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Oi, birdies! So, *Argrace* launched two new hairstyles today and I ran fast to get the one I liked (Well, not so, so fast, but still). I must say it's getting crowded in there, which makes me think those are gonna be a real hit around the grid. Hurry to get yours!

~Tattoo~ Letis Tattoo :: Dangling :: A13007 :  ~Hair~ *ARGRACE* TSUBASA - Blondes  ~Jacket~ Ricielli - NYH/item #5 - Jeans Leather Coat  ~Dress~ [Cynful] T-Dress - Green Lace  ~Shoes~ .::FLG::. Boots Green Romance"s :: ~Accessories~ FLG - Fairy Bag Valentine"s
Merry Part! MiRaGe ♥


As I was doing the pictures for this new post, I got to think about one of my top favorite actors: Corey Haim. Back in the days, when there were no CD's, no DVD's, no Internet, we had VCR's. I had two of his movies on those type of VHS cassettes. I probably still have them somewhere in a closet or a box. My favorite movie of his was called "Prayer of the Rollerboys". I was so obsessed with rollerskating and most because of that film. My friends were telling i'm a crazy laughing and watching me with suspicious looks when I was jumping up and down the sidewalks with my rollers. I guess, because at that time I was the only one doing it! But, I think if anyone is very passionate about something, should not think too much of what other think and just be who you wanna be and do what you feel like doing. I am always gonna miss Corey and the passion for rollerskating. 

~Skin~ .Birdy. Maisie Skin VIP gift <3  ~Make-up~ NIKA  [LovelyPhantom] (Eyes&Lips) ~Tattoo~ =…

Bang Bang

Lately I'm in the mood for some dahlin' dahlin' time in SL. Too bad I don't have a bf :( So, I'm just suffering all by myself trying to cope and wishing this eagerly feelings will fade away soon. And to think that the new sexy sweater from .tsg is so easy to pull off!!... Such a shame and a waste altogether :D

~Hair~ little bones. Bang Bang (Moth) - GIFT  ~Cap~ ILLMATIC :: CUNT Leather Snapback - Noir ~Sweater&Top~ .tsg. Team Hentai - V.I.P Group Gift February 2014 Kyoot - Mila Bodysuit (White) ~Pants~ Paperbag. Wideleg Highwaist Painters Denim ~Shoes~ N00053
Merry Part!


Hi hi birdies! Here's a few goodies for you to grab.  Wish everyone a great weekend!! Mwahhhh♥

~Skin~ Mr. Bloch Mabel I (Slink, Lolas Tango, PhatAzz, Loud Mouth) ~Hair~ Clawtooth: Lady Luck (Glamorous Blondes Pack)  ~Top~ Apple May Designs - Alice Tops - Vintage White ~Shorts~ The Secret Store - Balloon Shorts - Astro @Collabor88 ~Boots~ N00057 ~Accessories~ ::GB:: Curb chain Necklace ::GB:: facebook Limited GIFT Curb chain Ring 

Merry Part!

Hold My Body Tight

My body's all alone Need someone 2 take me home Talk until the morning light Don't wanna do ya Just hold ya tight♫♪

~Hair~ (Chemistry) Hair - Willow 2 - HUD.1 ~Top~ "La petite fleur"UnB Tshirts GIFT  ~Pants~ ..S..: Combination Pant - Azure  ~Shoes~ N00058 ~Accessories~ SIX BOIS : #02 GIFT TRIN GLASSES ::GB:: Body Bag /3color

Merry Part!


Here come bad news talking this and that  Well, give me all you got, don't hold it back  Well, I should probably warn you I'll be just fine  No offense to you don’t waste your time, here's why..
Because I'm happy♪♫

~Hat~ Riders Straw Cowboy Hat - Complimentary -  ~Shoes~ N00074 - Roller Skates

Merry Part!

Surreal Burlesque

Maybe I should cry for help Maybe I should kill myself (myself) Blame it on my A.D.D. baby♫♪

~Make-up~ .r.M. Misery - Eyebrows ~Dress~ MI87182 Burlesque Corset Dress ~Accessory~ Pure Poison -Cool Unisex Bracelets 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Mabel Cookie

I'm very glad to blog for my new sponsor Mr.Bloch. On the Market Place store you can find a various palette of both male/female skins. They are beautiful and soft, from light to darker creamy tones, plus all packages come with all possible appliers. I'm wearing the Mabel I skin, which is pretty versatile, allowing you to play with multiple make-ups and styles, adding your very own touch to it. That's a real plus for a skin, because it makes it easy to stand out of the crowd and be unique!

