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Romantic Bunny

Did I ever tell you guys I was born in the wrong century? I can't help it I'm an eternal romantic person. Yeah it's cheesy, yeah it's corn, bla bla, whatever... I don't care. I hate the fact that people have started to became immune at tenderness and lovely words, that they avoid affectionate gestures.. it's all bullshit. Being too cool for school is not always cool, you know. We should let our feeling flow from time to time and show some love.. Hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Anyways, the theme for Collabor88 this month is New Romance (how convenient for me). For this post I didn't 'overdo it' as one of my friends kept pestering me to keep it nice and simple... et voilà!

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

TRUTH HAIR Haven -  light blondes - here
Mon Amour - Sweetheart Bra and Panty Set - here
(NO) Shabby Chic Sweetheart - Seafoam @Collabor88
::HH:: Hucci MtVernon Sneaker Gold - Emerald @Collabor88
(NO) Nail Art - Pink Roses @Collabor88

Taxi to Collabor88

Merry Part!
Miraje ♦


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Merry Part! Miraje ♦

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