - Boots - here [UMEBOSHI] Tyki Glasses -Dizzy- (gacha) - here R.icielli - THE MESSENGER bag /militarygreen - here Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Dexter the Jack Russell (Arcade item from September 2013)

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a good time around this holidays season! With good or with bad, with more or with less. Be grateful for what life gave you and always try to be at your best. I'm thanking to all my awesome friends for their amazing gifts. They never sees to surprise me and I could never fall out of love with them! 
♥ Special thanks to: Naughty, Fran&Drift and Autumn! ♥ Also thanks to all creators for sending out nice and beautiful gifts! ♥

FY: Varsity Loungwear (red) - here ~coepio~ Slink & Phat Azz Tights Bunny ~wear me~ - here * ::TA Merry Christmas Tree - here SSP Holiday 1 pose - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Classic Beauty

I wasn't planning on wearing a Christmas themed attire for my party tonight, but since I've received this gift with few hours before, I thought to go on with it. I don't like to look like a walking/decorated Christmas three, therefore I've opted for the most simple pattern you could choose from for this gown. The jewels are made of pearls, really delicate and the shoes you can match with the pattern of the dress. The Ashley skin from Belleza completed pretty well the rest of the ensemble, although the lipstick it's from .Birdy. Ally told me I look like a 'classic beauty'. Well, I sure hope she was right :)

-Belleza- Xmas Women's Group Gift 2013 (Ashley Pale) - here TRUTH HAIR Dove -  light blondes - here Iffyta Bag Gown/Jewels/Shoes - MP Clients Gift here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Your Étoile

For this next ensemble I am little romantic, with a Parisian flair and very lady like. This comes as a contrast of what most people expects you to wear in SL. The more nakedness the better, they would say. But, lately I found out that you don't have to show your boobies at every step of the way or having the longest eyelashes or nails to make yourself remarked by men. If they are quality men, of course, they will want to get to know you for who you are, not for how short your skirt is. Just a thought...

Hair ~ little bones. Rejoice - GIFT - here :NuDoLu: Sweat parisien Rose etoile LB - here GIFT Tarashoes Mesh Shiny Jeans Pink - here *CASHMERE*Cassidy Heels(flower) @Kustom 9 - here .tsg. Princess Socks - Sheer White - here * Luas Urban Style - Angy Glasses - Free at Suicide Doll event! - here Lavandahic*Xmas Sweet Home*Tote*Gift group Dec#2 - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


This happens when I try too much to figure skating.. Guess I will be staying inside for Christmas this year maybe..

Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06 (past gacha*other tones available) - here (Chemistry) Hair - Sirena & Button bangs (mixed) - here / XIAJ / Ai Dress Shirt HUD Fatpack Group Gift  - here Maitreya Panel Leggings - V1 Charcoal @Collabor88 - here :NuDoLu: Bottes fluffy - Chien bleu @TCF - here [ht+] crutches & walker boots - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Mirror, Mirror

Dressing-up according to season continues. This time I have a quite chic and elegant ensemble, perfect for going to an art expo presentation, to the theater or any other fancy event you might want to attend. I did an intentional contrast between the attire and the decor, which is rather childish and joyful. Sometimes mixing opposites have a great result. 

TRUTH HAIR Dove -  light blondes - here (tyvm again~Autumn!) MI87132 Ladies Lace and Fur Trim Winter Coat (Free December Gift) - here .tsg. Jingle Heels - Black -SLINK Medium- @FROST - here [UMEBOSHI]Tyki Glasses - Leo- (gacha machine) - here * Bens Beauty -J&A Expo Gift - Vivian Clutch Bag Cream Zibska [Gift] Gira Colour Change Earrings  @J&A Expo

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Fighting with Darkness, the Light must win...
I been having some very enlightening conversations lately. That just made me realize, I'm really surrounded by awesome, smart and good people. And I'm so happy that many of them are my friends. Don't ever want to lose that!!

