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Spring Blush

Something bright and colorful for those out and about days!

ONEBODY - Funny *LipStick (CATWA ) - GIFT - here
AMITOMO /  Sweet Thing GACHA / S - 5  T-shirt @Kustom9 ::Poised:: Blush - Jeans & Tank - Rose Floral - PROMO - here ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker! Tiptoe - here
GIFT ^^Swallow^^ Chic Earrings - here GIFT ^^Swallow^^ Chic Ring - here ninety - Shoot Bag Yellow - here

See you soon! Miraje

Back To Fashion

When I logged into SL after 7-8  month I was in shock how much it has changed in terms of new avatars, new technologies, mesh everything, bento everything and the clothes... with the new clothes is very hard to find something you like that is not specially designed for one of the famous mesh bodies.
So, obviously I had to turn my avi at 180 degrees in order to be in trend with everybody. It was a good thing about it because it gave me a good reason to delete all the junk and old fashion stuff I had in my hoarded Inventory. Now, I am almost clean, still need a few more k's to drop, but in the meantime, I made this cute photo, without showing my new face (still in progress). Jocking!
Happy to get back to my favorite hobby in SL: Shopping! 

Action Inkubator Hair Emily - here
¬Top and Bottom¬
Blueberry - Nikita Romper - here Belice Gift :: Woman Shoes :: Two Colors :: {kokoia} - here
FAKEICON / plast bag / black text @Souled Out

See you soon! Miraje