December 8, 2013

My Yorkie


I have recently discovered a cool place where there are multiple items gathered from gacha machines. I know how much everyone loves The Arcade, but sometimes is really hard to get in and have to wait for more days. I must say I've got a few items already without having any struggle with lag. All thanks to this great thrift shop. Ohhh... and meet my cute little friend Maisy the Yorkie. Isn't she adorable?! There are a few more puppies waiting to be adopted, so, hurry up! I've already got two, but I might go back for more :)))

TRUTH HAIR Amaya -  light blondes  - here {tyvm Autumn!}
[BLUE] Liz - Jewelry Set Gift (Ring) at WTSL
WTSL Gift [CheRRy] - Bunny Dress - here
D.A. Boots Christmas {Group Gift December}- here
Pure Poison -  Ice Swirls HandCuffs Group Gift - here
Intrigue Co. Plushie Pals: Maisy the Yorkie 
@ Thea's Gacha Trift Shop/Yardsale - here

Merry Part!
Miri ♦