January 11, 2014



I've always been fascinated by horses in SL. I even had the Amaretto ones, who are really nice, but they take some time to be taken care of. Plus, some land owners won't let you keep one, unless it's a pet friendly sim. When I saw this white horsey on MP I thought: wow! it looks awesome. Sadly it can only be used as a prop, not an actual horse to ride around. Umm.. I didn't use the poses in it because I'm that blonde and didn't figure I can modify the size of it. Was too big for me. Duhh... Well, I like it anyway! Oh and one more thing, if you're gonna ride, go ride a white horse.. Nah, it's not I wanted to say :P If you gonna ride in SL you can even do it in those heels. Yeeehaaa...

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Merry Part!
Miri ♦

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