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Severely Damaged

This week turned out to be all about harshness. What seemed to have started well, pretty soon got into a sticky situation. First I just want to send a big Thanks! to all my friends that supported me, taking the time to vote and compliment my avatar looks and so forth.
Guess critique can be good in one way as it shows who really cares and who just want to hurt your feelings on purpose and without having a sustainable motive. But, to show I can have as many faces I want in Second Life, this post will approach an evil-dark light, hopefully giving pleasure to those who thought my face was cheesy. 

Character interpreted: Faun  * The faun is a half human - half goat (from the head to the waist being the human half, but with the addition of goat's horns) manifestation of forest and animal spirits which would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places.
Special Outfit: *{SeVered GarDen}*  Rina - L$260
Merry Part!

Time to vote!

Hello my sweets! So here is a voting rolling and I have a question for you all:
Do you think my avatar's face is cheesy? Let me know your opinion.  Ty so much! 

*Please cast your votes on the side bar

cheesy[ˈtʃiːzɪ] adjcheesiercheesiest1. like cheese in flavour, smell, or consistency 2.Informal (of a smile) broad but possibly insincere a big cheesy grin 3.Informal banal or trite; in poor taste

"In Greece, you’ve guessed it, the women are sweet!"*

Finally happy to have completed another pack of snapshots for the next pictorial. It's amazing how you can be inspired in a glance by one particular outfit. I have to admit, this is not my personal combination, but I thought it's so sweet that it deserves a special attention. Boy! It was hard to put them all together! I'm used to find things much more fast and easy, but this wasn't the case. Here I was challenging myself to find the C88 Camille Outfit which I saw on Juicy Bomb's blog. I just love her work and everything she posts and she has always been an inspiration for me, so I have to give her a big percentage of credit for making this post seeing the light.

After a long search for the things I needed to compose this look, the location came simple to my mind just by purchasing the Anchor necklace. Where is sunny, sea and warm? You've guessed it! In Greece!! So, there I was on this special island at Armenelos posing for my pictures. 

To make it a bit more inter…

Live music, coffee and ... New York

Going through difficult periods in my life have always tempted me to hide or find new activities to do. For most of them it means me alone. But, this time around I got an invite to an interesting location. Is not a secret anymore that my favorite city of all is New York, so anyone who will invite me to a place related to it, will have my deeply appreciation. 

Located to very detailed and well arranged sim, this Coffee shop is mainly a host to live music events, open mic and anyone who's willing to try playing some instruments. I have to admit I was very impressed by how it is decorated and by the peaceful and calm atmosphere it creates. Surely, I could spend there hours and hours without getting bored as it's so very relaxing.

This part is consisted by few couches and lounge chair to sit and enjoy the music by the fireplace. You can also read a book or just let yourself caressed by the warming sun rays coming through the big large windows. I'm personally attracted by high qu…

Somebody That I Used To Know

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness Like resignation to the end Always the end

Bits Of Legendary Transylvania

Breaking News:Right when I was writing  this post, prince Harry of Wales was in Transylvania taking a tour and visiting  the surroundings. Also spotted by paparazzi on motorcycle climbing bumpy snowy roads. One local said: "He did not look or dress like a prince, you could just say he's a normal guy on his bike."
A very often question I am asked by people I meet is: where are you from? I don't exactly enjoy this question, because clearly is a virtual world and most likely I will never get to meet in real life with someone I know in second life. But, I do love my country very much and this gives me an opportunity to present a few bits of a place I'm so fond of in both of these lives. You might remember the location from my previous post, but I promised to return and give an almost full view of the legendary: Transylvania.  You may associated it with our daddy vampire of all vampires, the place where count Dracula was born and from where many legends, suppositions an…

Going Festive At Old Europe

It's Easter time of the year and it's also the season of gifts and new releases. What better way to celebrate it than with a walk at a dearest place I've known from quite some time in SL: Old Europe. It is basically a Market Fair, also spiced up with a new hunt called Umbrella Hunt. Here you can find best items on sale from all famous creators and brands around Second Life. I am  drawn to this place mostly because its festive and cheerful setting. 

You can take a walk on the side way and visit the shops inside. You can have a cup of coffee or wine just to relax and enjoy the sight. Also it's important to look closely for the gifts creators provide, in general for joining their group, but not necessary. You might surprise yourself for finding some good quality stuff and be happy about it.

Another spot I really enjoy here is situated right in the middle of the market and it's a big dancing ring. Very suitable for romantic people, in-love couples, that may want to have a…

I'm A Barbie Girl

This post goes to all the haters in SL of Barbie Doll and Barbie look in general. Guess what guys and gals you can shove it somewhere if you hate it so much, because I really love it! I can't say that my avatar is build and shaped by the original doll and maybe it doesn't have anything related to it. But I've posted here some shots where you can see me doing few activities and being proud to show off my tiny cut of tee with what else logo than: Barbie! Why? Because it's Second Life and it's possible. Some people prefer bulky look like avatars for as they say they keep it real. Hey! For the record, this is a virtual world and even if it wants to re-create the world as real as the experience can be, it's still a world where you do not need to keep a diet and work out to fit in a pair of skinny jeans or some sexy boots. You just adjust your shape with few clicks and be as you want to be. No offence to those mentioned, but sometimes I set my avatar as a goal and as I…