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Cyber View

Photos taken at XIAJ

TRUTH HAIR Lyma -  light blondes - here Speakeasy :: Understand me if you can tattoo 1L$ Speakeasy :: Spiral // Plug MESH ears (FREE) - here :: Miss Canning :: [Galatea Bodysuit] 12 Colors HUD! - here [hate this] apparel - elbow warmers - wild-panther - here RY - K-40 Legs  RY - Suspicious quotation marks cap - here
*Ensemble inspired by The Wondering Faun~Humans are such easy prey~

Merry Part!
Miri ♦

~Twilight Zone~

I get so excited when I find places like lost cities or haunted neighborhoods. I would be lurking around to the most dark alleys just because... But, one thing is for sure, I have to always watch my back 'cause there can be a stinky zombie following. Them f**k*rs are everywhere! Oh well... I got ma gun.. Man down! Man down!

illmatic :: The BOY Hat - Black w/ Gold - here [DDL] Shades Anniversary (black) - here *Group Gift* ::DirtyMind:: Laced In Black 3-In-1 (lace bodysuit) - here Wild Oats: Poppins  Colorblock Shirt Mesh @SIS - here ZAROYA - Chanel Hoop Earrings, Gold - here 04 - FLG Mini Hunt Star Shorts - here
Stella Zip Lace Over Knee R-Mesh Boots - here

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Red-y To Go

To be honest when I stared this post I wasn't ready to go anywhere. It just sounded like a cool title. I am back from a crazy bike ride and my head is still spinning, but it's a good thing, right? Because those rides are really fun actually. Well, if I'm not the driver that is. Maybe I'll post a pic anytime soon from my crazy adventures (bike rides) in SL. But, for now birdies.. heyy!! More shopping! 

little bones. Starfruit - (Sandy) @SLFashionWeek - here 05 - FLG Mini Hunt (Carmen Blouse - Blood) - here *Group Gift* ::DirtyMind:: Laced In Black 3-In-1 (skirt) - here [DDL] From me to you (ring) Group Gift [DLL] Group Gift  July (Silver) - here .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Shopping Mania

I have to admit, I really went overboard with shopping lately. There's got to be a way to make myself stop, but I haven't find it yet. Still, what's most important is that I've got some good items and you might enjoy going after them, just as much as I did.  *In the last picture you can see how gracious I can run in my heels.. well thanks to lag!!!

:::UT::: Blossom Button-up Blouse - Group Gift - here [DDL] Toca Para Mi... (Bracelet)  Group Gift [DDL] Manic Monday / Group Gift - here .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps (Spikes) - Black - here

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Enjoying The Summer

I know weather around the Globe is not similar, but here we're kinda spending the last days of summer. Soon, we're gonna pack our bikinis and shorts. Or, maybe do as me and wear them inside the house like a total diva. Anyways, here are some more goodies that you can use in whatever combination you'll like, either it's sunny, rain or snow . 

Gift - Tied Crop Top - Blueberry - here .::FLG::. Masked  Short ::. - here .StrawberryJam. \ Kawaii Socks 02 MESH - here .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. Bouton Rings . Opening Gift  SPH: Mes Petites Coutures Manchettes (Ocean) .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. Audrey Cigarette . Argent & Or - all here [NoRe!] White Leg Ribbon 1L! - here

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Waves Good-Bye

Hi birdies! How y'all been? I hope good. After taking some good rest days, I'm back with fresh forces. Ohh by the way! I hate that I have to use the default second life viewer 'cause of the SSB code. Well, at least when I need to interact with other avatars so they won't see me gray. I don't like it at all, I wanna keep my old Firestorm viewer forever and ever. Funny this made me say to my friend today: "I'm taking a pause from men in SL" (thinking I will so not be sexy in bed with gray skin) and he didn't say anything after that, but an: ":O". What is that even mean? Hello, come back! I was just talking about you know, 'dunga dunga' stuff I put on break.. not all my male friends.. 
And now.. here are the goodies:

1. SEXY GODDES 2 IN 1 PONY PRT2/ FOXYMAMA HAIR {BLK} - here ..::[DC]::.. Double Infinity - hereFREE // LUNARICON // - Cross of St Peter Suspenders [GRAY]  // LUNARICON // - TCF#3 Gift Elastic Wrist - here 26 *RAH3* [NoRe!] Can…

A Thing For A King

(Rerty) New R Cap Mesh (free for group 1 week) - here Rerty Kisman Sunglasses (group gift) (Chemistry) Hair - Willow - B&Ws - here / XIAJ / 666 Tee @She&Him Event - here ::{u.f.o}::sunny skinny overall - grey - here .Things. - Hip Shaker*Leo @SL Fashion Week - here .[ pose+ivity ]. Tata Pack @She*&Him Event Hellfire*Old Comfy Chair Black - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Party Time

I went out last night with Becca and I gotta say we had lots of fun. In between working as hostess, photographer and creating ensembles for posting on this blog, I rarely get the chance to proper enjoy second life. So to speak, I hardly have any personal life in there. This was really refreshing and nice, hope to do it more often.  