~Skin~ Mr. Bloch Mabel I (Slink, Lolas Tango, PhatAzz, Loud Mouth)  ~Make-up~ Pink Acid Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss & Teeth - Pale Pink  + Tintable Gyaru lip paint + ~Hair~ little bones. 3-Way - (Past gift)  ~Jacket~ Ricielli - NYH item #5 - Leather Coat  ~Lingerie~ *Tentacio* Black lingerie (Gift)  ~Pants~ Ricielli - VBH / ITEM #1 - Hot Pants  ~Shoes~ :::LP::: Milan_Heel [Black]  ~Accessories~ *Tentacio* Don't touch my eggs April gift  May's Soul - Valentine box gift 

Merry Part!
MiRaGe ♥


So... yesterday was Valentine's Day. Yes, I have celebrate it by listening to love songs and eating chocolate all by myself... Pretty lame and boring. I really wanted to attend the Masquerade Ball at Tiffany's Club, but I was feeling kinda weird going there without a partner. I even bought a gown, which will surely rotten in my inventory for a very long time. Anyways, yeah.. blue time for me... But, I am very happy that people still celebrate love. We should never lose that.

~Gown~ Peqe - Open Gown_Blue 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Meet Bastian

Hi hi birdies! Here's an incredible awesome skin from Titzuki!  Great pre-release with a special Valentine's Day offer. (Girls you can gift it to your beaux for a new, fresh and hot look)
Check it out:
In-world shop here Market Place here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Miss Zebra


~Make-up~ Pink Acid Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss & Teeth - Pale Pink  ~Dress~ IAF Zebra Bodycon Dress (Pink)   ~Boots~ H.A.R.D _ Ankled Long Boots _ Black  ~Accessory~ IAF Black and White Floppy Hat 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Lolly insisted she wants to join me in these pictures. I can't say no, can I? :P

~Make-up~ .r.M. Severity - Eyebrows [PF] INK Lipstick/LipGloss .r.M. Nicolette - Teeth (Boxed) ~Hair~ (Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - B&Ws ~Jacket~ Ricielli - NYH item #15 - Blister Jacket ~Pants~ Ricielli - NYH item #3 - Highwaisted Leather Pants ~Shoes~ The Shops! Freebie Pumps ~Accessories~ :::LP::: Ichi Shades - Black @TCF .Birdy. Boston Buddy - The mens dept

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

City Girl

Is getting hot in here so...

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Collagen Lips V3 Group Only Gift <3 ~Hair~ little bones. True Affection (Mello Yellow) ~Romper~ .:: PrincessD ::. - Romper City - ~Shoes~ Enkythings Talyna - Yellow FREE ~Tattoo~ {Tilly} - Demonish Tattoo *Sweet Cherry* Queen Tattoo Gift ~Accessory~ NS::  *Q* Bag  HUD

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Yayy my birdies!  Is not often I get to brag about something I've achieved, so imagine my joy when I saw the Owl picture have won my first award on Flickr.  Thank you so much Duchess Flux for your appreciation!! All wonderful bloggers out here make sure you submit your amazingly photos at Wonderland Group <3

Merry Meet!
Miri ♦

I Can't Be Tamed


The Shops! have started a new project and they are giving for free the mesh feet and hands. There's also developed a mesh head which will allow residents to add-on their favorite skin, of course, as soon as the skin makers will provide the appliers required. I think it's a bold move, but I believe in no time this will go viral and everybody would wanna own such enhancements. They have a very friendly use HUD that allows you to browse through all the attachments all in one. That's probably the best part. Now, we will only have to wait for the styles (in nails, gloves, tattoos etc.) and footwear to be launched, because as much fun and comfy can be, we can't run around bare feet for too long or on any occasion. 
P.S. I have to thank my friend Natasha for letting me know about this offer. Please forward this to your friends and let's all get fancy and fabulous!