Kyoot - Pretty White Dress - here * GizzA - XMAS Horns [J&A EXPO GIFT]  *CentoPallini* Christmas Gift [LOCKET PENDANT] Son!a Forever Ring Gold Silver Gift Jewelry and Accessory Expo

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Goth Diva

You are sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop But you fit me better than my favorite sweater

.Birdy. Blair Skin Goth (Pure Porcelaine) Exile::First Snow: 6.Dark Blondes (Hair&Dress) The Arcade - here * S@BBiA::Wool Coat Group Gift (Red) - here N00053 - Boots - here {*I <3 FashiOn*} Divas Sunglasses - Black(MESH) - here .lulu bear. white pink dots dog TCF - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Fluff & Puff

Really festive and colorful outfit. However, I know my avi looks rather sad and apathetic, which is not far from the state I'm in at the moment. Truly this time of year can be mixed-up with the joy of Christmas, nostalgia, episodes from the past, old good memories or bad ones. Frankly, there's a lot going on my mind, so many worries... But it's still time for all things to clear up and hopefully everything will be okay. If you are in a happy moment, try to linger in it as much possible, don't lose it soon. That's one advice I never get to follow when I'm enjoying something too much. Somehow, I'm always ending up making a mistake and spoil it...

.Birdy. Blair Skin  ~Porcelaine~ Late night  at The Arcade - here (Chemistry) Hair - Sirena - HUD.1 - here ~SB~ December Group gift- merry christmas! - here 2PM. Winter short group gift - here Q - baroque leggings - here * :NuDoLu: Bottes fluffy - Fleur rouge  .Birdy. Deer Backpack {Pack 1} ZZANG - DELICIOUS POSE PACK 046 …

Let It Snow...

Just a cute, simple and cozy outfit, perfect for a little walk on a snowing day. Still, make sure you can reach fast a warm place in case it's getting colder. I sure found plenty which were lovely decorated for winter and Christmas :) Dang! I'm starting to love this season more and more...

(Chemistry) Hair - Sirena - HUD.1 - here * FAUX - Knitted Sweater The box black by *Tentacio* both at Kustom 9 - here * .:villena:. - leggings black leather - here [ h ] Patagonia Boots - Wheat - here
Pictures taken at : Caverns of Aleval - ~* Caprice *~  

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Salt & Pepper

Not really sure, but this might be the last post with this shape. I've done the pictures before buying the new one and the outfit it's smoking hot, so I didn't want to skip it. The skin is by Titzuki and I must say it's absolutely amazing and realistic. Check out his shop if you're interested in having a unique look in SL (You'll find there the bodysuit as well). Also, I wanted to highlight once again the Punk shoes from Diktator, this time with the stockings option for a more sexy/vamp appearance. Umm.. yeah, the Bear Coat by Overhigh is simply a must have this winter. It's a little pricey, but so worth, plus it comes in more colors and options to choose from. Last, but not least the star of this ensemble is the Foxy neck snuggler from .Birdy. I was lucky to grab it and even if it's not a rare one, I love it just as much. Stay tuned for more awesome goodies. 

This picture above was added to Auto Awesome Photos by Google+

~Skin~ titzuki : Mimi natural…

Prince Charming

I might have abused a little too much the Birdy. gacha vendor. But, luckily I only have two of the same skin, which is a big achievement. I really like Blair skin and with my new shape looks kinda cute. Don't you think? Now, here is my dilemma: shell I or shell not kiss the frog and see if it transforms into Prince Charming? Guess I will, because I miss my prince so much...