Merry Meet!
Miri ♦

Miss Chanel

Oi!Oi! You birdies missed me?? Ha ha I bet you did.. Um well I gotta say SL is freakishly laggy lately. But, instead of whining about that all the time, here's a nice ensemble I've put together after I fell in love with... M mmm... oh right! After I fell in love with the {mon tissu} collared shirt. Ooohhh so cute!!!

-LaViere- Joana Fatpack (Promotional Pricing) - here :::LP::: Metal Top Cat Eye Shades Gold - Black @The Black Fair n*26 store - here [Dolly] Ciggy Holder - here {mon tissu} Collared Shirt ~ White - here ISON - razzle pleated pants (black) @Collabor88 - here illmatic :: Oversized Channel Pendant - Gold - here [Cliche] Glam pumps (black)*  (Noticed the price is almost half down since I've acquired them, still a great buy) - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Pure Daytime Shadows

I'm really glad to see people come to this page and read even very old articles. Makes my heart jump of joy every time. So thanks for that, I very much appreciate it. ♥

~PURE~ {Shape} Judy *C - Hair Band #02 guava (gift SIS) PURE - {Mesh} Susan Mini Dress - Pink (SIS) [7891.] Paid Watch Set - Gold PURE - {Mesh} Beryl Studded Shoes - Beige (SIS)
StuffInStock Pure Mainstore

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Summer Time

After multiple attempts to take the pictures in an absolute adorable location, I gave up and did them in my apartment (LL solve this freaking lag issues already damn it!). Still.. maybe was for the best, although I'm not a fan of bleak photos. Some items are good to be immortalized, especially when after that you will be left without them :D umm willingly..

(Chemistry) Hair - Buttons - B&Ws - here .::FLG::. Summer Outfit ::. - here FREE {Sugar Heart} Tights - here Pure Poison - Hannah Jewelry Set (Group Gift) - here

Merry Part! Miri ♦

Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

It's this song's fault, it all started with it... lol
♫Oh when you walk by every night Talking sweet and looking fine I get kind of hectic inside Oh baby I'm so into you Darling if you only knew All the things that flow through my mind♪
watch >> here

PP - Shae Jewelry Set Group Gift (Join cost L$100) NEW Pure Poison SUBSCRIBER GIFT - Ruby Cross Rings here

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I Don't Give A

♫Look at all the f*cks I give Give it away, give it away, give it away now...♪
watch >>> here

Boudoir Group Gift F*ck dress - here NEW

Merry Part!

Water My Melon

Aw my dear birdies, I got caught up in.. well, not sure exactly what lately, but many something. Also, yesterday was my birthday, which was fantastic and it started perfect.. I can't say how because it's way too personal, but all I can say is that I'm really happy! I keep saying if this is a dream, then I don't ever want to wake-up. Oh, I also want to add a special thanks to all that made my birthday party so cool: Naughty, Autumn, Peilten, Lil, Marky, Frank and everyone around, thank you guys for the gifts and the wishes!! It was puuurfect!!
>> Posting these picture, because this is what I was wearing (not for long) at midnight on my b.d.. you get the point hehehe...

.d. Headband Watermelon (GIFT) - here :: COCO:: Cropped Tank Top (Black/Grey) Group Gift - here VCO – Phone (Watermelon) - here
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I Swear... Do I?

♪ahh...lapotah..talaki..mato..l­ida.. ahh.­.labadi, pochin, la, nochaa.. huplana ki leji..kopa kuse lanani.. underwear..lakareee lirewi jilenyaa..lakere..e.. underwear eer..lapakle lekuan li berha ke..e..lapek le..e..♫
watch >>> here
"Umm.. Can I be the first to say <eww!?>"
(Joking :)) Them minions are really funny. Now I wouldn't have the patience to watch the movie, maybe, but I like my new top from NS:: it's gift!!!)

---::[[F A M E]]::---[DopeBeanie]Camo Hat Magika [03] Wait NS:: LoOking GOod (Minions) Top Gift - here .:villena:. - jogging pants blue - here Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (July Group Gift) - here [7891.] Dope Necklace Set Magnetized Sneakers_Black Intense

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Tip-Toe Till I Fall

Just because I like to play dangerous. :P

""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi2" (Cat's eye) - here Cute Poison Top - past gift, but available to buy in store - here LOuise Bells Jeans - here {B} TRiangular Shoes Blue - here

Merry Part!
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