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#1 Tops

Just a quick update to present the tops available on Market Place listed at Best Selling Products and that are either dollarbies or free. They are all mesh and very good quality, so if you're looking for a tank to match an outfit you have, here are the suggestions. Also there are some great ones for men that can be acquired for free. Happy shopping!!

<< NS:: Army of Love ShirT - here >> [LQ] Promo Tank Mesh - here

<<  [LQ] Promo Noir V-Neck Shirt - here >> [LQ] Promo Blanc V-Neck Shirt - here

<< -NV- *PROMO* THE 1 H.B.I.C - here >> NCparis Sweater Top MESH FREE - here

<< flow. Hood Tee - here >> [Roy] Dizzy W. Shirt - here

Merry Part!

Sweet Seduction ***100*** (Special)

This is a very special post as it's the great number of 100. Yay guys I've managed 100 posts thanks to all of you that gave me your support and help, thanks to all free great stuff there was to get, group gifts and hunts. I'm so pleased with this achievement and I couldn't be more happier. For this special post I've chosen to present some very casual yet trendy items for boys and girls. Hope you enjoy it and thank you thank you so much for everything!! 

Her: Eaters Coma - Slashed Tank / Black - here *RibboN*Loose pants04 - here
Him: Ri.cielli - Brian Look Combined 1 and 2 - here [Simple Things] (Navy) Dog Tags - here
Pose: Tea Soup - Sweet Seduction [Freebie] - here

Merry Part!

Forest Path

Combining two events The Fifty Linden Friday Week and The Dressing Room I've put together a very late summery comfy outfit to be wear on lazy days.. when going for a walk or exploring a sunny forest path. I like to wear long skirts and this one from Tulip. comes in various light and darker tones with also the option of transparent material. I'm presenting as well the Cassiopea skin from Glam Affair featured at TDR. It comes in Jamaica tone, so pretty much tanned and with a very sensual creamy-delicious looking make-up.

The Ensemble:
Glam Affair - Cassiopea Skin - Jamaica - Tesea @The Dressing Room - here ISON - quinton glasses (amber) @Fifty Linden Friday - here tulip. Twilight Maxi Skirt (Cream - MESH) - here tulip.Halter Top (Strawberry Cream - MESH) @Fifty Linden Friday - here
***Special Thanks to Naughty Nootan*** <3U
Merry Part! Miraje

Dolphin L.O.V.E.

The Fifty Linden Friday round has started and there are some very good items on sale. In case you didn't know about this event it's simply as described: "a group of designers will place an item in the front of their main store marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.  Each week the designers and items will rotate.  The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on next Friday." My first buy was this amazing dress from Miel. It's mesh and comes with a HUD that allows you to change multiple colors and styles, so you can easily mix-and-match with the rest of your outfit. I went for the dolphin pattern model as I love them so much, but you can buy it also in plain or stripey model.

MIEL PLAYA DRESS - dolphin bright - here

Merry Part!


We often experience feelings that our avatars are not able to show. It can be a perfect cover to hide emotions behind the screen as no one can actually see your face, just the motionless figure of the avatar. Some take this just as a role play and get to detach their personal feelings from their character, but some of us, myself included, are not looking at their avatars as a third person and it becomes a part of the whole you.  That's why I wanted to buy the tears tattoos from Izzie's. They are perfect to express sadness, love sickness, pain, distress and everything that makes you cry. There are  included sad eyes with tears in all the basic colors: black, blue, green and brown, plus sad eyebrows and mascara tears.  I won't hide the fact that I have been very low regarding my social life, had and still have to face many problems and all that affects me a lot. So, this is really a great buy as for right now "I'm not feeling very well". 

Izzie's - I'm not…

Privy Girl (Episode 4)

In this new episode of  Privy Girl, I have spotted two amazing avatars I want to present.  What I'm really excited about is that both are famous in second life. I have already declared myself a fan of miss L., she's really my idol. I love everything about her avatar from skin, shape, clothes, attitude, personality and so forth. As for mr. K, if you will pay attention to details, you might figure out who is he. I just can't believe I caught a glance of him. This is so so cool. Guess even SL is a small world hey!

Spotted: A certain miss L. (on the right)
Identified Items: TRUTH HAIR Soleil - light browns - here SLink – Mesh Feet SLink – Aussie Thongs (Std) White - here
Suggested Items: ::C'est la vie !:: summer long skirt (hemp ivory) rigged-mesh - here Apple May Designs - Hazel Mesh Top - Cream - here

Spotted: A certain mr. K
Identified Items: <kal rau> Baggy Jeans Dark M2. - here <kal rau> Basic T-Shirt - here <kal rau> Sport Sunglasses_mesh - here
Suggested Items:

The Morning After

Someone once said that the sexiest lingerie for a woman is a man's shirt. I couldn't agree more. I have been waiting in ages for a good release of such item in second life and finally Zenith Fashion has come with the best you can find at this moment. Now, sadly they don't come with the boyfriend too, but in very beautiful textures though, which is a plus. The price is a bit high, but since they are so well done, you won't feel sorry for the expenses. And if you lucky to have a man, I'm sure he will pretty much appreciate your look the morning after. 

=Zenith Fashion= Boy Friend Shirt (White) - hereNEW

Merry Part!

