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Goodies Avalanche

As promised, I'm back with more goodies and ideas for outfits. Been quite an adventure to get them all and to put 'em together, but I think you'll sure find something for your taste to choose. Either you go for sexy, formal or trendy, sporty, there is always a good choice to make. So my birdies, please enjoy!

Pelletteria Morrisey- POE5 gift for Ladies (Hair&Silk Scarf) - here Tricia front Crop Violet - here
**S&C** Womenstuff Hunt Items - Black Leggings - here Karisma handbag MK - here

Analog Dog freeball - Skura! Egg - here
:: PM :: Dita Dress in Purple [MESH] - here
M O N N I E R - Dark Sexy Pumps L$65 - here 
-UtopiaH- Painful Blow Hand Set L$80 - here
+:+WTG+:+ **xoanon** set - here

Analog Dog freeball - Ging Paprika - here 
Retro' - Winter hunt for her n.1 - Red Lace Dress L$15 - here
Retro' - Winter hunt for her n.8 - Clutch Red Christmas L$15 - here

Analog Dog freeball - Mint Earth - here 
Retro' - Winter hunt for him n.7 - Sport Jacket L$15 - here
Retro' - Winter hunt for him n.1 - Baggy Jeans L$15 - here
Retro' - Winter hunt for him n.9 - Christmas Sneakers L$15 - here

Analog Dog freeball - Caught Raspberry - here 
Paperbag. Pink Buttoned Shawl - here 
~G O L A ~ Service Hatch Shorts (MESH) - here 
Retro' - Winter hunt for her n.9 - Snow Heels L$15 - here

Merry Part!
Miraje ♦


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Merry Part! Miraje ♦

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