January 3, 2013

The Magic Of Xeriko's Attic

This is an off-fashion post, because I wanted to share with you all that don't already know or read Xeriko's Attic Blog.  If there's any among you birdies that do, then I should congratulate you for it. 
You know, Second Life is often seen as a world where you log in, go wonder around clubs and meet people. Well, that is a great part of it, but hey.. there is more to it. 
Before I met Xeriko, I must have been blind. I wasn't aware of the real beauty and aware of what this virtual life can look like through someone else's eyes, who's clearly a genius. The beauty of nature and surroundings, how sky can be amazing and the waters looking so intriguing fabulous. I think any corner or plot he touches, becomes a magical spot by instant. To be honest, I would need many pages to describe his great work, but I will let you guys discover it each on their own. 
What I do want to add, though, is a quote from one of his articles, which I think is very stringent for the currently times we live in our little-big virtual world called Second Life:

"If mesh has proven to be the best creative alternative for SL so far (even when it still has some shortcomings), why hold on to the old ways? Tradition is a spiritual thing, not a prim object, my friend. So a message to all of you, old-fashioned avies out there: It’s time to show the rest of the world that you really love the world you float on. Your 2004 is not classic, it’s offensively passé. If you really praise SL that much, it’s time to live to its new standards, you degenerated prick."

by Xeriko

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