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Lady Marmalade

Getting the sand out of shoes.. Oh wait! My new shoes!! After few hours of debating how to promote the new glam pumps from [Cliche], Bif and I (more me) invaded Xnedera's land.. I should apologize in advance. She has an amazing place though. Because the shoes are decorated with a 'sex' sign I figured a sexy lingerie set would be more appropriate than something too formal. I let that to be Bif's role. Still, I should warn you guys.. sign, no sign.. the shoes do not guarantee you'll be getting 'some'. But they are absolutely fabulous in terms of textures and friendly user's HUD. There is only one flaw, sadly. The shoe base will make the feet go into ground, so before you buy them, try demo and see if you can match with other shoe base in your inventory.. like I did. Too bad, they really need to fix that and maybe would be better to make them rigged. I'm pleading and praying for those upgrades. 

Pssst no sex for Miraje! I mean.. come on!!
What's so wrong with me? 
I need to take some seduction lessons from  Lady Marmalade.

[Cliche] Glam pumps (black) - here

Special 'thanks' to Bif Bilasimo
For taking the time to do these pictures with me!

Merry Part!
Miraje ♦


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Merry Part! Miraje ♦

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