*MP* Prince Charming (Pose Prop) - here * Birdy. Blair Skin - Late Night @The Arcade - here #adored - Sadie Shape (Edited for size XXS) -here Yellow Hair - Fame (!!Old Sculpt Hair) - here titzuki : Cocktail' mesh dress / Blue Captain (PROMO 80% OFF) - here -SSW- Cute Shoes Navy - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

My Yorkie

I have recently discovered a cool place where there are multiple items gathered from gacha machines. I know how much everyone loves The Arcade, but sometimes is really hard to get in and have to wait for more days. I must say I've got a few items already without having any struggle with lag. All thanks to this great thrift shop. Ohhh... and meet my cute little friend Maisy the Yorkie. Isn't she adorable?! There are a few more puppies waiting to be adopted, so, hurry up! I've already got two, but I might go back for more :)))

TRUTH HAIR Amaya -  light blondes  - here {tyvm Autumn!} [BLUE] Liz - Jewelry Set Gift (Ring) at WTSL WTSL Gift [CheRRy] - Bunny Dress - here D.A. Boots Christmas {Group Gift December}- here Pure Poison -  Ice Swirls HandCuffs Group Gift - here * Intrigue Co. Plushie Pals: Maisy the Yorkie  @ Thea's Gacha Trift Shop/Yardsale - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Hello, Sailor!

As you know me I'm always unusual even when I'm doing the usual. This is my reinforced "Hello, Sailor" version. Guys should know what kind of chick I am when they try to approach me. Yes, I have a gun. In fact, I have multiple guns. No, I won't pull the trigger if you're being nice and act decent. I know I am wearing polka dots ice skates, but don't let that fool you. It's only 'cause I like sports and I can do the skates thingy in both SL and RL. Their blade is just as sharp as my reflexes. So? Anyone still interested in 'pinning' me up?

.:Sticky fingers:. My sailor hat  (*couldn't find them on MP :( so, idk if still available) ISON - Ruby (essentials 00) - here * *  S O R G O - WERS Shades / Bitum (SG) ILLMATIC :: Oversized Waist Shirt - Bleached Bllue Denim  both @Kustom 9 - here * Paperbag. Gun Control Cropped Sweat Paperbag. Faux Leather Joggers Black - here * The Secret Store - Ice Skates - Mint Polka - here Benelli Tactical Shotgun - h…

Nerdy Blogger

That's how messy I look when I'm putting all together for another post...  Yeah, I'm always such a nerd...  Luckily, I'm in my bedroom, so no one can see me.. or can they?!?

""D!va"" Hair "Lana" (Onyx) - here nerdz glasses BND - here .SJ.  I'm a blogger! (GROUP GIFT) - here Zaara : Chanchal Lingerie *seafoam* - here LavandaChic*Ruched Tartan Skirt*Gif Group Nov #4 LavandaChic*1k Member Gift (Cute Computer/Computer Headband) - here

Merry Part!
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Peace & Love

I've been doing these pictures for some days now, but didn't have time to squeeze them on the blog. Truth Hair has this lovely November group gift, plus if you are part of [ Al Vulo! ] group you can get the new Ewa skin gift. I've opted for a ginger hair color to match the skin (which has cute freckles as well). In the past, like when I was in high school, this was my rl color for a long time until I got blond. Ehh old times... 

[ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift - here TRUTH HAIR Group Gift 30 Nov 2013 - here Ricielli Mesh - C.H. item#9 - here Overhigh - Tiger Top - Original - here [coepio]Mr and Mrs.Smith [with HUD] Pants - here [ hoorenbeek ] All Stars - Hi Top 3.0 - - here LavandaChic*Kokeshi Peace & Love*POE6 GLOBE #168 - here dl:: Candy Cane (mouth)/red

Merry Part!
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Happy Time

I want to say a big big "thank you" to my lovely ladies that took part of my Rezz Day party! Fore and foremost to Naughty for the beautiful arrangements, made me feel really special and to Sumi for being awesome as she always is. And to Lil and Sam for being there for me. Even if we were just us girls we had a great time spent.. We didn't even noticed when time flew by!! Thank you, thank you! And also thank you to another special friend of mine who didn't forget about my Day and he IM'd me and we had an absolute wonderful time spent chatting!  It made my day, truly:)

Yep! Right there! That's me costumed as a reindeer.  Funny fact though after my party I went to Coco Design as there is 50% OFF winter sale, but changed, and there was a bunch of reindeers running around.  I wish I was still costumed to join them.

Merry Meet!
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