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Such A Barbie

I remember when I had my first Barbie doll, which was generic called "My first Barbie" (Prettiest Princess Ever), duhh... It was the summer of 1990 something and I was having a blast with my friends from where my grandparents lived. Sure enough, when mom and dad told me the doll came.. from America (wow) I nearly begged them to take me home. I had to see it! When I got home, there it was in a little pink box, with long curly hair down her shoulders and an angelic princess look. Maybe, I was in tears when I've opened the box and took her out. I still remember how it smelled. Was kind of sweet and fresh, which is totally weird considering it's made of plastic. Still.. it is a priceless memory. However, Barbie didn't have the life of a promised princess in my hands. Soon enough, I've cut her hair short, painted pink and hooked her up with Action Man.. What? I was into big guys even from back then.. so sue me! LOL

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Merry Part! Miraje ♦

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