Blue Days

I hope to get soon out of the studio and start exploring new destinations. As for this round of posts, my last ends in a blue note. I've joined the Toki D group and got this lovely turquoise polka dots Mari top. It is not a free join, but you may find it worth, because the clothes are very well crafted and nice fitting on avatar, so if they keep bringing nice gifts it sure is a good deal. Another remark I will make regarding this ensemble, you'll see me wearing flip-flops, something I totally avoid doing in SL. But this ones come with colorful nail polish and I find it really fun, plus they are very easy to adjust skin and such, not to mention they are free. 

The Ensemble:
*ARGRACE* Straw Fedora - Blue Hat - here (TokiD) group gift (August 3) - here FREExxYOMESHOUJOxx *zab flower*01 skirt [MESH] - here [Mad Echo] - Nyantastic Short Nails - here +9 Summer Crocodile Sandal(rainbow) FREE - here +9 leather coin purse - Panda (spine) Free Gift - here Ricielli Mesh - Cowride Tote Leather Ba…

Nouveau Et Classique

I just love when I find vestimentary items that are suitable both for a fresh young-ish look or a more classic old style-ish appearance. Sure it is a matter of mix and matches and the play with colors, but it can result an interesting layout. So, the stars of this post are the Sofia Rompers from, both acquired at the incredible price of 1L/each. The textures are awesome and I like the fact that even if it's kinda of a large piece of cloth that covers your body, it is also very sexy in some particular areas and also accessible. It's a great buy really!
>>Lilac Bunny<<

The Ensemble:
Skin -Glam Affair-  Roza - Summer 02 - here >TRUTH< Bunny -  light blondes Sofia Romper Lilac bird - 1L - here ...::: AV!SAGE :::... ShoeBox Platforms PUR'SUEDE Pink - here [Mad Echo] -  Hey Panda Short Nails - here Herrera Bag w/pose Hz - here


[Pink Zebra swimsuit]**Angelic Lefevre Couture** - here *Comes with earrings *

>>Baroque Princess&…

Colors, Fruits and Flowers

The next two ensembles are so very adorable and feminine, I'm really into this style. Dresses in SL are amazing even if mesh or regular flexi skirt they will sure give you a nice look. I do prefer this kind of romantic figure and I'd be dressed like that at all times.. Sadly, men don't find it very appealing as they expect to see more skin, boobies and tush out. So, it's a trickery in between being sexy, artificial and naughty vs. beings decent, natural and sweet. I try to stay in the middle, not really sure I manage it too good. But hey! One can only try, right?

The Ensemble:
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Shell" Blacks and White - here !gO! Vintage Girl Dress Group Gift - here [LeeZu!] IndiaBracelet GIFT [LeeZu!] LaPerla Necklaces GIFT here [Blossom] Spring Yellow Pumps - hereFREE [Mad Echo] - Sculpted Rainbow Nails - 1L - here [UMEBOSHI] Fei tattoo Group Gift August - here


The Ensemble:
""D!va"" More than 25000 gro…

London, Music and Cigars

The nights are getting a little chilly and the Summer is slowly fading, making room for the Fall to come. I have combined some great stuff, most of them again free ones or at super amazing prices. If you're heading for a beach party, going out for a tea with your friends or going shopping around the block, them three ensembles will sure be fit to wear. Just stay tuned for more to come! Uhh ohh, just before you're running out to get the items, don't forget to make some room in your inventory, you will so gonna need it!!

>>The Beach Party<<

The Ensemble:
[LeLutka] - TREND hair/Light Blond (Powder) - here Zara Cardigan - Pink Bird - 1L - here Diva Pump Heels ZPink - 1L - here =blu= Zipper Mini Brit *mesh Group Gift - here Odd Dele - Mouth Accessories Hunt Item 9 - here PARADISIS Bag - Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt Item - here

>>Going Out For A Tea<<

The Ensemble:
[LeLutka] - RAIN hair/Light Blond (Marilyn) - here Zara Cardigan Rain - 1L - here Overa…

Black, Orange and Cognac

This round at The Dressing Room is tres tres chic I must say. The dresses, the shoes, accessories and skins are amazing and top quality. I'd suggest you stop by fast while it last and get a few items, if not all (I wish!), because they are well deserved. For my ensemble I've made a combine of two colors and a neutral: black, orange and cognac. They are matching the milky skin that comes in a very natural light-daily make-up. It sure gives you a sense of elegance and a very feminine perspective in a very retro way.

The Ensemble:
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassiopea Europa - Retro - 70L$ Dress: A&A Fashion Tulip Skirt TT - 70L$ Earrings: [glow] Studio Utopia GReen/Black - 62L$ Shoes: *YS & YS* Brera Pumps Cognac - 70L$
The Dressing Room - taxi - here

Merry Part! Miraje

The Vintage Fair Marathon

I've finally took the time and make a full visit all around Vintage Fair Sims. Yay! Don't ask me about the lag and multiple crashes, it comes with the territory. But, I got some really nice stuff you might wanna go struggle to get if you're so inclined (*I've add to each the direct SLURL hoping will make it easier for you). LOL. This post is divided in 3 parts: first > the complete ensemble, second > the props and third > them lingerie pieces. Few item surely are not from there, but just a special mention the ones I'm presenting are mostly gifts you find in the stores, so pretty much free or 1L$, tops 10L$. Enjoy!
>The Complete Ensemble<

The Ensemble:
/Wasabi Pills/Monique Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack - here :::Sn@tch Swag Bag (Vintage Fair)::: Make-up (Red Lips & Cateye Liner) - here DCNY_Vintage Fair Exclusive Gift_Cherry Bomb Set - here Izzie's - Vintage Fair Gift 80's Raibow Bangles - here Jack Spoon - Vintage Fair 2012 Freebie - Lace Necklace -