~Skin~ The Shops  - Chanel (15) ~Make-up~ .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup ~Hair~ little bones. Flower Door …

Night Owl Queen

4:13 AM

~Make-up~ .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup Pink Acid Group Only Gift <3 ~Hair~ little bones. Flower Door (Antivenom) Group Gift  ~Top/Skirt~ ~*~Shar's Casuals~*~Owl ~Accessories~ Lady Gaga Black Crown Fashionista (old item) .Birdy. Squishy Bird Plushie<3 VIP gift 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Call Me... Maybe

I know I have been posting pretty much stuff about Valentine's Day already. I think I do that every year! Thing is, I am that person to still believe in love as the most precious gift in our lives. Plus, the creators keep releasing amazingly cute and adorable, lovable items and it is so, so hard to resist. 

~Make-up~ - Nemezi - Glossy Red (Teeth) ~Hair~ (Chemistry) Hair - Sirena - HUD.1 ~Jacket&Top~ Ricielli TDR - Tweed Cardigans FATPACK  little bones. Rey Crop Top - Little Bones  ~Leggings~ .BBB. Free Stockings  ~Shoes~ .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black ~Accessories~ .Birdy. Love Hamster {Valentines} VIP gift  * Almost Free Love Seat Decoration By Snuggles Boxed MP

Merry Part!
Miri ♦


Baby, I want you, na na... ♫♪

UNICORNOLOGY - Lettering tattoo (Love And Hope Never End) ♥Pure Poison - Valentine Lingerie♥  CM FREE VALENTINES DAY ROSE

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Meet Lolly!


As many others, I have been seduced by the Boston Buddy from .Bridy. So much so, I said together with everybody I'll die if I don't have it! Mine is a female :P (what? it can be whatever I want, is my dog :D) and her name is Lolly. I'm really happy she's mine and I hope my other buddy Lulu won't be too upset if I hang around more with Lolly :)) Sorry people, I am blond and "very Paris Hilton" atm (as my friend Zuki called me).

~Skin~ .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Maddie {Lovestruck} Skin Sunkissed @[Room69] ~Hair~ [taketomi]_Emiko_JackOLanternBands_LBlonde04 (Gacha items) ~Top/Shorts~ ..:sexZ:..- TankNShorts / BMBV hunt item  ~Shoes~ kustom9 subscribe gift (Rain boots-brown) ~Accessories~ **Flair - Nail Hud Add On - Slink Avatar Enhancement - Set 177 [nh]giraffe headband *  S O R G O - WERS Shades / Bitum  .Birdy. Boston Buddy - The mens dept 

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Couture Hippy

HiHi my sweet birdies! Having a happy moment, therefore, a festive and funny ensemble for today. Few group gifts in there worth to get and the booties are at promo price, so hurry to get them. Kiss*Kiss
P.S. Mustache is from *booN, I forgot to add the credits, but right now MP doesn't seem to be functional. It's worth to get it for funny times and it's only 1L$ if I'm not wrong. :D

~Make-up~ Pink Acid Collagen LipsV3 Group Only Gift <3  ~Hair~ *booN LCA518 hair gold/blonde/sandy RIGGED MESH  ~Top&Shorts~ H.A.R.D _ Mesh Tank Top & Mesh Jeans Shorts - Bands ~Bodysuit~ .R:R. The Bridgette Bodysuit - Red  ~Shoes~ baii maii 032 ruffle/heels/mesh (PROMO)  ~Accessories~ Pure Poison - Love Earrings Group Gift  Coco - Shirt Around Waist (Buffalo Check) Greencolor still available  *hurry*

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Barbie And Horsey

New group gift from .::FLG::.  All sexy barbs out there, hurry-up to get it!

.::FLG::. Barbie Danny ::. 

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

Year Of The Horse

So, I did a test called: What is your mental age? And based on what I've answered to their questions, my mental age is: 16. Omfg! Pffff... They should know better that 'm actually: 12. Duhh! Anyways, it's not why I've done this post in the first place. But, because I like my Pikachu sweater and skirt and they were literally rotten there in my inventory never to get out. As you may have seen so far, from time to time, I love to fool around dressed like a little girl, with colorful, cartoon-ish outfits. It's just for fun and for breaking-up rules and such. Was also a great way to show you this little horse doll from =Zenith=. It's so so cuteeeeee!! And... I'm such a big child!

~Hair~ [taketomi]_Bom_LightBlondes  ~Top~ ***azalea** sweater  pikachu Gift ~Skirt~ Group Gift .:{Pika Microskirt}:. .::Kre-ations::. ~Socks~ M.I.X.*stockings (C - black)  ~Shoes~ !1mm***  tabi+zouri2013 rose (GG)  ~Accessories~ =Zenith=Year of the Horse doll (Group Gift)